SAAS Pause Resume is Live + Re billing Status!

Hey happy Monday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so we've got two Announcements I'm Gonna Save the big one For last but the first one is not at all Unimportant I'll tell you that so Rebuilding statuses are in the agency Setting so what does that mean so let's Read through this real quick and do this Together so so first of all rebuilding What does rebuilding rebuilding is this Idea that hey we want to be able to take The cost that we're incurring for things Like texting and emailing and phone Calls and Mark either at least at least Pass on the cost but but Mark them up as Well uh and make some money off them but We want to know kind of what's going on Which accounts are have rebuilding Statuses for this or that and so now That's all very clear so as we can see Many agencies give us feedback they want To know about statuses and all that so If we go into phone rebuilding so if you Go into agency view settings phone System twilio agency admins and users Will be able to see the following tool Tips and icons so you can see if you Look at each of our sub accounts we can See exactly what's going on Um regulatory bundle migrate this that And the other and then you can see um Which one has uh what's going on as far As uh as far as which one's been moved Over and then there we go and then you

Can see here phone rebuilding can be Enabled so if you put your mouse over This right to rebuild you go it tells You kind of how to do it what's up uh And then obviously if you've got phone Rebuilding enabled you're gonna see this Icon just kind of tells you with a tool Tip that's a great detail that that's uh That's there and then finally like phone Rebelling has been disabled use the lead Connector phone system on the sub Account to rebuild phone related cost to Your clients so anyways just kind of Gives you all of the details there and Then same thing on the email rebelling Side so uh here again a little different Agency view settings email services and Again oop you can see here this is what You should be looking at and then when You look down your sub counts list same Concept here uh you can see it's under a Different tab called location settings You can see we got a nice icon here it Tells you if email rebuilding is enabled Or not uh tells you if your email Rebuilding is disabled or not uh and Finally uh email rebuilding can be Enabled and it just shows you you know How to do that and makes it really Simple so all of that is sort of like Awesome that's great that's super Awesome it really helps you from a Rebuilding side of the house so that is Number one number two and the big

Announcement and this has been going on For a long time pause resume sub Accounts is here so basically we Fulfilled a top request this is one of The biggest requests for SAS uh from our Agencies to be able to pause and resume Sub accounts so let's walk this down so Agency admins can go over to the managed Client section of any sub account and Find the pause sub account button here So you go so this is sub accounts let's Kind of look through this here so agency Settings sub accounts left hand side You'll get a list of all of them you can See over here little bottom right hand Corner three dots vertical manage client Uh and then from there inside the Managed client under this actions drop Down in the top right hand corner you Now have the pause sub account feature Um when you choose it of course it says Hey listen uh you need to complete a few Steps here are you sure you want to Pause this I confirm I've discussed with My client just as a double check because We don't want people saying oh I didn't Mean to do that okay cool great now what Does that mean exactly what happens Right so the agency continues to have Access to the sub account so that's good Right so you want to be able to go in There agency users can log in and make Changes however there are certain visual Cues so agencies are users are aware

That subaccounters paused so as you can See the sub account is paused it says Right there in the sub account section It puts little it throws a red banner Out on front which is great as well this Is you're going through there trying to Look for anything that's pause you can Check it out and then of course when you Go into the sub account as well there's A banner at the top so all that's there Right okay cool but what does my client Or account admins or can't user see when Their sub account so if they if you have A SAS client um with a failed Subscription your client when you go in This is what they're going to see your Account has been paused Um you and your team are no longer Believes the platform all your data is Safe blah blah blah blah reactivate Accounts change payment methods so this Is allowed this allows us to get uh the Client to do exactly what the whole Point of this actually really honestly Is at the end of the day to get them to Pay their bill so that is really easy Obviously they can come in and add a Card they can obviously come in here Just confirm and pay on their existing Payment method all of that and then if You have a regular non-sas client right Uh then you can just see here this sub Account has has been paused and it just Sort of gives contact information

Because obviously there isn't an action They can necessarily take and this Really is something manual that you're Going to have to actually do for them And then of course that's pretty easy to Do because you can roll back in here hit The resume button obviously confirm hey Yes I really didn't tend to do that and Bam you're Off to the Races so anyways This is huge this is massive this is a Great release I am just so thrilled Congratulations to the SAS team huge job And I hope all of you are also as Thrilled as I am because this will Honestly just help you manage your Clients better scale better make a lot More money all of those awesome things So anyways on that note I hope all of You are having a rocking Monday and I Will talk soon or we will talk soon or Yeah you know bye

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