Scale Sales with High-Impact Webinars with Casey Zeman

I'm excited to talk to you guys today About some other ways to use webinars Um Upsells retention that kind of stuff That you're seeing as well as well I'll Save it till we get to that point but But talk to me about some of those other Use cases that people might not Intuitively think oh a webinar would be A great place to insert at that point in Our pipeline or our funnel Hi everyone and welcome to another Episode of the high level Spotlight Sessions where we showcase awesome Marketers doing awesome marketing today I'm excited to be joined by Casey Zieman He's the CEO and as well by Skip Foster He's the CEO of easy webinar a platform That helps agencies and their clients Scale and improve their marketing Through high impact webinar experiences Guys thank you so much for joining me Chase thanks for having us thank you You know we age I would say webinars are A big part of our marketing our success Um we're going to be talking a lot about Webinars so I'm excited to have you guys On we're going to talk about I think a Couple of ways to use webinars that People might not um think of right away But before we hop into that I'd love to Hear the backstory of easy webinar when Did you guys get started and why did you Get started

Yeah Um well the backstory of easy webinar uh Is I was uh I was a course creator Um well before I was a course creator I I was a mortgage broker who was Unsuccessful and uh and and after the Recession hit I had to switch jobs so For about two years I was searching for This new way to build leads online And uh and I I couldn't I couldn't Really figure it out until one day I I Met a this internet marketer friend of Mine and he was like you know what you Need to do Uh learn one skill and just get really Good at that and I decided to jump into Video as the as the thing that I did so I learned all about video marketing and Uh and pretty soon I was landing video Marketing uh um uh clients I was doing Retainer work for them but I always Always had in the back of my mind this Idea to create a course all about YouTube Um because I was using YouTube to get on The first page of Google that's what I Was doing for my clients and so Um so I I started to like build this Course based on all the information all The things that I was ha all the Successes I was having for my clients it Took me about six months to build a Course Um and then I built I wrote a 250 page

E-book took me another three to four Months to do that And then I launched this thing and as Soon as I launched it it was like Crickets I couldn't get anybody buying It at all Um and so my my ideas of like having a Course that sold were like in the Crapper uh but then Um I I saw this thing about webinars you Know people doing these like like you Know go um go to webinar webinars and I Was like okay I guess I could try that And so I started Um doing webinars but I was terrible at Them I was just doing these like Basically all I was doing was I was Making a video and putting it in YouTube And inviting people to a present to it Like a workshop where I'm gonna teach Them all about YouTube marketing and I Had no plans of how I was going to offer My offer or do anything I just said just Come to the workshop please just show up I was like please please show up and so Uh so we started seeing people coming in And registering uh to the workshop and I Started doing these live no pitch Webinars Um for completely free of just giving Information because I was so terrified Of selling anything Um but all said and done You know people started coming in more

And more each week and they started Asking me hey I love the the value You're giving but do you have anything I Can buy and so I was like yes I have This course uh and it's 97 and they were Like sure I'll take it uh and then Eventually you know that that experience Led me to be getting a bit more you know Deliberate about what I was doing and so I upped the price to 199 and then Eventually 997 and uh and and basically At that moment but probably like 2012 2013 I I finally became a course Creator that you know I didn't have to Take any more retainer clients and then I was actually selling my stuff uh with Courses Um and uh and I realized that the only Thing that actually worked for me Was webinars Um and um and so back in the day uh I I Asked some developers if they could Develop me a webinar platform that could Sell on autopilot that could you know I Could create the presentation once and Put it out there And that becomes my my basically my high Impact experience my sales experience And so that you know and that that was Basically an automated webinar platform Is what I was asking him to build and so We became the first uh WordPress plugin That does automated webinars so we are That's how that's that's how easy

Webinar started as a WordPress plugin Um probably 2014 we launched out around then and uh And you know we this is back in the day When they had Warrior forum and stuff Like that and and anyway we launched on That platform and saw a bunch of sales And we were like okay people want this Thing so That's how easy webinar started Um and uh and and basically easy webinar Was that sort of experience until 2018 When finally we went full sass Um whereas before we weren't full sass At all Um and uh and it's been a great ride and And we've completely built the platform Uh over from the ground up we're on our Second build out right now and uh but Again it used to be a plug-in and now It's easy webinar which does live Webinars uh automated webinars uh Instant replays you know you name it we Gotta win and of course all the Automations that come from being able to Track actions and seeing what results Come from being able to say okay this is This is how much they watched they saw The offer but didn't click so let's send Them this segmented email it does all The bells and whistles that you want uh I uh high impact sort of you know funnel Experience to have where it's based on Engagement and actions so nice and we'll

Dig into more of that in a sec but uh Skip what about you are you from the Agency world as well Um I am from actually came out of the Retail space I owned a retail store for 20 years and that's how I met Casey or At least I've heard about them this you Got to go back Beyond Facebook live and All that kind of stuff back to Periscope Days okay and so when Twitter first Launched Periscope when it was a small Little you know like I think it was Almost like a you couldn't even go Landscape it was like a portrait yeah Phone experience and um I was using Periscope to Market my retail store to Get some foot traffic in and of course As a person who was interested in Periscope to find out how to use it more Uh Casey was on it every day constantly Saying giving value and talking about How to kind of go live on video and how To sell things on video and how to Present yourself on video and so try to Follow following him Um and then I one day out of the blue I Just decided you know what I'm gonna Message this guy on Twitter and see what He's all about and we ended up with a Meeting and it is kind of like the uh Any kind of a of a bootstrap company if You're starting like yourself in in the Small area you you start off whatever I Mean proverbial proverbially cleaning

The toilets right and that sort of hit Things out and then you do one task and Then they figure out you're good at Something else and then it just has Blossomed I've been with him now for Over eight years and uh you know now Into the seat where I'm kind of helping Out the team to run their do their tasks And get things done and move things Across the finish line but yeah very Cool what kind of store did you have I Had a water filtration store we sold Home water filtration units very cool Periscope I heard talk that now that Elon Musk is in charge that they might Bring it back is that right man I mean It seems super smart like I feel like it Has Such a uh Uh an emotional like so many people Loved Periscope and yeah they kind of Killed it it felt kind of like a strange Move and so yeah I think if they bring It back it'll do well well here's the Thing we uh so this is how I I when I When I got with skip uh I had my team Build the first analytic platform for Periscope because Periscope didn't have Any analytics no way I didn't know how Long people were watching my stuff who They were if they were actually sending Me hearts or any particular kind of love And so we completely built a dashboard That had all of that data and yeah and

We also built this way for people to to Opt in Uh so so like people could in the in and Now that in hindsight basically Everybody could see someone's email Typed in but Let's say Chase is doing a video he's Like hey guys what's up it's Chase uh I Got this and this this for you go ahead And put your email in the chat and I'll Be sending you that freebie uh later and They could put their email in the chat And then our system you could take that And on the back end assign it to an API With any particular kind of email system Like go high level or Constant Contact Or whatever and if they put an email in You can send them that ebook or send Them anything yeah and so it was pretty Cool yeah yeah it was uh and so we had Tons and we made it and here's the weird Crazy thing we made it for free so we Had like all these users starting to Sign up for it because you know Periscope didn't have this and so we Just like boom boom boom just started Seeing everybody signing up and signing Up so it was a really interesting thing Um and it that was actually what got me Really interested in knowing the numbers And knowing your people and really Seeing what people do the actions that They take right Watching a video how much just starting

To fall in love with the data and uh and And we've taken a lot of that that we Did in this platform called Full scope It was called and we've now Made it a part of easy webinar as well Uh to where you know your data right you Know the people you know how long They're watching you know what what They're you know You know if they're if they're clicking On a buy now button if they didn't see The offer and then segmenting it so That's the the you know sort of like We've we've done that and that's a big Component of like How we feel people should consume video Or if you're using video as a way to Market you need to know that data Because the people that are your most Engaged people are typically the ones That are going to buy from you they're Going to be the ones that stick with you The longest Etc etc you know it's really interesting I mean I feel like webinars are so Powerful but yet still so underutilized I mean I think agencies as marketers Probably use them more than most people You know hopefully everyone listening is Kind of aware of you know it's a very Powerful sales tool right like at high Level we don't do live demos if you've Ever asked for one you know that we send You to a pre-recorded demo that you can

Go through it's just a webinar right Um and it's very effective but I'm Excited to talk to you guys today about Some other ways to use webinars Um Upsells retention that kind of stuff That you're seeing as well as Um well I'll save it until we get to That point but but talk to me about some Of those other use cases that people Might not intuitively think oh a webinar Would be a great place Um to insert at that point in our Pipeline or our funnel Well you know like the the obvious I Think is Obviously using it as they're they're You know you can use it as an Acquisition tool right where you know You could do live demos as you just said Um but what we've found to be really uh Helpful for us in the past are automated Webinar automated webinar demos as you Just said right where you can have like Watch a demo or or sign up for a trial They click watch a demo it goes to an Automated webinar they sign up for the The automated webinar demo you can make It however long you want to make it if You want to make it like uh pithy and 10 To 15 minute long demo you know just to Get the trial go for it or you can make It a little longer so we've seen it on The acquisition side of automated

Webinars uh for for something like that Uh for and getting people into free Trials Um you know So from an acquisition Point we've also Seen like let's say Facebook ad to uh a Downloadable freebie after the Downloadable freebie invite them into a Workshop so middle of the funnel type of Strategy right where after they've Consumed the the download now they're Gonna book themselves into a webinar Right Um and uh and come into that Um and oftentimes you know you can have Like let's say from an email you can Have like a one-click registration so They don't have to like put their email Back in Um you could you could say hey go back Into your email I've invited you to a Workshop and then there's an email that Comes right after like the freebie that Says click here and you'll be Automatically invite you know uh Enrolled into the workshop let's say That goes along with the freebie right Um and so definitely with acquisition But you know Some of the ways that um that we've seen Our our customers use webinars before Are you know for fulfillment Um you know like they'll sign people up For a webinar

Um after they've you know become a Customer right after they become a Customer onboard them in some sort of Webinar that that really positions and Indoctrinates them and keeps them sticky In your in your platform right Um so we've seen people that have done That with just like one automated Webinar you know post uh you know become Becoming a customer and that's what they Do or they'll bring them in and say hey Now you're you're now in an eight-week Webinar experience and it's all Pre-recorded you know or or live Experience and it's all so that's what I Was going to say that's to me if you Haven't done webinars before And there's kind of a really cool Evolution that happens at least in our Case so years ago a few years now Um I used to do our daily onboarding Webinar and so every day for an hour I Would give the same webinar to a new Group of people right so you can imagine After a couple of months of doing this I Was one ready to blow my brains out but Two I had this presentation down Lock Stock and and Barrel and Um but I also knew the questions that Were going to be asked and the answers To it right and I feel like when you When you've done a live webinar Over and over again you get to a point Where you can do it off the top of your

Head but you also know exactly the Points to emphasize the questions are Going to pop up and that becomes wow Holy smokes once you realize it this Concept of an evergreen webinar you can Make a really impactful Pre-recorded webinar that accomplishes The goal I mean I feel like when a lot Of people hear pre-recorded webinar they Get turned off But if you've done it live for long Enough your your pre-recorded webinar Ends up being fantastic and it becomes So scalable yeah we when our customers Ask us and they don't you know like well When when do I switch when do I make That flip what we usually recommend to Them is when you hit end on a live Webinar and you sit back in your chair And the first thought was I crushed that Like that when you have that feeling That's that's the video you want to flip Over for to an automated webinar you Know yeah I I mean here here's what I Would say A best practice would be you know I call This the webinar Sprint method where you Do four to five live webinars right and Because you need data you need to Collect the data from live webinars I Don't care if there's two people on or 20 people on or 200 people on you need The data so once you do a live webinar And it depends on also what you're

Offering on the webinar are you offering A book a call that then gets them into a Client are you offering are you selling Something directly off the webinar Itself so you have to look at what your Metric is what is your what what's your Kpi right but let's say it's book a call And then close a customer so you're you Run you know five five webinars mostly They're going to be the same thing Except if you see each one is going to Give you different feedback so the first Webinar might give you feedback in the Sense that oh I looked at the data and Then tons of people were on oh you know People were on and then they left before My offer what what does that mean so This is what Skip and I you know this is All about the conversion points there Are so many different conversion points Um In a webinar but but they're the same as Any funnel you know you need to look at Those no matter what funnel you're Looking at so I don't want to freak People out say no I don't want to do a Webinar too many conversion points no You're going to have to do this anyway No matter what kind of funnel you have But like if you see people showing up to The webinar but not sticking around Something is in the story right or the Value that you're giving if you see see People coming they're sticking around

You make your offer and no one's signing Up it's about the offer right like for Whatever reason they're not getting it And and the good news about running five Four to five live webinars is that you Get to figure that data out you get to Understand if you have a product Market Fit if you are speaking you know if your Message resonates with your audience of Course you know when you're storytelling About the problem that you hope to solve For your audience you know and usually You're you're telling it from a personal Perspective of which is a really good Way to do it as long as your personal Perspective is the same as your Audience's perspective and you get to Kind of figure out what that looks like And if it is aligned right and only I Think from running live webinars do you Get that and then but once you once once You do this and let's say you do it for Two to three weeks right just like Commit five five webinars you know may Maybe you'll tweak your presentation Maybe it'll make it shorter maybe you'll Take something out maybe you'll change Your offer but after five you know you Should know what your numbers look like So if you have like 10 people on a Webinar and Three of them sign up for a call and you Close one of them that's on and they Become a client at like you know

Five thousand bucks for the first three Months then two thousand dollars after That as a as a agency client you know That's a kick butt webinar that's what You put out there and that's what you Start to use over and over again in an Evergreen experience now you may not get You know 10 conversion like your live Webinar did but you might get five to Seven to eight you know so you know and It's scalable so it doesn't require you Always having to be there right that's The thing and that's why I love the this Process is that I agree you got to do them live in the Beginning because like you said you get The feedback right away and you know What you need to change about your Presentation because you get the Comments right you see it it becomes Clear as day what's missing or what's Confusing or whatever and then like skip Said once you get it all dialed in you You immediately feel the love in the Comments you see the mind-blowing Emojis You see people like oh my gosh you know Take my money like those types of Comments once you're seeing those you're Like boom now like skip said I think That's great now you know it's time to Flip this into an evergreen and now You're scaling right because now you can Just automate people into that thing Every day and it's not you scheduling

All right I gotta do this twice a week Or every day right so and and I think Once you get there now you really have This machine right that's running itself And I mean I always go back and forth are you guys I'd love to hear your your point of view Or um your thoughts on this Do you see people still trying to do the Evergreen webinar as if it's live like Faking you into thinking you're joining A live webinar even though it's Pre-recorded I I think on other platforms we do but Not on ours well not yeah not on ours Because one we tend to push people to Not do that but I in the pre-sale part Of things people are always asking the Questions of hey can I simulate the chat Can we fake the audience can we do all This and what should I say when I'm on a Live okay is it okay to say hey Everybody we're live today and I'm like No no like just just be real you know It's okay it's first of all it's okay to Not it's better to not say anything I mean you know because you don't have To say anything you don't have to say It's live or it's automated or anything You just do the video you know but People feel like I got to start the Video by saying this is either Pre-recorded or this is live no you just Just do your thing get it out there but

Yes we we do Um and and you know the way I always Think of it is If I am watching a webinar and I'm Getting a whiff of Dishonesty or a lack of Integrity in Their I'm gonna question the offer a little Bit I don't care what it is if I feel Like you're fibbing to me or you're Showing me your Lamborghini with all the Babes on it and the dollar bills spread Out all over the place I'm like okay you Know I'm gonna look at your offer with a Little bit of hesitancy you know but the Same way with live or automated if You're like live or live or live but Then there's elements of I just saw a Winter scene behind you in this summer And yeah you know that kind of a thing Then I'm like okay if you're gonna Buffalo me here you're probably gonna Yeah you know yeah I mean I'm with you Guys on that but I'm curious do you guys Build the the features to that because You get so many people requesting to Make it here's what's interesting about Our platform it's streamed in real time With the experience of live so if Someone comes late 30 minutes they're Missing the first 30 minutes of the show So technically it's streamed in real Time so we've tried to also make our Audience as as in Integrity driven as

Possible by giving them A scarcity option without them having to Lie about it so you can say hey guys It's streamed in real time you know and Uh and and if you're late you're gonna Miss part of it so don't be late it's Not like it it's not a replay video but It's not like you can come in and start It from the beginning that's the replay Page you could do a lot on our replay Page and you can you know toggle it back Pause it do all the things but in the Lot in the webinar experience it it Plays in real time in their in in Especially and if the attendee is Signing up in their local time zone That's going to play and look in in Their time that's convenient for them Right so we have features that Have the experience of life without Uh having to Without our audience's integrity being Compromised because it does in fact Stream in real time what we don't allow Though are is like fake chat we don't Have fake chat you can't you can't be an Audience member typing something in To try to close the sale if that makes Sense we don't we allow you to you know At this point we have just a question Box that's what we have and you know We've had like thousands of customers Who've used it they've actually done a Comparison of ours to other platforms

That do have simulated chat and R still Beat them out so you know I I know that That's not a proponent proponent that That Creates more say it like it like ours You can more people can get to the Workshop which is the most important Thing the piece of that Workshop that is The you know if simulated live uh chat Or fake chat compared to non-fake chat There isn't a big enough difference that Ours isn't better than theirs does that Make sense like it's interesting the Comparison yeah when I used to do them It got to the point where I was like I Can't do this live every day and I Already felt like I had it down so I Recorded it but I would actually just Show up and say hi to everyone and then Say okay I'm gonna hit play on this Because like I can't you know I've done This so many times that yeah it kills my Voice or whatever so I would just hit Play but I would be there and engage in The chat while it was playing and it Worked really well and nobody cared that They were watching a video right so I Think well that's that's what we call it Really matter yeah that one we call Simulated live where you can actually Play a pre-recorded session and be in The live chat talking so that's a Different experience so there's the Automated which is completely Autumn you

Can do an automated webinar where it's Streamed in one time zone people show up To it or you can run a live webinar Where you play a pre-recorded video and Then you're still in the chat talking Right that's the experience you just you Just talked about or there's the Completely the Evergreen side of it Where you uh can schedule like just you Know right on time just in time events You can you can and also then stack Other future times and they can be in Your attendees local time zone uh Different days during the week so There's a lot of dynamic scheduling that Can happen based on where anyone is in The world and so that's more of the Evergreen features right do you guys Have I'd love to hear if you guys have Statistics or you know I'm sure you're More aware of like the psychological Factors at play here but I think to The Outsider when you first start looking in The webinars and seeing the options it's Kind of like well we why why would why Wouldn't you just send them the video Right like if they can if it's an Evergreen thing and they can watch it Whenever they want by scheduling it why Not just send it to them like what is There psychologically about allowing People To schedule a time to watch a Pre-recorded video

The best answer that I think you were Looking at We're not wanting people just to watch a Video we are looking for our clients our Customers that are using easy webinar to Get high quality customers committed Customers right and that as Casey was Talking about full scope but the Engagement and the hearts and the love And everything signing up for our Webinar is is that micro commitment Right the next step to that micro Commitment is showing up and that's That's a huge step like signing up is Like Nowadays it's autofill right form pops Up my name in the email is already there It said boom yeah I'd love to see that Right and I probably won't show up Because I know they're going to send me The replays blah blah blah right it's Gone but the bigger commitment is Showing up and that's where our what Casey was talking about where our event Tracking starts taking place is okay now We're actually looking at this Individual how much of this webinar did They watch right so I think it's not Necessarily about just if you got a Video give it to me it's about we are Actually looking for high quality Well you know what do they call it Mmsqls like you know the market Qualified Market yeah qualified leads

Right and the more engagement somebody Can give you before they get to that Sale price because sometimes it's a book A call or sometimes it's a three Thousand four thousand dollar thing Right Um you're building up to that point Where you're like okay you're actually It's really a really interesting point And I think I'm so glad that you made That point because you kind of just Described the difference between a Webinar and a video right like a video It's in YouTube you can go watch it Whenever you want but if you're looking For Quality clients Show me that you're that you are Interested by showing up at a time that I scheduled or you scheduled or whatever That's really really fascinating and I Think that's probably something that um Will be an interesting point to a lot of People watching this because I forget who I was talking to the other Day but I was joking Well I wasn't joking I was serious at One point in my marketing career when I Was running the agency that we had Um I went to an event and I was hanging Out with other agency owners for the First time and I heard one of them Mention that their funnel included a Survey For their clients the funnels that they

Were building because we were doing you Know claim something nurture them into Booking and then sell them and they were Doing claim something nurture them into A survey that would qualify and then Nurture them into the booking for the Qualified ones and to me that was like Mind-blowing I was like oh my gosh we're Missing this huge piece where you Actually qualify leads and so I think You just Illustrated that right and the World of webinars That scheduled piece that's what that Does it kind of weeds out the people That just through their email and They're like and whatever maybe I'll Show it maybe I won't and then to bring That further into high level Um and I was playing with this yesterday To make sure it worked before I got on Here but building out an opportunity Pipeline or a webinar with all the swim Lanes appropriately so registered showed Up didn't show up clicked on the offer And of course in high level you can it's The sales page too so I can send people To my so I know if they bought or not Um I can I like in Easy webinar we have Filters that can filter somebody and Actually tag them into high level as far As how long did they stay what we're Just talking about did they actually Stay for the whole thing did they go to My offer page right and so obviously in

The opportunity we want people to the Further down the pipeline the more Qualified the leads are and so now I'm Going to spend as a high level customer I'm going to spend more of my time Nurturing and calling and reaching out To these people at the other side of the Pipeline versus those who registered and Then no show and then all this kind of Stuff right 100 percent and I think but That's the lesson learned right I feel Like in the beginning if you're young at Marketing you you want to just throw it All at them right like here's the video Watch it please watch it please buy my Thing whatever but you kind of have to Hold your ground right and say no if you Want if you're serious then okay pick a Time and you'll be able to watch this Thing and if you skipped it You know they're not they don't just Have it sitting in their inbox you're Gonna find people coming back around oh I couldn't make it could it you know is It recorded and maybe your answer is no It's not recorded I could schedule Another time with you or whatever but I Think that's a really fine Um points that kind of seem simple but Is really powerful actually In that step we we had um so we had a Customer John Lee Dumas at one point and This uh uh this this company segmetrics Did a uh spot Spotlight piece on John

And his automated webinar so Um and and his automated webinar run on Easy webinar and they found that there Were two different types of leads coming In Um that they were highlighting one error Just freebie leads coming from a Downloadable PDF and the other were People signing up for the automated Webinar workshops and those people the Leads that were signing up for the Automated webinar workshops were I think Each one was valued at 243 dollars Higher than the other ones so meaning That those leads were way more qualified Because of the fact that they obviously Were going through the indoctrination Process of the workshop they were Showing up they were all those micro Commitments as skip said and obviously That just made them just a better lead In general so chances are if someone Comes to your workshop and sees your Webinar they're going to be they're way Closer to becoming a customer than Someone who just downloads your PDF Right well there's I I there's got to be A lot of really interesting Psychological factors at play right Claim a webinar whatever you're like What what do you mean I can't just watch It whatever I want like yeah seriously You're like yeah seriously it's like oh Well then maybe you know maybe these

Guys do have something worth more than You know the all these other offers I See or whatever very interesting concept Um before we run out of time I did want To get your thoughts on Webinars as a service because I I think That's something I don't see any Agencies doing is saying Hey how do we Productize this and and offer it as a Service to our clients Is it just doing this same thing is it Just sort of a light bulb that hey it Works for you it's going to work for Your clients you know package it up and And get them running webinars Um what are you guys seeing Yeah I mean we've seen you know I I Think here's something interesting that We've seen uh a lot of our clients Coming in and running uh basically all Webinar services and and a lot of people Don't realize what that entails and how Many different things you could be Charging for right Um from uh you know creating all the Pages of a webinar funnel to like Writing email copy to segmenting the Follow-up emails to writing the video Skip for the registration page uh uh or The thank you page to writing the Webinar itself so there's like and all Of those pieces though that's a funnel Like it's like if someone's Building Sales funnels for people already that's

What this is but it's very specific to a Webinar experience and once you nail it Down you can do it over and over and Over again so yeah we have we have Clients and customers who offer webinar Services and uh and and they they Basically use us uh they sign their Clients up to us and then now they're Adding these additional Services which Aren't just those that I just said but Now Now they can say hey we have the Software that we're offering as well Um we're going to download the data they They would download load the data and Then provide it to their clients and say Hey this is how your webinar performed This month or this week right And they they basically now Create these systems for like more Consistent Revenue because they use this They anchor I mean this is not anything New for a go high level uh customer Right a go high level agency obviously You guys get this right you anchor the Software as a way to Um to continue Revenue uh down the road Right so you build the the you build the Webinar funnel maybe over a two or three Month period of time and then you Maintain that especially if you're Getting them results where you know Maybe you're running ads to the webinar And they're seeing some results and

They're seeing some results with you Know getting calls booked in and Everything else and then now you're at a Point where you're just doing sort of Maintenance marketing where you're Always watching the stats sending them There the info information on the stats But now you you also uh take a little Bit of workload off because you're Letting you know the results now that Are happening because maybe it's not Automated webinar or maybe you've Created a a live webinar sort of uh you Know maybe consistent content going out Plan for them and now they're doing it And executing it it allows you more Freedom you know as that agency I mean My gears are spinning and I we used to Work with a lot of Med spas and I feel Like I could have shortcut that you know do Five lives yourself get into the Rhythm By you know they all sell body sculpting Of some point right so it's like okay We're gonna co-host the webinar I've got The questions teedub that I know are a Great presentation you just answer them We record that and now you've got a Great webinar that we can build a funnel Around and I could just go do that with Every one of my clients because I feel Like that's the hardest part right they Don't know they're like what am I going To say you know I'm going to Fumble

Through this if you could streamline the Structure of it and it really does come Down to that as far as what's the most The the highest frequency question You're getting I mean as as at the end Client right asking them what are people What are your your customers you know Asking you that you're just like you're To the point where you're like tired of Answering them because you're exactly Everybody who comes in here everybody Who calls me always asks this question That's the webinar totally Um and like for instance when I had my Retail store my first webinar Um people were we had we had different Types of water that we actually would Produce for customers alkaline water the Alkaline which is like really hot now Nowadays was just starting off as far as Like figuring out how to create it with The chemical structure we had to do for The filtration to get it done we had Just instituted that and put that into Our systems now we were providing also Alkaline water bottom line was everybody You always come in there and we had to Go over this long speech of what Alkaline water was what why should I buy It all this why should I spend more Money for that than I did we finally put Together a real short no pitch 15-minute webinar right on the front Page of our website and now all of a

Sudden people are coming in the store And saying I watched your video on Alkaline water and I won it it just like Went right to the close yeah you know so It was perfect the other thing too about The the SAS customers with high level You know I mean Paulson's always pushing Niche down Niche down Niche down Knees Down what a perfect opportunity for Somebody who's got that really tight Niche once you do one or two of these It's not like you're doing you know Automotive companies and Pet Shops and Roofers and like no you're you're Focused in and you're you're you've got Your clients and once you get them Figured out now all of a sudden you're You're able to duplicate about Blueprints I know that's exactly kind of Where I was going which is yeah you know In a world where more and more content Is going to be generated by AI Yeah I think the way that you brand and Separate yourself is by putting yourself Your you know the business owner out There and letting people see your unique Perspective right and so I think you Could make a great service out of that Hey we've got this really killer webinar Structure we know it addresses the top Five Questions that you're getting every day Around CoolSculpting or whatever your Niche is you know we're gonna schedule a

Half an hour of your time we're gonna Hop on you know whatever we're gonna Record it and uh and then we're gonna Build a funnel around it for you and now You've got this really great product That you can deliver and collect Recurring Revenue around and then when You couple it with the analytics that You guys provide the Integrations where We can trigger off of those things I Mean Um I think that's a really great service That to me will only become more Valuable in a world where content Becomes less unique That's a very interesting I mean I I Like your perspective because yeah with AI it's you know there there's there's Really interesting cool things you could Do but at the same time being able to Say this is how you're going to have to Rise above the noise because now there's There's more noise and it's you can't Tell if that noise is is a real person Or not so how do you differentiate Yourself I think it's I think you're Right I think the more of this they'll Have to do you know more more in front Of the camera and you as an agency Offering a service that can say I can Build the thing that people are going to Resonate with that are going to make Them clients and you can build that for Your client you're going to get clients

All day long and you could just rinse And repeat once you get the blueprint Down So yeah 100 I mean do you know how many Blog posts we're about to see of the top 10 reasons you should consider CoolSculpting that are going to be Generated by aai right yeah we all know If you ask an actual doctor or whatever They'll be like yeah yeah that's true But in my personal opinion I do it Slightly differently and that's the Reasons why you go to one person versus The other right and so I think Um webinars are a critical piece Um I know that we are going to run out Of time but I also wanted to point out High level webinars are post sale right To our customers the best way for us to Introduce a new feature and that we want People to know about and start using is Drive them into a webinar registration You know a couple of weeks out we do the Webinar then we have the recording to Send to people or whatever but I mean It's been eye-opening since I joined the Team and how powerful webinar marketing Has been post sale you know I feel like A lot most people think about it up Front but post it's just been huge for Us oh yeah I mean retention is is really Important for every business obviously It costs more uh to to lose a client Than it does to or to get to get a

Client then to lose a client I think That's not what it is uh and and so if You can keep your client then you're You're in a better position so we found That webinars are a really great uh tool To keep attrition low you know Um and uh it's just a consistency Factor You know people have to do it you like Like a like a Friday you know Spotlight Session or something like that you know It's just like you know let is if your Customers are see that you're always There in the community and you are have Things active and working as especially As a startup or if you have a SAS Company out there then you know that's Yeah I mean it's a good way to just keep Your audience informed and keep thinking You know it's building that Community up And uh that's what that that's what Webinars can also do for sure Well you guys I know have put together a Really nice list of of ideas of what you Could be selling around webinars Um we'll talk about that in just a sec But before we run out of time I did want To give you an opportunity you know There are a couple of webinar Platforms In the market are there any specific Features anything new that you guys Wanted to point out Um while we were chatting that you know You wanted people to know about Specifically uh for easy webinar

Uh yeah I mean easy so easy webinar you Know has a a few things that are Um first of all highly competitive but I Would say that you know we are a full uh Sweet platform that does both live and Automated webinars Um you know we have uh we have a a part Of our platform that you can do a live Webinar and then push it to Facebook Live and YouTube live at the same time I Was gonna say you guys do the Multi-stream thing right we do yep we do The multi-stream thing Um and uh and I don't think any platform Allows you to push to Facebook live and YouTube live at the same time ours does Um and you know the cool thing about That is you can literally run a live Webinar push it to those platforms on Those platforms you can say like hey Guys I'm uh you know you you do a little Intro you talk to them while in those Platforms and you say hey if you guys Want the good stuff I'm gonna be giving Freebies and all sorts of cool stuff in The webinar be sure to click the link And join me in the workshop room I'll be giving you all the value and It's a great way to build leads just From those platforms into your webinar If you were to do like a weekly uh Stream out to YouTube and Facebook at The same time that's a great way to Build your list so yeah that's smart

Because a lot of times you just stream It and you're like oh whatever I got People over on YouTube I wish I could Know what they're saying right now or People around or whatever just use that As a gateway to get them into the main Room I mean that's how many that's how People get people from YouTube into Their blog they're saying they say hey Like hey if you want the show notes for What we talked about or the recipe list Come to my blog and put your email in You know it's the same kind of incentive Incentivizing them from those platforms Into your own platform to build your Email list Um we have that we have uh the segmented Uh follow-up emails based on actions Performed Um we have some cool stuff we have added Uh some like we have a page builder tool That we've added which is pretty awesome Um but but really the analytics are the Biggest pieces that that uh I'm really Excited about because you can now know Your people a bit more and based on that It informs your sales and marketing Decisions uh and I think that's really Important Um but yeah we should also point out That you guys have I always get confused on how to say this You're in zapier right you you have a Zap yeah well I call it I I'm not sure

If it's zapier or zapier uh but yeah so I always have to think of that but we do Have we do have a zapier uh integration Where they can set up stuff with uh go High level but the plan the plan is to Do a direct API integration Um with you guys and go through all the Pieces and and that that's the biggest Plan um that's like yeah Yeah yeah that's what we really want to Do and that's so so we're we're working On that to really build those Integrations in a big way cool awesome Well I know a lot of folks use both Platforms together through zapier sounds Like it's going to get even easier uh in The near future and um and I did want to Double back to that um agency expansion Package so you guys have kind of put Together this package of resources for An agency to start thinking a little bit More about how to monetize webinars you Know different use cases and things like That and um we'll have that link below The video where people can go claim that Right yes absolutely yeah uh it's gonna Be pretty exciting it's cool stuff so We're pumped to work with uh work with You guys and help you guys like kind of Figure that out yeah very cool well I Could talk this stuff all day but Unfortunately we are out of time for This episode skip Casey thank you guys So much for joining us thank you thanks

Chase it was fun I hope that everyone watching Um if you're not using webinars makes it A big part or at least consider making It a big part of your 2023 because Um it's definitely a very powerful both Sales tool marketing tool reactivation Tool you name it so thanks again for Joining guys thanks for watching we will See in the next one

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