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Hey and welcome to vid Society in Today's video I'm going to be showing You some things you've probably never Seen on any other YouTube video that Relates to YouTube and affiliate Marketing I'm also going to show you how I'm using chat GPT to do all of this and Rank my videos number one on YouTube and Number one in Google all in this video So if you've been following along in the Past few videos you know I use this AI PRM chat GPT extension the links below This video If you want to get it added To yours very very beneficial I'm not Going to be using that today instead I'm Going to show you how you can find Products on Amazon to create review Videos on that rank number one in YouTube and Google and gets traffic as Always I'll put all the links below this Video in the description box if you want To check out any of the resources I Mentioned throughout this video so what We're going to do is we're going to open Up a new browser I'm going to open up an Incognito mode we're going to go to Google and we're going to do a search to Try to find products on Amazon that Normally is very difficult to find and That is new release products products That just get released on Amazon are Super easy to rank for because there's No competition for them so in order to Find these products this is what you

Need to type into Google for me I'm Looking for supplements because they are A huge seller so you want to type in new Releases and then whatever the product Is or the type of product is that you Want to promote and then Amazon and then You want to hit enter And you want to click usually on the First link And it's going to open up a really cool Looking page that shows you all the new Releases in that category so these Products were just recently put out on Amazon a lot of them only has like 12 Reviews one review and that's because They haven't been out here long enough To make a whole lot of sales so any one Of these products would be great to make A video on and in just a second I'm Going to show you how I make these Videos really fast using another AI tool Called picturey and you can find a link Below that video and try it for free or Even get a discount using that coupon Code that's in the description box now What I did just a little bit ago was I Scrolled down here to this product Called oxy 7. this is a thermogenic fat Burner and anything to do with weight Loss is usually really popular Especially the first few months of the Year so if we open this up now what you Want to make sure of is with a lot of These new products there's not a lot of

Content on these pages so you want to Find a product that has a little bit of Content on it so this one here they did Fill out this section here which is Really good we got a little bit of a Description but even better we have Another couple paragraphs down here that We can use for content and that should Be enough so what we're going to do is Jump back over to chat GPT and I'm going To paste in a prompt here that I Recently created for doing these review Type video scripts and you can find this I'll put this down below the video also You can just copy and paste it and use It it's fine but it says write a YouTube Review video script start with an Introduction that clearly explains the Purpose of the video which is a review And hooks the reader's attention be Detailed thoroughly discuss the product In detail do not talk about pricing and The reason that is is because Amazon Does not want you discussing any type of Pricing when you are promoting their Products because they change all the Time And then add an FAQ section at the end Of the script add a call to action to Visit the website to find the best Pricing so we're going to go ahead and Use this as our prompt that we're going To hit shift and enter And we're going to go back

To our Amazon page here and we're going To copy Well we're going to copy the title first Because it actually takes content from Everything you paste here Then we'll hit shift enter again and We're going to come back and copy the Description Paste it And then come back and grab the other Content that was down here and I'm going To show you a little neat trick here That I found out by accident Is hit shift enter again and this time You can scroll down To the reviews and you can actually copy All this content From these reviews I just do this much here you can copy All of this and you can paste it and it Knows these are reviews and it will put Testimonials in your content based on Those reviews So once you're done all you have to do Is is hit enter and let's just hope it Works because over the past couple days It has been timing out a lot so I'm Going to go ahead and give it a minute Here it looks like it's going to go Ahead and make the article and then We'll jump back into it okay so it Actually did really good this time it Gave us several paragraphs of content Here and then some FAQs if we want to

Add those in the video too but normally What I do is I'll just take the first Few paragraphs maybe this much of it and Copy it and now we have the content for This product that we need and then we Can jump over to pick 3 and paste this In there and it will create an entire Video for US based on this content with Video clips So if I jump over here you can see this Is exactly what I just got done doing And if you want to learn how to use Picture watch some of my previous videos Where I've done a lot of in-depth Tutorials showing how to use this with This exact same strategy but what I did Is I went down here and I changed some Scenes and I generated this video it's Only a little over a minute and a half Long I use the voiceovers with picture As well as the background music I Uploaded it to my YouTube channel and if We jump over to it you can see right Here this is the video you can see I Uploaded it on February the 1st if we Open up the video And go to it you're going to see this Was uploaded just three hours ago and if We were to take this and do a search for It actually Let's do an incognito window And you can do the same search on your Screen just to verify it but if we do a Search for this product and review you Can see my video is right here number

One right underneath of this ad just Three hours ago but even better than That if we were to search it in Google You're going to see right here is my Video ranked number one right here it Says four hours ago so if we click on it Today this is the video if you want to Know what these types of videos sound Like let me play just a minute of it for You today we are reviewing the herbwise Oxy 7 thermogenic fat burner a product That promises to deliver weight loss Support suppress appetite and Boost Energy The oxy 7 formula was developed by eat Athletes and scientists to help people Achieve professional power and Performance The oxy 7 is a thermogenic fat burner For both men and women it contains a Natural thermal blend of ingredients That okay so you get the idea of it but The whole point behind this strategy is That you can create multiple videos Every single day for new products that Are releasing every single day and rank Up at the top of YouTube and Google for These and putting your affiliate link Down here under the video you will start Earning affiliate commissions doing this The difference between doing it this way And how I used to do it for years before Chat GPT is that I would have to create All of my own content or even use a tool

That would create content similar to it But was close enough for me to use for This product so I didn't have to Manually write it out all myself chat GPT is changing how we do business it's Changing How We Do affiliate marketing How we create videos and who knows what This technology will eventually turn Into maybe allowing us to do every one Of these steps directly from a tool like This instead of using multiple tools if You found this video useful subscribe to My channel I'm going to be uploading a Lot more videos like this showing you Different strategies techniques that I Use to make videos to and to earn from Affiliate marketing

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