Set the pace & tone with your clients when you onboard them. | Seven Figure Agency #shorts

If you're struggling with clients Canceling clients calling in to pause Feeling like you did a great job for Clients and them still saying hey you Know what we're going in a different Direction this Canon will be a game Changer for you so the way that you come Out of the gates with your client when They sign up will determine whether They're with you a year down the road Believe it or not what happens in the First 24 hours what happens in the first Seven days sets the pace for the entire Business relationship to really create a World-class onboarding experience is to Kick off with the bang and appreciation For us that means a personal touch like An actual personal message hey thanks so Much for your business we're really Excited about working with you it's Going to be great it also entails like Really thinking about how we capture the Usernames the passwords the details we Need to run their campaign the quicker We can get that information from them And the more seamless we can make that Process the more confident the client's Going to be that they're in the right Place and the quicker you'll be able to Get out of the gates and actually start To deliver some results for them

Building Your Agency Engine

All the tools you need in one platform without having to "duct-tape" multiple platforms together!

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