SHOCKER! My Website Just Hit the TOP 10 Rankings For ChatGPT Content

Hey and welcome back to vid Society in This video I'm going to be talking to You about the website that I built here A couple weeks ago using chat GPT not Actually built the website using it but All the content for this website is AI Content that I simply created using chat GPT and then I posted it on my website Now if you're not familiar with how I do It you can go back and watch some of my Videos but all these are product reviews For affiliate marketing and what I did Was just dug up some content from chat GPT about these products and I posted it On these Pages let me just go into one And I'll show you Such as this one here and you can see Here I even created some videos on this Product using chat GPT Which I also have videos on my Channel About how I do that this adds extra Content to it and this lets it help to Get indexed and rank faster so how is This website doing after about two weeks Now and so that's what I want to talk About let me jump over to Google and if We just do a simple search for my site In here you can see it's got nine Results so I have uh let's see here Let's go back home we have one two three Four five six seven eight nine ten And 11 12 posts on this website And out of those we can see it looks Like about nine of them are indexed so

Far which is really good and let's jump Over inside of my website and you can See here I have the site kit tool Installed so it's linked up with my Analytics from Google and you can see The traffic this website is already Getting so this is the home page here These are the unique views in this Second column So almost all these pages are getting Clicks they're getting found in the Search engine and people are visiting Them in fact if you come over here I'm Not sure why but you can see here this Is a category page that got indexed and The average user is staying on there Over five minutes uh this here is the Reviews page people staying on their six Minutes so I'm not sure why these are so High for but if we jump over to serp Fox Which is what I'm using to track all of My rankings for this you can see my Rankings here and you can see where it's Finding all these pages and I actually Have three of them that are in the top Ten and remember guys this is all AI Content I create these posts in a matter Of minutes and put on my website and out Of the ones I've created so far which Isn't that many three of them are in a Top ten so we can see this one here is Rank number eight this one ranked number Five and then this one ranked number 10 And then from there it goes on up now I

Haven't added any new post to this Website for several days because I've Been working on other things but just Imagine for a minute if you create a Website around this and if you follow The strategies I've taught in the other Videos to find affiliate products to Promote that have low competition and if I was to do this the way that I should Have been I would have had twice as many Posts here by now and if I did I would Have probably had maybe six out of all These ranked in the top ten and the more That I post the more it's going to get Ranked the more traffic it's going to Come in which is going to result in more Affiliate commissions and so that's the Whole point for me and what I use chat GPT a lot for is generating content not Just for the post on my website for These product reviews but also for Writing scripts for YouTube videos that I can quickly turn into AI videos using Other tools such as Pick 3 which I have Videos on those as well and you can Learn how to do all that which all those Videos also rank in both Google and YouTube in fact let me jump over I want To show you something if we jump back Over here to the home page this was the Last review that I did here And this one here the herb wise It is ranking number five so it's my top Performer right now it also had the

Least amount of competition because it Was a newer product on Amazon but if we Jump over here and if we just do a Search in Google For this product right here you can see The number one result is a YouTube video And guess whose YouTube video that is That's my video that I made here using Chat gpt's AI content and an AI tool to Create this video from it it took me Maybe 15 minutes you can see I uploaded It seven days ago it's ranked number one Here in fact if you go down to my tags You can see even for just the product Name herb wise oxy 7 it is ranked number One for that it doesn't even have to be The long term keyword this also was all Set up as a demo just to see how this AI Content would rank and what would come Out of it we can go into the videos and If we do a search uh let's just do this One here this is a video I did three Days ago This video is ranked number one in Google and so a lot of these products That get ranked in Google and YouTube Now Google's a little bit tricky because Sometimes the videos will stay there Sometimes they won't stay there but let Me open up an incognito window and we'll Do a search for this one and you can see There's an ad here but then here's one Of my videos here's another one of my Videos there's another one and there's

Another one all of them ranking right at The top for this one keyword and I have A feeling even if we was to take out uh The brand name and do a search here's my Video still here let's take out the word Review and see if it stays there And there it is still at the top and so That's the power of using YouTube and Remember these are AI videos I use chat GPT to generate the content I used Another tool to create the video and Within 20 to 30 minutes it was all done And then I just uploaded it so just Imagine for a minute if you follow this Exact same process and just repeated it Over and over on a consistent basis what Your results would be for traffic and Affiliate earnings so if this is Something you want to learn a lot more In detail step by step how I do I do Have some videos on my channel that kind Of goes over and show you uh here and There what I do but I'm also launching a Course on the 27th called YT influencer I'll put the link below this video and It goes in depth of how I create all These YouTube channels and how I earn From affiliate marketing in fact it Shows how I earn over six figures every Year in affiliate marketing following Strategies like these and outranking my Competition if you guys are interested In that go to that website and get your Name on the waiting list and I will

Notify you whenever I do launch that It's only going to be 12.95 the first Week I launch it and then after that First week the price will jump up to 47 So if you want it try to get it during That first week but I just wanted to Give you an update on how this website Is doing and then after this product Launches I'm going to jump back more Into this website and start building it Out more and now that I know this Content is ranking it is working Google Is liking it I'm going to start building Some backlinks to this website and Really starting to drive authority to it And we should start seeing some huge Boost to our rankings so that's it for This video guys if you enjoy it please Subscribe and I'll notify you when I Upload another thanks

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