Shopify Tutorial for Beginners 2023 (FULL Store Setup Guide)

What's going on my name is Simon and in This video I'm going to show you step by Step how to create your own professional Shopify store so we're going to start From complete scratch am I gonna go over Everything I need to know so that after Watching this video you'll have all the Tools to build and launch your own Shopify store I'll leave all the Timestamps Down Below in the video Description so if you're looking for a Specific part you can just go directly There so without wasting any time let's Get right into the tutorial so the first Step is to go to forward Slash Shopify or simply click on the First link Down Below in the video Description this will take you to my Commerce coach Shopify signup page where You can claim an extended trial for Shopify so that after your free trial Ends you can keep using Shopify for an Additional three months for only one Dollar per month so make sure you use That link and once you're here what we Want to do is just type in our email Address and then we are just going to Click on start free trial then here We're just going to skip all these Questions by clicking on skip at the Bottom then here if you already know the Name of your online store you can just Type it in here and then click on next But if you don't know the store name yet

Don't worry we can always come back to This later so we can just click on skip Then here just confirm your location and Click on next then we're going to have To create our Shopify ID so choose one Of these four options here to create Your account I'm just going to continue With my email then here simply create Your password and click on create Shopify ID and this will take us into The Shopify dashboard which is basically Just the back end of your store now the First thing we're going to do here is Choose a theme for the store which is Going to give us the basic structure of How our store will look like so what We're going to do is just go to the left Side menu click on online store and then Go to themes Now as we can see here the default theme That is pre-installed with every new Store is the dawn theme as you can see Here but we also have the option to Choose a different theme for our store So let's scroll down and here you can Already see a couple of free themes that You can use but what I would do is just Click on visit theme store here at the Bottom right and then you're going to See all the different themes that Shopify has to offer so here in the Theme store we can just check out Different themes and see which theme Would work the best for the kind of

Online store that we want to build now For this video I'm just going to stick To the three themes because the the Premium themes they are actually quite Expensive they cost mostly over three Hundred dollars so what I'm going to do Is just take the free filter right here And then it just shows us the 11 free Themes there's Shopify just gives you Out of the box so from the free themes The ones that I personally have used and Really like are the sense theme the Right theme and the refresh theme I Think these work quite well with most Stores but feel free to just browse the Other themes as well click on them and Then just click on view demo store and Then you can see exactly how this store Would approximately look like obviously You can change all the colors to content And so on but it makes it a lot easier If you choose a theme that already has Kind of the design that you're looking For now for the example store I'm Building in this video I'm just going to Go with the refresh theme right here so Once you choose your theme you want to Click on it here And then you just click on try theme Here and this will take us back to our Shopify dashboard where when we scroll Down we can now see that the new theme Is now in our theme library now to Activate this theme we're going to have

To click on publish right here and then Again confirm click on publish and now As we can see here the current theme has Now been changed from the dawn theme to The new one we have just installed which Is the refresh theme so now let's click On customize here on the right to start Customizing our theme and start building Out our store so this takes us to the Shopify editor where we can customize Everything and design our store now I'm Going to give you a quick overview of How this editor Works basically here on The top you can switch between the Different pages of your store currently We can see the home page then here on The top right you can switch between Different devices so you can click on Mobile and then you can see how your Store currently looks like on a mobile Phone now in this video I'm going to do All the changes on the desktop view then Here on the left side you can see the Structure of the current page you're on So it always starts with the header at The top this is going to be the same for Every page on your store and ends with The footer here at the bottom this is Also going to be on every page on your Store and then what's custom to every Page on your store is the content Section which is in between the header And the footer right here now as you can See Shopify has already added a couple

Of placeholder sections and that we can Now fill with content just to kind of Make it easier for you to have an idea Of how you could build your store but Obviously you can customize everything You want and you can delete the sections If you don't want them now to move these Sections around we can just go and hover Over each of these sections that we want To move and then just click on these six Dots and just drag them wherever we want The section to be if you want to delete A specific section you can just click on It here and then you can see this trash Icon here on the bottom of the section You can just click on this or you can Click on remove section of the section Menu opening up here on the right so to Customize something what you would do is Just click on the section here on the Left side and then the menu here on the Right side will open up and we can just Adjust everything here so what I like to Do before starting to build a new store Is just to delete all these sections Here that are already pre-loaded for us And then we just get a better overview Of what is actually on the page so I'm Just going to click on each of these Sections click on the trash icon the Next one again trash icon and I'm going To do this with all of these sections Here in the content area and then we're Going to end up with just one section

That we can't delete because Shopify Doesn't allow us to just have nothing in The content area so what we can do is Just click on the eye icon here and then It will just make it invisible and we Don't have to worry about it we can Delete it later once we have added some More content great so now that we have a Bit of a cleaner starting point let's Start customizing our home page I would Like to start by adding a logo to the Top of the website which is the header So to edit the header what we're going To do is either select it right here in The sections overview or you can also Just click on it here in the preview Section this will open up the menu on The right side for the header and then Here we can see logo and it says edit Your logo in the theme settings so we're Just going to click on the link here and Then it will open up the theme settings Here on the left side by the way you can Also get to the theme settings by just Clicking on the paintbrush icon here on The left side then here as we can see Here we can upload our logo so we're Going to click on select image then Upload an image and then I'm just going To choose my logo here click on open Then click on select and now as you can See our logo is now visible here at the Top we can also change the width of the Logo by just dragging this bar right or

Left and once we're happy we're just Going to click on Save at the top right And now to go back to the sections Overview we're just going to go to this Icon right here at the top left and then We can see our overview here once again Let's move on with the announcement bar Which is this bar right here at the top Which is a good place to just put some Promotional messages like for example You can advertise a coupon code or you Can just say something like free Shipping for the United States or just Something like that I'm just going to Add free shipping World Wide obviously Make sure that what you say here on the Announcement bar is actually true if you Want to remove the announcement bar Altogether what you can do is just Delete everything thing and then the Announcement bar will just disappear but I'm going to keep it I'm going to use Free shipping worldwide and again once I Do some changes I always like to click On save to just make sure the changes Are safe great so next let's start Building our hero section so this is Going to be the first thing that people See when they visit your store your home Page which is the first part so you want To make sure that this is looking very Good and it represents your brand very Accurately so we're going to click on ADD section here for in the content area

Add section and then we can see some Different section types that we can use For different ways of displaying content So for the hero section specifically I Recommend to either go with an image With text section an image Banner or in A slideshow if you have a lot of good Content a lot of images then you can go With the slideshow because you can put All those images in the slideshow and You can show multiple images just in the First area of your page as I don't Really have many images for this example Store I'm just gonna go with something Simple and use the image with text Section once we click on it it will just Fill in the placeholder content here to The content area and then what I like to Do is just look at the menu for our new Section here on the right side and just Go from top to bottom and play around With all the settings now here first We're going to have to select an image To add an image here to this section so We're going to click on the select image And then you can either upload one which Is probably the thing you want to do Because you should have custom images For your store but I don't really have One for this example store so I'm just Going to click on free images here and Then type in something that is related To my store I'm gonna create a headphone Store here for the for example so I'm

Gonna type in headphones and then I'm Going to choose this image right here Click on select and now Shopify has Inserted this image then I'm just going To move on from top to bottom in this Menu so the image height I'm gonna do Medium then the desktop image width I'm Gonna do large For desktop image placement I'm going to Choose image second to just switch Around the places of the text and the Image And then desktop content position I'm Going to do middle And desktop content alignment I'm going To leave on left and then content layout I'm going to do overlap and then change The color scheme to background 2 and Then we can also edit the text by just Clicking on the text element here the Heading and then the menu for this Heading will open up on the right we can Just change the text here and then Change the heading size to small I think That looks a bit better and we're going To do the same thing for the paragraph Here and it's going to add a small Paragraph here and replace this one Like this and then click on Save now if You need more space for your text here What you can do is just click on the Section and then change the image width From large to medium and then this block Will be a bit larger or you could also

Just go to the theme settings on the top Left and then go to typography and Change the font size scale from 110 Percent back to 100 percent like this And this will also decrease the font Size a little bit and then the last Thing I want to do here on the hero Section is change the button text so I'm Going to click on the button and then I'm going to change the text here from Button label to shop now and we also Need to link this button to a specific Page so we just click here and then I'm Going to choose collections all Collections and then click save and now The button button is active and when People click on it they will go to the Collections which we'll set up in the Next part so the next thing we're going To add to our home page is a collection List showcasing different types of Products that we sell on our store so to Add a collection list we'll again go to The sections overview click on ADD Section and then we're going to choose The collection list right here now so That we were able to actually show some Products here in the collections we need To go ahead and add our products to our Shopify store and that's exactly what We're gonna do next so to add our Products we need to go back to the Shopify dashboard so what I like to do Is just hover over the exit button here

On the top left right click and then Click open link in a new tab and this Way we can keep this editor open but we Can still work in our dashboard at the Same time so once we're here in the Dashboard what we're going to do is Click on products here on the top left And then here here we can start adding Our products now if you don't know yet What kind of products you want to sell On your Shopify store then I recommend To watch my Shopify Drop Shipping Tutorial which you'll find here in the Cards or down below in the video Description which includes a complete Guide on how to find products to sell And for those of you who already have Products to sell let's click on add your Products so here we just want to go from Top to bottom and fill in all the Information about the product that we Want to add so I'm gonna just add an Example product earbuds Pro 7 for my Headphone store I'm also going to add a Description here at the bottom and then I'm going to add some photos as well so Here under media click add files and Then just going to add a couple of Photos so a couple of different variants As well and then here you can also Choose a main image which is going to be The first image so you can just drag the Main image here at the front to the Front and I also have some other images

It doesn't really matter this is just an Example and yeah you can just add some Images that make sense and communicate The benefits of your product and also Showcase your product in the best light Then under price you can obviously say How much people need to pay for buying This product so I'm going to sell this Let's say for 79 and then the compare ad Price is a price which will be displayed Next to the actual price like with with A strikethrough and it then says it's Gonna it's on sale and it was actually More expensive so let's say this was 99 And now it's 79. then you can also add Your cost per item this is just for you So you can see kind of your profit Margin then under inventory we want to Say how many of those products we have In stocks let's say we have 200 but be Careful when this number goes to zero Then your product will be displayed as Out of stock on your store and people Won't be able to buy it anymore more if You don't want this to happen you can Just tick this box here continue selling When out of stock and then you don't Really need to worry about this number You just will have to make sure that Your customers will actually get the Products that they have bought then Under shipping you can add a weight for That product that's more if you want to Charge shipping based on the weight of

Your product but I'm going to leave this Empty for now and then if you have Different variants for your products Like I do for example I have three Different colors for these earbuds then We want to obviously add some variants So I'm going to click on ADD options Here and I have different colors so I'm Going to choose color here and then I Can add some values so I have white I Have orange and I have black I believe So I'm going to add black then click on Done and then here we can also specify How many of these variants we have on Hand so let's say we have 100 of these 100 of these and maybe be 50 of these Then let's click save and then we want To scroll back down to the variants and Also add the correct image to the Correct variant so for the white one We're going to choose the white image For the orange one the orange one and Then the black one as well and if you Want to you can also adjust the prices For each variant separately but I'm Going to just leave it as it is for now And then for search engine listing you Just want to look at this link here Specifically the last part and see if it Looks clean if it doesn't you can click On edit and then you can change the last Part of the URL for the product page Specifically I think it looks fine so I'm just going to click on Save then

Let's go back to our product list and Now as you can see we have added our First product to our Shopify store now You can repeat the same process if you Have multiple products just click on ADD Product here on the top right and then Just go through the exact same process Again so I've just added a couple more Products just so we have a bit more to Work with for this example store now the Next thing we can do is sort and Organize these products into different Collections so let's say for this Example we could create a headphones Collection and a earbuds collection and Maybe a best sellers collection for all These different kinds of products so to Create these collections we're going to Go to the left side menu and click on Collections and then as you can see There is already a home page collection Set up now I don't need this so I'm just Gonna tick it and then I'm going to go To the three dots and click on delete Collection to just get rid of this one That is already set up now I'm going to Set up my own collections so I'm going To click on create collection here and Then we can give this collection a name So I'm going to create a collection Let's say for earbuds which is a type of Product that I'm selling here on the Store then we can also add a description If you want and for the collection type

I'm going to change this to manual so I Will be manually adding products to this Collection later on what we do want to Do is add a Collection image which will Be displayed and when people see this Collection so I'm going to click on ADD Image here and then I've prepared an Image for this collection so I'm going To choose this image here click on Save And now when we go back here we can see That we have set up a collection now you Can set up multiple collections just by Going to create collection again on the Top right and then go through the same Process again so I've added a couple More Collections and what we can do now Is go back to our products and tell Shopify what collections these products Belong to and an efficient way to do This is to just tick all the products That belong into one collection so let's Say the headphones here and then I'm Going to go to the three dots go to add To collections and I'm going to choose The headphones collection click on Save And now these two products are in the Headphones collection and you can just Repeat this for the other products as Well until all of your products are in The correct collection and by the way You can also have multiple collections For one product so the earbuds could be In the best sellers collection and also In the earbuds collection then once

That's done let's go back to our editor Which we still have open in the other Tab Here and Now what we can do for our Collection a list that we have just Added we can assign what kind of Collections we want to display here so Just click on the collection and then Click on select collection here and then We can choose one of these collections We have just created so I'm going to Start with headphones for the first one Then for the second one I'm gonna choose Earbuds and for the third one I'm going To choose the sport collection and then I'm also going to change the text here So I'm going to just select the section And then I'm going to change the text Here to find your perfect headphones and Then I'm going to change the heading Size to small and click save and that's It for our collection list now when People click on these collections for Example the headphones collection they Will get to the collection page where They can see all the products that are In the headphones collection so let's Switch back to our home page and add Some more content so below our Collection list I want to add a bit more Content talking about the benefits of The products that we sell so what I'm Going to do is click on ADD section Below the collection list and I'm going To add another image with text section

And I'm actually going to duplicate this Section twice so I have three times the Image with text section and I want it to Be in image on the left image on the Right image on the left so for the Middle section I'm going to just do a Desktop image placement and I'm going to Go to image second and then the image Will be on the right side now what I'm Going to do is I'm going to just add my Benefits so one of the benefits let's Say of the headphones is that they are Noise canceling so I'm just going to Click on the text change the text here Noise canceling then for the second one I'm gonna do a wireless and then for the Third one I'm gonna just type in perfect Sound now if you're having a hard time Coming up with good text content for Your site what I recommend is to get a Bit of help from AI specifically from Chat GPT so you probably heard of chat Gbt before it's an AI based chat bot That can help you with different things And it's very good at creating text so What I would do here is just ask Chachi You write me a paragraph about noise Canceling for my headphone online store Then hit enter and then chat GPT will Write me a paragraph now what we can do Is give it feedback so I think this is a Bit too long so I'm gonna just ask it Make it shorter let's say Max three Sentences and then let's see

Now we have a shorter version so I'm Fine with that so I'm going to just copy This obviously read it and see if it Makes sense and then we can just paste This in here and just like that we have A nice paragraph for this section so you Can save a lot of time using chat gbt That's what why I wanted to show it to You then obviously we also want to add a Picture it works the same way as we've Seen before just click on the section Then click on select image and then Upload your image here or just add it From the free images if you find one That fits so now I've also done the same Thing with the other sections here and Generated some text from chat GPT and I've also changed the button text to Shop now and linked it with the Collections page now you can go ahead And add even more content to your home Page simply go to add section and then Play around with all these different Sections and create the home page that You want to have for your store you Could for example add a feature Collection and then click on select Collection here and just showcase your Best sellers on the home page you're Really free it just takes some time to Just play around with all the different Types of sections you have and then you Can build the exact home page that you Want so what we're going to do is we're

Going to move on to the footer of our Website now here is where we want to Display our policies for the online Store this is going to be our terms of Servers privacy policy shipping policy And so on now let's first make sure to Save the changes and then we need to go Back to our Shopify dashboard so I still Have it open here in another tab but if You don't just right click the exit Button click on open in new tab and then The Shopify dashboard will open up so Once we are here we want to go to Settings on the bottom left and then Scroll all the way down and go to Policies Now the cool thing here on Shopify is That you can create policies from a Template so we just have to click on Create from template and then you will Get a default refund policy made by Shopify but this is just a template so You're gonna have to go through it and Also change what's in the brackets here And make sure to adjust it to your own Business you can do the same for the Privacy policy and the terms of service And then you want to also add a shipping Policy specific to your shipping and Also a contact information and then once That's done let's just click on Save and Now all of our policy pages are created Let's close this window here now we also Need to add those pages to our website

Footer so to do that we're going to go To online store navigation and then We're going to click on footer menu here Now first I'm going to delete the search Link so I'm just going to click on the Delete here and then I'm going to click On ADD menu item and then here on the Right side we can go to policies and Then add all of the policies that we Have just created then once that's done Let's click on Save menu and then we can Go back to our editor and then we should See all these links here at the bottom Of our store now if you don't see it yet Just reload the page and then they Should appear now next I'm just going to Delete the about section here and for This text block I'm going to change the Text from our mission to contact us and Then I'm going to just paste in the Contact information here and then for The image I'm going to actually add the Logo once again so I'm going to click on Select image and then I'm going to Choose the logo that is already uploaded Select make this a bit larger like this And then click save and now we're done With our store footer now let's scroll All the way to the top and look at how We can change our main menu here at the Top so to change this menu what we're Going to do is go back to the Shopify Dashboard and then go to online store Navigation and now we're going to click

On main menu and then here just like we Like we've done for the footer menu we Can just delete all the links that we Don't want so I don't want the home link The catalog link I'm going to leave the Contact link but I'm also going to add a Couple of links to some collections I'm Going to choose some collections here Let's just add a link to our best Sellers and then I've also added the Headphones collection and the earbuds Collection now to change the order of These links we can just drag these Around until we're happy so I'm going to Have first headphones then earbuds then Bestsellers then contact then click on Save menu and then when we go back to The editor we should be able to see the New menu here at the top and if you Don't see it yet just reload the page And then it should appear now let's also Look at the theme settings which Controls the overall style of our Website so to get to the theme settings We're going to go to the paintbrush icon Here on the top left and then we can Just go from top to bottom so let's Start with the logo we have already Added the logo before but we haven't Added a favicon image yet a favicon Image is basically just this little icon That you can see here in the top of your Browser so what you want to do is just Create a square version of your logo and

Then just upload it here so I'm going to Choose this one and I'm going to just Upload it then click select and now when I click on Save and then go to the three Dots right here and click on view then The new tab opens up which is the Preview of our site and now we can see This little icon we've just uploaded and At the top of the browser which looks a Lot better it's a lot more branded Compared to just the Shopify logo then Let's also go to Colors here is where You can change all of the colors across Your entire website so you have accent Colors you have background colors text Colors and so on if you want to change One you can just click on the color here And then just add the color code or you Could just change it to whatever you Want like this and then you can see the Changes will be visible live so I'm just Going to undo this and leave everything As it is because I think it looks pretty Good then under typography you can also Change the fonts so play around with Different fonts for your website and Then you can also look at all the other Options here I usually don't really mess With these settings but under social Media what you can do is just add your Social media links here and just paste Them in here and then where they will Show up is at the bottom of the website In the footer so right here you can see

A Facebook and a and Instagram icon and When people click on it they will get to Your social media pages and one thing I Also wanted to show you is that for the Checkout page specifically when we go to Checkout here Here we can also add our logo so Um here I'm going to click on select Image and then I'm going to upload a Dark version of my logo because it will Be displayed on a white background as I'm going to show you in a moment here So now we can change from the home page To the checkout page and then here we Can see the logo so make sure you use a Dark version of your logo for the Checkout page and then also for the Button Colors by default it's always This blue on Shopify they don't adjust It to the colors of your theme so you're Gonna have to manually go in here and Change this to your accent color as well If you want all the colors matching up Across your entire store and you can do That here on the left side under colors So now we are done with our home page And we've also gone through the theme Settings what we want to do also is now Go through all of the other pages of our Store for example the product page is One of the most important pages so we're Going to switch from the home page to The product page and then we have the Default product page so this is what

People will see when they click on a Specific product or if you send them Directly to the product page using Tick Tock ads for example so for the product Page the first section of this page is Always going to be the product Information which is going to be taken From what we've entered before when We've added our products so here are the Images that people can skip through then The name the price the different Variants when people change these they Can see the image as well because we've Assigned the images to the variants and Then we have the add to cart button the Buy button and then the description that We have added now we can customize Everything here on the on the product Page as well just click on it and then Go to the trash icon for example if you Don't want that share button and as you Can see here on the left side Shopify Has also added some sections just as Placeholder content just give us an idea Of how we could structure our product Page so each of these sections below the Product information section these will Be visible on every single product page No matter the product so you want to Make these applicable to all of your Products because they're going to be Displayed for every product So if you don't want these sections Again you can just click on delete here

And then they will be gone and you can Also build out other sections just like We've done on the home page and then Once you're done with your product page You also want to go through all of the Other Pages here that you have on your Store and make sure they look the way You want them to look now specifically For the contact page we're going to have To go to pages and then click on contact Page and this is going to be a forum That people can fill out to contact you Now if you want to you can add a bit of A text here just under contact but we're Going to have to do this in our Shopify Dashboard so to do this we're going to Go back to the dashboard go to online Store pages and then you can see your Contact page here click on the contact Page and then you can just add the text Right here then click save and now when We go back to the editor save and then Reload we can see the text here and we Can also click on it and then change Like adjust the bottom padding just to Have we have a bit of a padding here at The bottom if you want to add a new page To your store you can also do that back In the dashboard you would just go to Online store pages and then you're going To click on ADD page on the top right so Let's say we want to add a f a cues page Then we can just add the content into This field here and click on Save now to

Also add this page to the menu what We're going to do is go to navigation Then go to main menu to add it to our Main menu add menu item link pages and Then choose the page we've just created Which is the fsq FAQ page click on ADD And save menu and now when we go back This page should show up when we reload The page here there we go now we have The FAQs page in the main menu now the Next thing I want to show you is how to To add apps to your online store because At some point you might want to add a Feature to your store but it's not Really included in the basic Shopify Functionalities so what you're going to Have to do is look for an app that does The thing that you want to add so when We go to the Shopify dashboard we can go To the left side where it says add apps When we click here and then we can go to Shopify App Store here at the bottom and This is the App Store just like on your Phone so you can search for whatever You're looking for so for example if you Want to showcase your Instagram feed on Your store and have it updated live you Can just type in Instagram and see what Kind of apps are available for this Specific feature so you're going to have To be a bit careful when adding apps to Your store because a lot of them are Based on a paid subscription so the Monthly cost of running your store could

Go up quite fast if you add a lot of Apps so let's see what we have here so We have insta feed this is a they have a Free plan so this looks pretty good Let's click on it here and then we could Just click on add app this is just Similar to downloading an app to your Smartphone then we have to click on Install app here and now this app asks Us to set everything up so in this case We're gonna have to connect our Instagram so they can show our feed on The store so I'm going to quickly do That and then I'm going to come back When everything is set up alright so I Just had to quickly connect my Instagram Account with this app and now I can go Back to the editor and we can add a Section here and then we can see under Apps we have now insta feed app which is The one we just installed and now when We add this app then we can see that This will show our live insta feed Directly on our page so there are a lot Of things you can do with apps just this Is just just one example so whenever you Want to do something that isn't included In the basic Shopify features look if There's an app that can do what you're Looking for now what I also recommend That once in a while you just change From the desktop view to the mobile view To see how your page looks like on Mobile as well now usually you don't

Need to change much on the mobile Version because Shopify works with a Responsive editor meaning everything Will automatically be optimized for Mobile phones as well however for some Sections you do have specific controls That just control the mobile version so For example for this image with with Text action you can scroll down here Then you can see mobile layout and we Can change this from left to Center and Then here the text changes to be line Aligned in the center so I would just go Through all the pages on mobile and then See if there's something that you want To change perfect now we're almost done Setting up our new show B5 store we just Need to look at a couple more settings In the back end of our store so let's go Back to our Shopify dashboard and then Go to online store and then preferences So here you want to make sure to just Add a home page title and also a short Description just so people can actually Find your page on Google and then you Want to scroll down to password Protection here we need to disable the Password so that people can visit our Store because currently its password Protected but in order for us to disable The password we're going to have to Choose a plan a Shopify plan so let's Save the changes and then let's click on Pick a plan then here I'm going to

Choose the basic plan which has all the Features that we need and we also get an Additional three months for only one Dollar per month so click choose basic Then here we can decide on our billing Cycle if you want to pay monthly or Yearly if you want to get that extended Trial you're going to have to go with The monthly option then come confirm Billing cycle fill in your business Address and your payment method and then Click on Start Plan once that's done Let's go back to online store Preferences then scroll back down to Password protection and now we're able To untick the password protection and Click on Save and now people can Actually visit our store next we want to Go to the settings on the bottom left And then under store details click on Edit and type in your store name right Here make sure everything else is Correct your email your address the Store currency is very important and Also the units once that's done click on Save and then we're going to move on to Payments this is also very important Otherwise people won't be able to check Out on your store so we want to set up Shopify payments this is the best option So click on complete account setup and Then you just want to go through all of These 4 forms that you have to fill out Make sure it's filled out truthfully so

That you can actually get paid to your Bank account once that's set up then People can check out using a credit card Apple pay Google pay and so on then you Should also know that by default PayPal Checkout is activated for your store and If you don't want people to be able to Check out using PayPal for whatever Reason you want to go to manage here and Then click on deactivate PayPal Express Checkout so that people will only be Able to check out using a credit card or Any of the other options I've mentioned Before now let's move on to shipping and Delivery and then under shipping let's Click on manage and here is where we can Manage the rates that we want to charge For shipping our products to the Customer now by default there are Already some rates set up for the United States and also international shipping For other countries so these are Shipping zones you can define specific Shipping zones for example you can have A zone for the United States you can Have a zone for Canada a zone for the Rest of the world however you want to Set it up and then for each Zone you can Define specific rates that you want to Charge based on different variables So Based on weight or based on the amount Of items or based on price so you can Set it up however you want now I'm going To set it up very simple for this

Example store I'm just going to do free Shipping for the United States only so I'm going to first delete both of these Shipping zones International as well and Then I'm going to click on create Zone Here and I'm going to name this Zone Just us and then I'm going to look for The United States and then I'm going to Check the United States click on done And now I've created the shipping Zone Specifically for United States and now We're going to click on ADD rate and Choose the shipping time here let's say It takes three to four business days and I'm going to leave the price at zero Because I want to offer free shipping Then click on done and now we've created A shipping Zone with free shipping just For United States now again you can Create as many shipping zones as you Want and also add as many rates if you Want but I'm going to leave it at this For now and click on Save then you also Want to think about taxes which you can Set up here under taxes and duties now This really depends on your situation Where you're located in where you're Selling to so I can't really give you Any instructions on how to set this up And just get informed of what the Situation is for you and then set up any Taxes that you need to collect here Under taxes and duties and then we want To move on to domains So currently our

Website is under a my domain Which is very unprofessional so we want To change this domain to our own custom Branded domain so if you already have One you can click on connect existing Domain or if you don't already have one You can buy one directly through Shopify You can just click on buy new domain Here then look for the domain that you Want and then you can buy it and it will Be automatically connected to your Shopify store and once that's done we Can close the settings and we are almost Ready to launch our store we do want to Test our store thoroughly before we Start to launch it and send people to Our website because they don't want to Spend money on ads or something and then Realize that your website is in fact Broken and you've lost all that money And you didn't get any sales so to test Our store we're going to go to online Store and click on the I icon here and Then we just want to go through every Single page of your store make sure Everything works also click on the Products add products to the cart go Through the entire checkout process and See if everything works and if people Can actually check out if the currency Is correct and if they even can check Out with all the payment methods that You have set up so congratulations on Setting up your Shopify store if you

Want to learn how to promote your new Shopify store using Tick Tock ads then You want to make sure to watch this Video here which will teach you step by Step how to set up your Tick Tock ads For your Shopify store make sure you Like subscribe and comment and I look Forward to seeing you in the next one

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