Should You Use a Thank-You Slide to End Your PowerPoint?

When you present your goal is to inform And persuade you've likely spent a lot Of time prepping slides and filling them With just the right content but have you Ever thought of how important the Conclusion is in fact it's vital and you Need to get it right hi I'm Andrew Childress for envato touch Plus in this Video I'll answer the question should You use a thank you slide to end your PowerPoint presentation it's not always Your best bet but in many cases it's the Perfect option let's learn more before We get started remember to choose a Premium template from envato elements Elements is a creative Powerhouse with a Winning offer unlimited downloads for a Flat monthly rate you can download and Use as many premium PPT templates as you Want these stylish options let you share Content and always end with a strong Close like a thank you slide plus Elements includes millions of other Digital assets like fonts photos and Much more you can't afford to miss out For our tutorial we'll use this stylish Agency proposal PowerPoint template from Envato elements it's a cool slide Deck With many custom slides inside I have it Downloaded and open here in PowerPoint And I'm navigating through the layout Options you'll see many great options Here at the end let's consider when to Use a thank you slide remember it's not

Always your best bet but I love to use Them if for example I'm presenting at a Celebration it's great to thank teams For their hard work in that same Spirit If guests have traveled to be in the Audience or voluntarily gotten together To collaborate on a project thank you Slides are essential but when should you Avoid a thank you slide well consider Your topic if you're giving bad news Like layoffs or about a canceled project A thank you slide in PowerPoint could Seem really insensitive similarly if you Need to engage your audience after you Present they might interpret a thank you Slide as a dismissal remember your key Objective is to drive action and Engagement it's often appropriate to say Thank you but I like to do more for Example we can transform this slide into A time for questions and conversation to Get started click into one of these text Boxes select the contents then start Typing by asking for questions you can Start a conversation with your audience I'll Flash Forward here to show off the Finished product as you can see this is A great way to enter presentation with Gratitude while pursuing action and Involvement with the audience don't Forget texts like this is a key part of Your design aesthetic why not use custom Fonts to stand out fortunately envato Elements has you covered with thousands

Of font designs to choose from you're Sure to find a creative new style for You and remember the downloads are Unlimited when you're in envato elements Member browse the library today and Start downloading you can also end with A one more thing slide saving a big Reveal for last again I can customize a Slide like this one by adding custom Text then let's add an image there's Nothing like a photo to strong to do That browse to a stored image file on Your computer then drag and drop it onto Your slide PowerPoint will import it and Place it onto the slide from there you Can pull on the corners to resize the Photo and don't forget to click and drag On the middle to move it into a new Position boom that's it as you can see It's easy to add a thank you slide to PowerPoint always show gratitude But be Sure it fits your topic my favorite Approach is to be grateful by fueling Engagement with the time for questions At the End by building a layout like This you can really connect with your Audience in new and creative ways start With a premium template from envato Elements with thousands of designs to Choose from join today to enjoy Unlimited downloads and stylish designs That you simply can't find anywhere else You can't afford to miss out be sure to Like this video then subscribe to our

Envato touch plus YouTube channel there You'll enjoy many other tutorials just Like this plus you'll enjoy content Roundups courses and so much more 4. It's the best resource for creatives Today I'm Andrew Childress for envato Tuts plus and thanks so much for joining Me [Music]

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