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Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming At you from high level So today we're Talking about making the calendar a lot More usable for you and your customers So big thing on calendars um for those Of you have been with us for a very long Time we used to have like version one I Think they're still called unassigned Calendars and then we sort of had like Round robin calendars there's and the Whole idea here was that you know we had The old calendar and the new calendar is Kind of how I always used to think about It but you know obviously that was Confusing and you know over time we knew We need to kind of bring these together Bridge the gaps make things easier and So today is really a big step towards That uh towards all of that now we have A bunch of new features coming out in Calendar here for uh soon but first we Need to make things easier just bring in One spot to get things set up and that Kind of stuff so Um I am in this uh click up doc here Because the really what this is about is Adding a bunch of options in the current Existing setup user interface to make Your life easier so let's go through This together Um just to kind of highlight some of the Things but then I want you to look at This uh article and dive in and you'll See this obviously in the user interface

As well so first up is choose between Different widgets on your calendar so What you'll see right here is to see Where it says widget type Neo and and Then I think it's like what's oh classic Right classic so classic is sort of and So what's the difference right it's just The design so this is the classic widget To see they did a really good job Labeling all this this is that classic Widget and then there's the Neo widget And now you can just choose actually so Regardless like regardless of the Calendar I'm setting up like you like One design or the other cool you can go Ahead and choose all of that there's a Bunch of FAQ stuff here check that out Now configure custom calendar URL for Unassigned calendar so now you didn't Used to actually be able to configure a URL for for the unassigned classic Calendar now you can Um that's really awesome this goes Through this it's exactly it's custom Slugs it's exactly uh what was missing Before Um so that's all good you can read Through that FAQs oh and then the other Cool thing they did here is they have Permanent links so the idea is let's say You have Um let's say you have like let's go up And look at the slug they put in here Like custom slugs for event okay let's

Say you use that somewhere out in the World uh and then and then at some point You might want to change that right but We have this permanent link which is Really that link that never is going to Change you can see it kind of down here When I scroll you can see that it's got Like the uh the permanent link here and That maps to kind of this custom link so You can change this custom slug all you Want and it doesn't change the Underlying permanent length so just Gives you an easy way to always have a Permanent uh reference to that counter So that's that okay now um You can Groups can be assigned to all calendars So before unassigned calendars you Weren't able to actually assign a group To that Um and uh and let me think and then There's like a lot of limitations to That right so like you couldn't do zoom And uh Outlook and that kind of thing And I always just have to tell people Like no you got to use the group Calendar Um but didn't just make it like a group Of one it was kind of confusing right so Now that's all gone it's all now Standardized but this is the cool thing Right regardless of calendar type you Can assign a group or not assign a group So all of that is uh uh in there now It's super easy

Um I obviously go through here FAQs all That okay so picking groups would be Optional for all calendar types uh so Now if if let's read this create any Calendar event without having to First Select a group for round robin or Unassigned scheduling you can simply hit The create calendar button which would Open up the option so you don't have to First create the group and then go back Like you used to that makes things so Much easier Um the ability to deactivate groups we Didn't have that before so that's in There um and then quick note down here At the bottom please note with this Release the link formats for Cancellation link and reschedule link Will change for all round robin Calendars so there would be no change For the non-round robin but anyways so You can see right here that there is a Cancellation link format and a Reschedule link format so make sure you Are updating those if you're using them So anyways all that to say awesome job To the calendar team Um really great way to simplify calendar Setup a lot in here so definitely link Out to that Doc and then check it out The interface and as usual let us know If you have any feedback thanks so much Bye

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