Slack Integration Preview!

Hey happy Thursday uh Sean coming at you From high level I'm sorry again I was Like I'm so excited I got ahead of Myself here so um couple things first up This is not live so hey I'm sorry to Burst your bubble but this is not live Yet but here's the deal so we are um in The back end here uh or in the Background really working hard on Helping a lot of you replace zapier or Things like zappier Um and we have a couple of actions we're Trying to put together Um I'll actually even show another one Later today in another video Um but I uh but essentially the idea Here was really simple work they're Under heavy testing in the back end but I wanted to just kind of bring you a Progress update because if you're using Zapier right now our goal is really Simple we want to try to save you some Money here so we are working on Replacing them now we're going to start Off with a uh We've sort of looked at we Can sort of kind of it's kind of fun we Kind of look at the usage behind the Scenes of what people are using zapier For we targeted the top items people are Using it for we're gonna start with Those so far I already talked about the Google Sheets action but today I'm going To talk about the slack that's right We've got slack integration coming uh so

If you take a look at here you can see This will be a workflow action uh and so If you jump down here it's it's not um Again the goal here is not to do Anything like oh my gosh and Everything's before but it's to sort of Take what you're already doing in zapier And just bring it in-house so you don't Have to do it in a second spot so Anyways you can kind of sort of see here Like send notification there's an event That you choose I don't even know how This works actually you choose an Account and then you like choose a Channel uh and then from there you can Actually like so you can like get it get Notified notifications sent into slack So anyways Um again uh let's see timeline wise this Is like oh gosh early q1 so Um everything will kind of release Together so um but anyways slack Integration is coming as part of this Package in the workflows just wanted to Give you a quick kind of spin through This you can see what's going on as Always if you have any questions do let Us know and on that note I will talk to You later bye

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