Small Updates Smart list sharing, invoice title customization, and premium workflow actions!

Hey Happy Money everybody Sean coming at You from high level I wanted to talk About some small But Mighty enhancements Um and we'll put them together on the List to make this a lot easier for you So first up smart list page enhancement The CRM team is excited to announce you Can now uh so it says until now we were Not allowing you to share smart lists That had assigned filters but we're now Allowing it so that is a change uh that Was made and is now released Um on the forms of survey submission API Uh migration I love this stuff this is Infrastructure improvements it actually Um you can see right here migrating the Service over to will reduce costs But it'll also make it a lot faster so Um it's really cool uh they did a great Job here and I'd love to shout out the Infra team because they are really the Unsung heroes behind the scenes doing Some really phenomenal things that you Can't see uh but you can honestly and Sometimes you can't even feel them but Are actually back there doing things That are really awesome and helping to Continue to make the app scale Um so that you can do you can have a Faster experience for your customers Um so awesome props to them the other Thing is on the invoicing here so users Now have the option on the invoicing Settings to define a custom title and

This was really important for a lot of Folks outside the US because for example Let's take a look here so you can go in Here settings uh title and see where it Says tax invoice tax invoice was kind of A big deal I think in Australia for Example like invoices have to say by law Have to say tax invoices all countries Have their own little specifics there And so I was just happy to see uh that They got that out and then really Quickly here uh just wanted to show this To you premium workflow actions are Coming along uh but and we are so so Close to getting them out I'm hoping Either this week or next so anyways just A quick update there on that note hope All of you are having an amazing start To your Monday and we will talk soon Thanks

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