Small Updates UI Library, Forms Surveys, & 464 area code support added!

Hey happy Monday everybody a Sean coming At you from high levels so I wanted to Kind of take a quick little uh back end Look here so check out this little uh Release it says like new ghl text editor Release so like it says like text Highlight and demo so check this out so We click this um now this is total Backend sort of uh software engineering Kind of stuff but this is actually the UI Library uh that we've been building For a really long time and all of the Engineer Engineers are using and what's Cool about it is it really standardizes All the different uh things that we're Uh that we that when we build like a UI That we're using and what's cool about It is let's say even if let's say today You know like let's this is like a red This is like what a red highlight will Look like for example let's say we like Hate that someday down the down the line We could actually change it it'll Globally change really really quickly Um I just thought it's kind of a cool Opportunity just because like there's All these cool uh like you see what a Block quote looks like and you can see Like an inline code format looks like And all this I just thought it was kind Of a cool uh way to just take a moment And acknowledge the hard work of that Team which goes absolutely unnoticed 99 Of the time but also just kind of show

You folks how we're uh thinking about Just standardizing UI components make it Super easy to change things by the end Of the quarter this will also flow into Any of you who are using custom code You'll be able to actually come in and Make your own custom updates and changes To this that are also unified across the Platform so it's pretty neat and I was Just really proud of that team making it Happen uh and then the next thing I Wanted to do real quick here is uh real Quick on the forms and surveys uh we Enabled the country Picker by default For all the Legacy forms and surveys Ensuring consistency that's just a quick Little note there Uh finally also update enhancement on The funnel and website oops excuse me Upload it uh so there's a new area code That was added so we now have the 464 uh You know it's sort of there it wasn't Working before uh and I think that is All she wrote for updates on the dev Site today we will have a lot of cool Ones coming out tomorrow so stay tuned And I will see you in the next video Thanks

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