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The most powerful win that you can Deliver for your own business and for Your clients is the power of text Messaging we all know that nobody wants To be on the phone anymore we all prefer To text and when it comes to marketing The statistics are clear the delivery Rates the open rates the conversion Rates of SMS messages versus email are Through the roof the problem is that Most businesses still do not have a way To communicate with their prospects and Customers via text messaging until now Because you're going to empower them With your white label of high level step Number one is to purchase and set up a New number so let's go learn how to do That right now the first step to getting A new number is to switch into the Sub-account that we want to get a number For now if you don't have any sub Accounts created and you skip the Tutorial on how to create one no problem You just need to click the sub accounts Tab click create sub account at the top Right choose blank and then you can Search your business here or you can Click add an account manually really Fill out the information and hit save Then you'll see it in the drop down and You can switch into that sub account so Let's go ahead and switch into the sub Account now next we'll navigate in the Left hand sidebar to the bottom and

Click on settings and then we'll click On phone numbers and here's where we can Purchase a new number so let's go ahead And click add number choose your country And then enter the desired area code so If I'm in Philadelphia and I want a Philadelphia number I'll enter 267 hit Search And here's a list of numbers for me to Choose from so let's say I like this Number I'll just select it and hit save So there we go I have my new number Right here but notice there's no Forwarding number set meaning if Somebody calls this new number it's not Going to forward and ring anywhere so Let's fix that let's go ahead and click The pencil icon And here we can give the number a name Maybe it's your main marketing number And we can set the number to which Inbound calls will forward note you're Going to want to put your main business Number in here so that incoming calls Forward to that main number and by using Your main number it's going to ensure That some cool stuff we're going to Learn about soon like the missed call Text back work correctly so I would just Add a number here We're not going to cover all these other Settings but you can learn about them in The link in the description below I'm Just going to hit update there we go my

New number set up and ready to test so Let's do that right now let's go ahead And from your phone go ahead and send a Text message to your new number I'm Going to send a text that says hello There All right once you've sent a message to Your new number go ahead and click the Go back button in the left hand column And then click conversations so here you Should see your reply sitting here in The unread column And if we click that notice it'll open Up the conversation stream and on the Right hand side we've got the contact Details so notice how we've created a Contact in the system automatically even Though we don't know this contact's name Or email address we just create the Contact via the phone number But check this out here's a cool way to Fix that let's go ahead and shoot Ourselves a reply that says hi what's Your email address And then go ahead and hit send on that When you get the message go ahead and Reply to it with your email alright so There's the reply and then check that Out we automatically filled it into the Email field so if we go ahead and click The circle here it'll take us to the Contact record and we can see that we've Got the conversation again here we've Got the email and we have the phone so

With that congratulations you've just Text enabled your agency and now you Know how to text enable all of your Clients moving forward You can use this new number on your Website and your marketing materials if You want to put it on flyers or even Billboards that say text to set this Number and in a couple of lessons we're Actually going to learn how to add it to Your website with a really cool web chat Widget that will be a Gateway into these Text message conversations But first we're going to learn about our Next easy win that enables us to take This business on the go with our mobile App go ahead and hop into the next Lesson Thank you

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