SMS Opt Out Language Update

Happy with everybody Sean coming at you From high levels so I have a little bit Of Mia culpa here on this one so we Should have probably told people this Ahead of the announcement and ahead of The launch so I just apologize to Anybody who got affected by this but It's so important and it's still Something we would have done we just Should have kind of given you a little Bit more of a heads up so uh compliance Center ID opt-out language update so Effective February 21st yesterday uh Send already opt outlings will Automatically be linked to the workflow And campaign sms's too so what is this Exactly okay so let's just walk this Through carriers Um care a lot now about spam going out Over their networks Via SMS and they're Getting really really really on people About it not just on them but they're Like cutting like shutting accounts down Uh and they track my EIN numbers so you Can't like flip numbers anymore so Compliance is like really critical so One of the big compliance things and a Lot of us have seen this probably in our Own lives is you get a text message and And the sort of rule of thumb is that First text message needs to say hey if You don't like me and you want me to go Away hit you know reply stop is really Similar to

Um the can spam kind of stuff on emails Where you know click the unsubscribe Link to tell me to go away kind of thing Right now before what we were doing is We were only adding it if you did a bulk Message but and that was a great first Start but we're still seeing a lot of People not complying with it on their Side Um and so we basically automatically Turned it on also for uh workflows and Campaigns as well as just turn it on in General in your accounts now you can Turn it off because some of you are out There being compliant already you're Doing this in your own way you're Already adding it to your messages all Of that so we don't want to treat you Um like you know you're not doing this So you can go into your settings and Turn this off but just so everybody Knows it's there it's live that's how That works and you can also customize it So if you want to have us automatically At it and by the way I'm sorry it's only Going out on the first message right so It's not going out on any other messages First message to that contact that's the Only time it happened so anyways take a Look when you get a chance at the Changelog here all the information you Need is there but I did want to give you A heads up uh on that Um long term it's going to be no big

Deal everybody's gonna be doing this Anyways uh but short term just want to Make sure you didn't get caught by Surprise so anyways on that note hope You're having an awesome start your Wednesday have some more videos coming Out and I'll talk to you shortly thanks

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