Snapshot + Video Transcoding Updates!

Hey everybody happy Thursday Sean coming At you from high level so we've got some Good updates for today Um this one's kind of like a little bit More of a back Endy kind of thing so I Wanted to kind of just show the release Notes here Um so real quick um 4K video sort of Transcoding overall updates Um so uh from here on out we've added it So that the uh transcoding will get Revamped here so if you upload a 4K Video It will automatically transcode it into 4K 1080p 720 and 480 and then we'll Stream it out in those formats right and Then sort of laddering down from that 1080 goes 1087 2480 Etc 720 and at the End if the video is lower than 480 then We'll trans code it up to 480 and only Stream it at 480 we're not going lower Than that I don't know that really Impacts anybody these days but just in Case Um we had this great infrastructure Improvement here Um we added some indexing that was able To optimize some of the query times from Three seconds down to 30 milliseconds so That's a insanely fast um increase so Hopefully some of you noticed that let Me move my big head here and then just Uh real quick down here Um you can look at the bug fixes but on

Snapshots we enable loading of large Funnels with more than 20 to 30 Megabytes size for all accounts Um and Trigger links with form IDs in it Will be mapped when pushed from the Snapshot so these are some really good Snapshot improvements some people have These incredibly large Um Funnels that have a lot of data in them Um and so of course when you build Systems it's funny you sort of you sort Of deal with the case that you the Average case that you're looking at and Then invariably somebody comes along and Says wait a second watch this and you Know they show you that they can really Um Drive some big numbers which is Awesome so anyways Um just responding to that we've been Able to improve that um so I think That's a huge uh uh huge push forward a Lot of back-end stuff here but I think It's really important to kind of expose That Um really good improvements just really Trying to drive higher quality so Anyways hoping all of you are having an Awesome Thursday and as always we'll Talk soon thanks

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