Sneak Preview Proposals & Estimates for Q2!

Hey happy Monday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so I wanted to Give you a little sneak preview of what We got uh coming up next quarter let me Just whoop look at this proposals and Estimates that's right so this is the Figma drawing I'll drop a uh uh link to It in the in the notes or whatever but Just kind of want to let you know what We're doing here so quick Preamble so uh So there's two things going on here so Proposals and estimates so the way we Sort of thought about this was proposals Are those nice pretty things with Pictures that are basically estimates But just like prettier looking I guess Um that mainly agencies or Professional Services firms use but they send their Clients to that kind of thing right Versus an estimates like hey I'm a Plumber I don't need to like send you a Picture of the toilet I'm going to use To replace I'm just going to send you Like a piece of paper that says toilet Replacement 500 bucks and boom that's Good so a couple things here yes we will Have signature stuff yes we'll have the Ability to collect payment off of it and Yes um eventually we will have the Integrations downlined with the Appropriate uh accounting systems mainly QuickBooks and xero uh in order to Facilitate that push into those systems Anyways with that let's just jump into

It real quick and I will try to go Briefly into it but again you'll see it As a new section of the payments uh area And then you can come in here and choose New estimate proposal uh and then you Obviously can see all the existing ones Oh and I'm sorry we have things like Accepted and you can look at viewed and All that which is going to be cool you Obviously can send it to somebody that's That's cool moving on moving on and then Here's the Builder that they're working On so the idea here is for if it's a Proposal versus an estimate you can make It really super pretty uh and come in Here and actually add a bunch of stuff Sorry keep it going uh and moving on Sorry I obviously have not gone through This all the way but you can see all Right cool and then of course you can Come in here add payment schedules and Zoom out a little bit pavement schedules And that kind of thing yeah so this is Until like an estimate is essentially Like this little piece right here right Versus The Proposal is kind of like with All the surrounding items and again you Can add items to it that's pretty easy And this is just kind of building it out And then again payment schedules and Again don't take any of these Screenshots is like permanent whatever I Know they're making some tweaks but just The idea that you can work some of this

Stuff in now the MVP will not uh include All of these items so just heads up I Don't know what it will include what it Won't include but in general the product Team uh makes that call and again here's Kind of that flow where you're kind of Coming in checking boxes signing stuff Just like you would sort of expect Um boom all done and so anyways just Want to get this out I'm really excited About it again this is Q2 so the product Work is going on right now as you can See this design is sort of part of that And then the dev team will pick this up I'm actually starting in what is it January February March April 1st and Then we'll knock it out in Q2 but I did Want to show you kind of a quick uh view Of where we're going because I think It's a beautiful uh design I think They've done such a great job so and as Usual we love feedback when we can get It so if you have any feedback please Let us know otherwise I hope you're Having an awesome start your week talk To you soon bye

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