Sneek Peek Membership Communities!

Happy Thursday everybody Sean coming at You from high level so I wanted to hold On let me make this like look better but Um I got this figma actually today or uh First thing this morning and this is Actually a design for a brand new Feature that we're hoping to uh to Deliver in April Um but this is communities so if any of You have seen communities before this is High levels rendition or take on it Um essentially Um all this is right now is a really Nice looking figma that the team put Together and I'm actually going to drop A link to it uh here in the post let me See if I can find something more Exciting to look at here we go Um and what we're looking for right now Is just feedback Um the team is going to look at this um In Facebook Um and any of the comments on the YouTube video so if you have any uh Definitely give us a shout but our idea Here of course is to give you yet Another awesome feature that we know a Lot of you are starting to use uh and Then also uh get into a situation where We can help you monetize that as well And add more Revenue to your agency if You haven't seen if you haven't seen These before you can sort of like

Building Your Agency Engine

All the tools you need in one platform without having to "duct-tape" multiple platforms together!

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