Social Posting Approval Flow + Custom Variables Live!

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming At you from high level I am so ecstatic To announce this today we are dropping Social media approval flow that's right So okay let's rewind here so high level Has full social media posting Capabilities we all knew this right yay That's right we can replace the hoot Suites of the world and uh I don't know Whatever the content cows and all this Other stuff that's awesome that's Wonderful we have that functionality Already isn't that great yes check Moving on but what do we what are we Were we missing up until this point well What about that situation Sean where um I want to create a bunch of social posts And I want to send them my client I need To get them to actually approve those Posts Um and all of that stuff how do I get That flow uh done before I can actually Use the social posting in high level Today's your day so check this out um so We've got some screenshots here to go Through and then I'll take you into the Release notes um so we can do that Together but as you can see right here Um you can go in grit your post and then When you actually uh schedule it and Send for approval you can see you can Choose the approver uh you can actually Uh uh go in and when when you you Schedule them you'll actually also

Simultaneously do the to send to the Approver whoa Um oh and then I'm sorry oh my gosh I Totally forgot custom field support so Check this out so not only you know gosh Who lets this guy do the videos anyways So uh not only do you get to do the Approval stuff you also have uh custom Field support so what is this this is Like hey I want to uh you know put out a Post that has the address to the Business the location name the all the All the cool custom variables you can Use in every other spot in the app that Is also now available in social media Posting yes that is awesome I can't Believe I almost missed that anyhow so Um and then obviously with the approval Flow here you can see that they can uh View it they can approve it and they can Reject it so that's obviously uh pretty Pretty simple here Um And then uh let's see what else did I Miss here uh and then oh oh yeah so Check this out um so then uh with social Media um expirations you can also choose Um if there is a notification for an Expired social media account you can Actually choose Um who it is that you want to uh send That to that was already kind of there And then down here you can see set up Email templates for social post approval

So you can actually choose which Template that you want to send them to So hold on there's a lot of details here Let me grab the help okay I'm not gonna Sit here and read this to you but I just Wanted you to see that it's here so this Goes all the way through how the post Approval flow Works Um how to schedule it how the options Work all that wonderful stuff um and Then also the big thing here editing and Applying an email template as the post Approval email because again we want you To be able to actually make it look the Way you want it to Um obviously we're gonna have a default For you if you need it um and then whoop And then also you can see right here if You do csvs the bulk posting We handle The approval flows for that as well Um so the team has done a really smoking Great job dealing with all the different Use cases so anyways Um off the back of this if you've Learned nothing if you haven't listened To me at all um approval flow is live And custom variables alive and that Ladies and gentlemen is frankly amazing So huge props to the social media team For getting this out awesome job and I Hope all of you having an amazing Thursday thanks

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