Squarespace Tutorial 2023 (Full Beginner’s Guide) – Create a Professional Website

What's going on my name is Simon and in This video I'm going to show you step by Step how to create your own professional Website using Squarespace we're going to Start from complete scratch and we're Going to cover everything you need to Know so you can build and launch your Own website I'm gonna leave all the Timestamps down below so if you're Looking for a specific part you can just Go directly there so without wasting any Time let's get right into the tutorial Alright so to start out you can just Click on the first link Down Below in The video description this will take you To Squarespace where we can start Building our website once you're here on The Squarespace website what you want to Do is just click on get started here in The middle or also on the top right then Squarespace is going to ask us a couple Of questions about what our website is Going to be about if you want to you can Answer those questions here and then They will just give you some options on What would be the best templates for Your specific websites personally I like To choose my own template so I just Click on skip here at the bottom so I Still have all the available options Later on here again I just click on skip Then again Skip and this will take us to The website templates so what we can do Here is just browse through all the

Different website templates that we're Going to use as a starting point to Create our website which is going to Make everything a lot easier so you can Just browse through these and then find The kind of design that would look good With the kind of website that you want To build for example if you want to Build a website in the travel Niche then You would just click on travel here at The top and then all the templates will Come up that are related to the travel Niche once you find a template that you Might think would work well with the Kind of website you want to build you Can just hover over the template click On preview and then you can just check Out the entire template you can also Click on the mobile icon here at the top And see exactly how this website would Look like on a mobile phone you can also Click on view demo site here at the top Right and then you're you're visiting The website just like you would as you Were a simple visitor you can also click On the links here at the top and see how The different pages look like of this Specific template now one thing I do Want to mention is that choosing a Specific template here you're not giving Up any design options what these Templates have they just have a specific Placeholder content and they have Different default settings so different

Fonts different colors and like I said Different placeholder images titles and So on so you're not giving up any design Options by choosing a template so for This video I've decided to go with this Template right here which is called Clarkson so to choose this template I Just hover over it and then click on Start with Clarkson then here we're Gonna have to create our Squarespace Account to make this quicker you can Also just go with your Google account Apple account or if you want to have a Separate account with Squarespace just Click on continue with email and then Use your email address to create your Squarespace account then once your Account is created you're going to get To a site that looks kind of like this Here we can just type in our site title So this is going to be the name of your Website I'm just going to name mine demo Site because this is just a tutorial and Then click on continue here at the Bottom then here if you want to you can Just go through this quick tutorial here But I'm going to show you everything I Need to know in this video so you can Actually just click on close here at the Top and then this will take us into the Squarespace editor where we can start Customizing our website now I'm going to Give you a quick overview of how the Editor works and how to navigate through

Everything which will make your life a Lot easier with Squarespace so first of All here on the left side we have the Main menu this way you can navigate Through different options and different Features is on what you can change on Your website we're going to go through Most of them throughout the tutorial so So I'm not going to go in depth this Menu now and then here at the bottom This is your Squarespace account so when You click on your account here you can See that right now we have one Squarespace website you can create Multiple websites here just by clicking On create websites here on this button And then you can create another website And basically play around with different Types of websites and then launch the One that you find works the best for you To go back to the editor we just click On go to website here and this will take Us back to the Squarespace editor then Here in the center this is where we're Going to make all the changes and here You're going to see also a preview of What your website currently looks like So right now we just have the demo Content was imported based on the Template that we have chosen but don't Worry we can change everything here we Can change the text the images Everything so we can also check out how The website looks like on a mobile

Mobile phone which is very important Nowadays because many people actually Visit Pages more on a mobile phone than On a desktop computer so to check out How the website looks like on a mobile Phone just go to the top here and click On mobile view then you can see exactly How the website looks like from a mobile Phone and by default if you have chosen A template this is going to look very Nice so it's already optimized for Mobile but later on in the tutorial I'm Going to show you how to optimize new Content or edited content that we're Going to do some changes to optimize it For mobile as well because sometimes When we change something or we create Something new on the website we need to Also look at it from a mobile view and Then make sure it looks good on mobile As well because that's not always the Case so let's go back to desktop view Then we also have this Arrow here at the Top right this is basically just going To give you a preview of the full screen Website where you can also navigate Through it you can just click on Different links and pages and see how The website looks like as a visitor then Once we want to actually make some Changes what we're going to do is just Click on the edit button here at the top Left and this will take us into the Actual editor where we can start making

Some changes here you can just click on Skip because I'm going to show you Everything here in this tutorial so now We are in the actual editor where we can See these blue lines wrapped around each Of these sections so this is basically How the website is structured here at The top we have the header here you can See edit site header then all the way at The bottom of the website we have the Footer so these two sections the header And the footer are going to be static Overall over all the pages so when we go To let's say the about page then we have The same header and the same footer and Here between the header and the footer This is where the content attend off the Website is for each page so right now we Are on the home page and we have this Top section here this section then we Have the second section we have some Text here then this is the third section Then we have the fourth section right Here and then so on so you can have Unlimited amount of sections on your Website this is the structure of how the Website is built inside of each sections You have so-called blocks so here when We click on ADD block we can add more Things to our website so we can just for Example add an image so we could just Click on image here and then this image Block would be added as you can see so Let's go back three sections actually

Um if you want to change these sections The order for example you can just go to The section hover over the section you Want to change and then on the right Side you're going to see a little menu So here we can basically duplicate the Same section once again again so let's Click on duplicate and then we have this Section twice this is very cool if you Are building out your website you're Going to have a lot of similar things Like let's say an image and then some Text and then you want to just duplicate It a couple of times which will save you A lot of work so you don't need to do Everything a couple of times if you want To remove a section just again hover Over it and then click on remove here And then again confirm and this will Remove the section once again you can Also create a favorites sections by Clicking on Save section Or you can also move them around so Let's say we want to move this section Uh below this one here we would just Hover over it then click on this that Move down arrow here and then the Section will be placed below this Section here now if you want to add a Completely new section to your site what You can do is just click on this add Section button here at the bottom or at The top depending on where you want the Section to be let's just add it here

Between these two and then you have a Couple of different options so you can Either just add a blank section right Here when you click on add blank section Then we just have a white background With nothing in it so then we can start Just we can just start building it out By just clicking on ADD block here at The top left maybe add some text then Maybe also add a form and whatever you Want to add to this specific section now Let's remove this one again and let's Click again on ADD section and then I Want to show you another option which is Using templates for specific sections so If you have a specific thing in mind you Want to add to your page let's say you Want to add an about section you click On about here then you have pre-made Sections which are already kind of Designed for you so all you need to do Is then replace the placeholder content So let's say you're going to use this Template here And then as you can see there's a Placeholder image there's some Placeholder text so now we can just go Ahead and make some changes to it and Then we already have a these Pre-designed section that you can use on Our website so you always have these two Options start from scratch with a blank Template or you can also use a a Pre-made section and then remove the

Placeholder content great so now we Understand exactly how to manage the Sections on our page which gives our Website the basic structure now let's Look at how to manage and edit the Blocks inside of each section which is The actual content so like we've seen Before when we hover over a section we See this button here at the top left Which says add block by clicking on this Button we can just add anything onto the Section so for example a button we just Click on button and then we see we have A new button here in this section that We can then edit so let's delete this Again again and just work with what we Already have in this specific section so Here we have two text blocks this one Here and then this one we have a button Block and then we have an image block Now if you want to edit each of these Blocks what you can simply do is just Click on it and then here at the top Click on the pen icon then you can see What options you have available to Change on this block so for a text block You don't really have a lot of design Options what you can do is just toggle On the background make some changes here For text box specifically you can also Just double click it then you have the Basic formatting options that you Already know you can basically change The text size so you have heading 1

Which is the largest text all the way Down to paragraph three and mono space Which is the smallest option I believe Or actually paragraph three is a bit Smaller so you just want to choose the Right text size so it actually looks Good you can also make it bold or you Can also add links here so I'm not going To go more in depth here because that's The basic forming options pretty much Everybody already knows then for the Other text Block it's basically the same Thing here it's it's a I'm sorry it's a Paragraph two again you can change this Paragraph one paragraph three this is Just changing the text size now let's Click on the button right here click on The edit icon and then here we have not Only design options we also have content Options so first of all we can change The text here so let's change this from Learn more to Um I don't know contact us and this will Just change the text then we can also Change where this button is going to go To so when people click on it where will People end up so right now by default This is going to the about section so When we click on the gear icon here we Should be able to change it to another Page so let's just delete this here and Then we don't really have a lot of pages Here on this side yet so we only have The home page that we can choose here

But let's say we want to send them to The contact page this would probably be Forward slash contact and then uh by Clicking on this button people would get To the contact page but what you want to Do is just click here and then you Should be you should see all the Different pages you can send people to Let's just send them to the home page For now you can also toggle the open in A new window this way when people click On the button they will get a new window Where this page will open up you can Also send people to other websites by Clicking on web address here you can Just type in the URL here and then People will be sent off your website to Whatever website you type in here then Once you're once you're done you can Just click on Save here which will save The changes so this is for the content Option then for the design options Specifically for a button we have some Different button these design so this Would be a primary button you can also Change it to a secondary button which Makes the text a bit larger or a Tertiary button I guess which makes this A bit smaller so again you can just play Around with it a bit this kind of messed Things up a little bit I find okay so You can just play around with it a bit Um sometimes it's best to just leave Everything as it is when it comes to the

Design because by choosing a template You already have a very nice design so You don't want to mess things up Basically and it works exactly the same With the image just click on it click on The pen icon and then you have some Content options you can replace the Image so let's click on replace here you Can either upload a file or go with Um browse stock images and then you can See the free images that Squarespace has Probably for you you're going to choose An image that you upload from your Computer but you can use their Library If you want to use some stock images Then you can also go to the design Options here and change the shape so for Example if you want to have it around You can just do a round shape or you can Do a very strange shape like you can see Here whatever you want it's just playing Around with it all you need to do know Is just click on the Block and then you Find all the editing options here at the Pen icon now another thing I want to Look at is the placement of each of the Blocks so what I want you to do is just Click on G on your keyboard which is Going to show these little Rectangles here in the background of the Section this is going to determine the Alignment of each block and this is Going to be Where you can rearrange everything so

This is something new that Squarespace Has added which is called fluid engine I Believe and this just allows you to be Very flexible with where you place your Blocks so here for example if you want To change the the location of this text We just drag this wherever we want based On these little rectangles so let's say We want to put it here then it will snap Back into position based on these little Rectangles here in the background and This will just make sure that everything Is still aligned so you can just bring This up also then bring up the button Like this maybe and then the same thing With the image you can just drag this Wherever you want it to be maybe like This now you can also change the blocks Here or the rectangles here in the Background by going to edit section here And then you can see the row count here So you can add some rows here at the Bottom now we have 17 we can also add Some more you can I believe you can also Drag this down like this and then you Also get some more space here where you Can place your content you can also Change the Gap so right now we have a Gap by clicking on this button here the Gap will be removed and then you can Just place the blocks a bit closer to Each other so again for most people You're just going to leave everything as It is and then just try to work with

What you have here but if you find that You can't do something or it's just not Looking right you can go into these Options here and make sure that you you Can actually Place everything where you Want it to be now another thing you can Do here with the edit section option is Go to background and then you can change The background of this entire section so We could for example add an image let's Again go with Library let's take this One again just to show you what I mean Here all right so as you can see now the Background has changed to this um to This image that we have just chosen Let's remove this again by click on the Trash icon we can also add a video for Example if you want to have a moving Background you can add a video or you Can click on colors and then you can see The colors here that are fitting with This theme that we have chosen so we Have this light color here we have this Dark blue color which actually will make The text automatically to White so you Can still read it you can choose it the Dark one so you can really just play Around with it and and see what looks The best now later on I'm going to show You exactly how to also change the color Theme the entire theme of your website And then you get different colors here As well which will be according to this New theme that we have chosen but this

Is going to be later on in the video one Quick thing I want to show you also Which I haven't mentioned yet is the Undo button here at the top left make Sure you make use of this because when You mess up something you can just click On the undo button here at the top left And then it will just revert back to the Last step before you made the changes You can also redo the same step if you Want to have it again so this is just Something really handy that you probably Already have figured out by yourself but I just wanted to make sure you know that There is an undo button now personally I Like to see these um little rectangles Here in the background so I can see the Alignment of all the blocks on my page If you don't want to see them you can Just click on or press G again on your Keyboard and then they will disappear Again you can just click on G again and Then they will reappear so now you know Exactly how to manage your sections how To edit everything inside of your Sections the blocks so that's most of What you need to know to actually build Out your entire website that's the cool Thing about Squarespace it's very easy To just customize everything without any Knowledge any coding knowledge you can Just drag and drop everything click on The blocks change it however you want it To be so very easy now the next thing I

Want to look at is is how to change the Header and the footer of your website Like I said before the header and the Footer is what will be static on every Page on your website so when you go to Another page the header and the footer Will be the same so people can actually Navigate through your website so with Squarespace very easy just click on edit Side header and then here on the right Side there will be a menu so for example We can click on site title and Logo it Says demo site this is where the logo Will go so we can just click on ADD logo Here upload file and then let's choose This file here then this will be Uploaded then as you can see now we have My logo here at the top you can also Change the size so let's make this a bit Smaller like this so this is how you Change the logo on the header you can Also go to elements here and then you Can change all the elements you can see Here at the top right so if you want to Have the button you can just leave this On and then change it let's say to for From take action to start now it will Change the text here you can also turn Off the button if you don't want it you Can turn all the Social Links here or You can turn it on and then change the Links here make sure you change it to Your actual social Pages obviously Change the size of the icons it's very

Easy and straightforward then under Style we have some different header Styles So currently we have the dynamic Style we can also change it to a solid Header as you can see we have now a White background or a or a gradient Which looks like this and then we can Also go to this option here fixed Position I Believe by default it's Turned off if you turn this on and then It's under header style basic then this Header will always be visible when People scroll down on your website so Let's show you what I mean let's go to Done save and then when we scroll down Here as you can see the header will Always be visible so if you want that You can keep it like this and personally I don't really like this so I'm going to Go back here edit side header and turn Off the fixed position and then I go Back to style and just change it back to Dynamic I think the default version Actually looks the best here but you can Play around with it and if you want to See how it looks you can just always go To done save and then click on the Arrow Here at the top right which will go into Preview mode and then you can see Exactly how the style looks like to go Back again go to the top right click on The arrow and then again go to edit here Which will take you back to the edit Mode edit side header and then here you

Can make some more changes so that was It for the header now let's scroll all The way down and go to the footer area Now this is a bit different because the Footer kind of works the same like a Regular section when we click on edit Footer we just activate this section Here so as you can see here we just have A couple of text blocks so this is a Text block right here we can just click On the Block and then make the changes So we can just double click here change The text to whatever we want and and This also is just text with some links So here if you want to change the links Here you can just change the text and Then to make this a link just double Click it so it's highlighted and then With this link button here we can just Change the link to whatever you want it To be click on the gear icon then go to Page and then send them to any page that We want you can also add logos here so Let's click on ADD block image and then Let's click on the plus sign upload file Let's add my logo here open and now we Have the logo we can basically place This here in this enter and now we have The logo in the footer so the same way Like you customize your sections you can Customize your footer as well now the Next thing I want to look at is how to Customize the pages on your website so Let's click on done and save here at the

Top left and then this will take us back To the overview editor here where we can See the left side menu so here we want To click on pages at the top and this Will open up the pages menu so as you Can see here these are the main Navigation pages that we currently have On the page so we have the about page The initiatives page and the contact us Page which is also visible here at the Top menu this here is the main Navigation menu and then we have a Couple of pages which are not linked Which is the home page people people can Just click on the logo to get back to The home page and the take action page Which is not visible here at the top Menu now when we want to add a new page All we got to do is just click on the Plus icon here and then decide on what Kind of page we want to add so We can just click on the blank page Option which will just add a new blank Page so let's say this page we're going To name our team Enter and then it will directly take us To the new page which is empty because We have chosen a blank page when we Click on the edit button here we can now Start adding content so first we have to Add a section this is the same thing We've already seen we can add a blank Section or we can add a pre-made section So for the our team page we're probably

Going to use maybe this template here And then we have this on the page to Change this again we just click on edit Section here edit content and then we Can change the images we can change the Text whatever you want to change here so Let's click on done and save and now we Have the our team page and because you Have edited directly into the main Navigation it's already visible here at The top on our main navigation menu if You wanted to be here at the end of this Menu what we got to do is just take this And just drag this here to the end and Then it will be here at the end so very Easy very straightforward now if you Don't want the our team page to be in The main navigation menu you can just Take it and then drag it down to the not Linked menu here which will make this Page disappear here at the top and will It will be here under not linked now Let's just drag this up again to just Put it back in the menu what we can also Do is and disable pages so when we click On the gear icon here we can click on we Can just toggle the enable page off and This will disable the page this makes Sense if you're still working on a page And you don't want to want people to see It yet you can just disable the page Click on Save here and then people will Not be able to see it as you can see They will not be able to access it um so

The difference here is that if you have The page enabled and it will be here Under the not link option people can Still go to that page maybe you have a Button that leads to this page and by But if you have it disabled then there's No way people can actually access this Page great so now you know exactly how To add remove and edit new pages on your Website now let's go into the design Options so let's click on design here And on the top left and then let's click On side Styles this is where you can Make some overall changes to the design Of our website so the first change we Can make is the fonts here on the right Side we can just click on fonts and then We have some different font packages so There's going to be a default package Already installed this is what you can See here if you want to change this what You can do is just click on this package Here and then try out different fonts Let's say maybe we tried this one here Just by clicking on it all the text will Change on your website so with one click You can already see how the design looks Like on your page so we can just click On this one now and then we can see it Kind of looks weird so maybe we choose This one here very easy very Straightforward just try out different Fonts on your website so let's say we Like this so we can go back you can also

Do individual changes to each of the Different text Styles so you can use a Different font for the headings here for The paragraphs for the buttons and for Other texts as well I would definitely Don't I would not recommend to go in There and just choose a random fonts for All different kinds of text Styles Because this will make your site look Very unprofessional very quickly so I Would just stick to these packages here Because they've already made to make it Look good they're made by designers by Squarespace so just stick with those Packages Then we go back here and let's go to Colors as well so right now this is the Color palette that we have for our Website you want to have a color palette Where you have colors that complement Each other that work well with each Other Um but if you don't like this one you Can just click on the palette here and Then you can just choose different Palettes so I would just again stick With the presets you don't want to go in There and make too many changes and then It just looks very bad so you can just Click on a couple of different ones and See what might look good as well so here We have this kind of I don't know rust Color or you can make this blue so again Just play around with it find the one

That looks the best for you again you Can make changes to each color for each Element but again this would be a lot of Work and it's you have to be designer to To really make it look good in my Opinion so um that's it for colors then We also have animations this is Something that's very cool so let's Click on animation and this will Basically determine on how it looks like When people load a page so currently we Don't have any effect so when you click On fade for example then the content Will fade in like this and then you have Also other options like the scale option Then as you can see the content will Kind of scale in like this you have the Slide options it will slide in from the Bottom or clip uh yeah it will just be Like this I really like the scale option And the slide option personally so I'm Going to go with let's say the slide Option So um you can also change the speed here Slow medium fast I'm gonna stick with Medium and to see how this actually Looks let's go close this here let's go Save on the top left and then let's go To to the preview button here and then Let's maybe go to the about page as you Can see when we when we reload the page Then the elements will kind of fade in Like this so I think that's very cool so I like to use it but that's up to you so

This is really personal preference let's Go back to design side Styles animations So yeah it's up to you what you want to Do then we have the spacing I wouldn't Really mess with this so here you can Just change the spacing of the different Blocks if you mess it up just click on Reset styles to defaults reset and then It will just reset the default like I Said don't mess with this it's already Pretty good by default then we have Buttons as well you can basically change The button styles again I don't mess With this so yeah let's just leave it as It is then you have image blocks here Here you also have some customized Options you can do with your images Again I usually just leave it as it is All right so let's click on done and Save and that was it for the side style So this is how you can change the Overall style of your entire website now One thing I've mentioned in the Beginning of the video but we haven't Really looked at yet is mobile Optimization so what I've done really Quickly is just created a quick section Here with a heading a paragraph and a Button and then an image here and now we Want to make sure that it also looks Good on mobile because most people Nowadays browse the internet on their Mobile phone so let's click on the Mobile view here at the top and see how

This section looks like so it doesn't Look that bad actually the thing about Squarespace is it arranges the elements Here on mobile based on what you have Added first here here because I first Added a heading then I've added the Image then I've added the paragraph and Then the button and that's how you can See it here heading image paragraph Button sometimes that's not what you Want so what you can do here on mobile Is just to rearrange everything so it It's exactly like you want it to be so Maybe you want to have the paragraph Just below the heading and then you want To have the image and then you want to Have the button or maybe you want to Have the buttons here just below the Paragraph and then the image here so the Cool thing here is that whatever you Change here or mobile is not going to Affect our desktop version so you can Just drag things around however you want Or you can change the size however you Want to you can maybe drag this all the Way to the border to make it look very Nice as well maybe make this a bit Larger here on mobile and then when we Go back to desktop nothing has changed So this is very cool and I that's the Thing you need to do whenever you create Create something new here on Squarespace You need to go to the mobile view and Make sure it looks exactly how you want

It to look now one thing I want to keep In mind is that when you click on the Heading for example or let's say the Paragraph and you want it to be centered Aligned in the center you could click on This icon here then you click on the Center Text and then it will be centered on Mobile but when you go back to desktop It will be centered also and that's the Kind of the thing that's not so I didn't I don't really like here in Squarespace But that's just something keep in mind So we need to actually to make this left Aligned otherwise it will just look very Bad on desktop so this is a bit of a Limitation here but just keep this in Mind but you can drag this around or Just resize everything on mobile and it Will just be on mobile and not on Desktop great so now once you're ready To launch your site and show it to the World have people visit your site you're Going to need to publish your site and Make it available so the way we do that Is by going to settings here on the left Side and then you can see a site Availability here at the top currently We can see it is private which means Only you can see the content of your Website when we click on site Availability we can see see that we can Either make it press or protected so we Can see it with a password but we can't

Really make it public and the reason is Because we haven't chosen a plan yet in Order for you to make your site public You need to choose a plan with Squarespace so let's just do that now so We're going to click on upgrades to Publish and this will take us to the Different plans of Squarespace So first of all you have the option to Pay annually which makes the monthly Amount a bit less so for example for the Business option you're going to pay 23 Per month but you're going to have to Pay annually or if you pay monthly it's Going to be 33 so it's 10 bucks less a Month and another thing if you pay Annually you can see you get a free Custom domain I believe that's for a Year yeah for one year you get a free Custom domain so that's another benefit To go with the year so if you know that You're going to use your site for a year At least definitely go with it with pay Annually you can save some money in the Long run but if you're not sure you can Also go with pay monthly now what plan Should you go with so the personal and The business plan is for simple websites The the Commerce plans here the basic And advanced Commerce plans these are For websites where you want to sell Things so if you need to collect payment On your website you need to go with These Commerce plans which by default

Are a bit more expensive but if you're Not selling anything on your website you Just want to use it as a blog or you Want to use it maybe to schedule Appointments you can just go with the Personal or the business option now if You go with the business option you also Get the professional email from Google Option which is very handy so you have That then premium Integrations and blogs And so on so you get a couple of more Features but personally I would go with The business option but you can also if You want to save some money you can go With the personal option and then Upgrade if you find that you're going to Need those features that you only have With business So as I don't really want to have like This is just an example website so I'm Gonna go with pay monthly and then I'm Gonna go with the personal plan because I want to just not spend money Um because I'm not going to use this Website so I'm just going to want to Show you how to actually set this up so Let's click on select here then this Will open up this page then here you Want to type in your credit card Information and then click on Save and Continue then this will take you to the Next page here where we can confirm our Payment now I'm gonna message Squarespace and ask for a promo code

Here to maybe save you some money and if I have one I'm Gonna Leave This Down Below in the description which you can Then apply here but for now I don't have One so I'm just going to click on Confirm payment great so now we are on Our plan and the next step is to get our Domain so let's click on get a domain Here if you have gone for for the yearly Plan then you will get a free domain Otherwise you're gonna have to buy that As well so this will take us to settings Domains and then we're going to click on Get a domain if you want to get it Through Squarespace it's going to be a Bit more expensive compared to if you're Just going to get it through Google or GoDaddy or whatever if you get it Through another service where you're Going to save like eight dollars you can Click on use a domain I own and then go Through the instructions and how to Connect your domain with Squarespace I'm Going to keep things simple and just pay The extra eight bucks here I'm going to Click on get a domain and then here you Can look for the domain you want your Website to be named after so if you Don't know the domain is just what People will need to type in in order to Get to your website so let's I don't Know Medics media demo Site so something Stupid.com again try to go with the.com

Domain if you are if you have an International business or something or If you are just locally in your country Go with maybe dot ca for Canada or I Don't know for Germany it starts d e uh Yeah so go with these extensions because It looks a lot more legit um let's go With this one here so this is available A lot of times if you want to have a Very short name a lot of times it's not Going to be available but just go with Whatever you can then click on checkout And as you can see here I need to pay Another 21 dollars for the domain so Here click save and continue then Confirm payment and then let's click on Done and now as you can see the new Domain that we have just bought is Visible here and now it's connecting our Website to this specific domain usually That takes a couple of minutes so don't Be like impatient when you can't really Access your site uh just yet just wait a Couple of hours if you have some Problems and then check back usually it Works um after waiting a bit of time However one thing we do need to do is Verify our email that we have to use to Sign up for Squarespace with I haven't Done that yet so as you can see here Email verification required so let's Just do that Um let's go to the email inbox and Verify our email so this is what the

Email looks like once you find it just Click on verify now and this should take Us back to Squarespace return to Account Dashboard alright And now let's actually go to our website Then go to settings then domains and now We can see our domain should be live the Next thing we need to do is actually Make our site public so let's go to Settings then go to site availability as You can see it's still private and now We need to change it to public click on Save great so now our site is now live Under the domain we have bought here so Let's click on copy and then open up a New tab paste this in and now as you can See we have our new website under our Own domain we have just bought the last Thing I want to show you is how to Change this little icon here at the Top This is called the favicon or the Browser icon and you can actually Customize this to your own logo so let's Go back and let's go to design and then Under browser icon here here you can Click on add a favicon upload file add This open then click save and now let's Go back to our URL and see now we have The browser icon that we have just Changed here at the top so now what you Want to do before you actually send People to your website is just make sure Everything works just click on all the Buttons go to all the pages scroll and

Just use your website as you would use It as a normal visitor and there we go Now you have your website made with Squarespace so I hope this video was Helpful to you this was a basic tutorial For complete beginners if you want to me To make a video that is going more in Depth on Advanced features of Squarespace definitely subscribe to the Channel because I want to do one of These videos in the future and leave a Like if you found this video helpful Thank you very much I look forward to Seeing you in the next one

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