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Hey happy Wednesday everybody Sean Coming at you from high levels so today We have some cool awesome updates on the Counter booking widget so for those of You who want to check this feature out Let's before we dive in here's what You're gonna do go into the calendar Setup uh slide this over allow staff Selection during booking so I'll show You what uh we added and we'll jump into The notes so on the booking widget this Is a little whoop there let's um what It'll do is it'll allow you to actually It'll add this drop down to the left Hand side and take a look at it's really Cool so basically the idea is all right I've selected a service because Obviously you know we have services on The calendar Um and or I just uh or I selected a Round robin calendar essentially so There's a couple of things that could Happen here right so round robin Calendar right let's just go back what Is that that's like I have three people And this could be by the way three staff Members at a barber shop right could be Three sales people on a sales team Doesn't matter right what we're doing at This point is now that we're a read your Book what do we want to do do we want to Pick a specific individual or do we want To do the first available now what it Used to do or what and this is off by

Default this doesn't show and what You're doing is you're literally just Taking the first available but some People are saying no no no I want a Haircut but I also want to get that Haircut from Bob or Jenny or whoever and So in this case you hit that drop down And you can actually choose the staff Member that you want to book with right So um this is an awesome feature it's Been asked about uh for a long time and So this is our first version of this Coming out now let's go over the notes Real quick so uh let's just make sure I Probably repeat myself to a little too Much but uh staff member selection as You can see right here beauty industry Wellness Home Services Etc features Available with round robin calendars for The Neo widget type which is just that Newer widget type which I showed you There which is default so oh yeah good Example you're running a salon multiple Staff members do a haircut customer Wants to who's used the lawn services For the haircut before has a preference Of Staff members can now select that and Now or and or somebody else who does not Have a preference can just say first Available right this feature is Available for on Robin calendars yeah we Already covered that yada yada okay There's the help dock I'll draw drop it So as you can see not a radically

Difficult thing to describe but actually A pretty radically cool upgrade um on The calendar so anyways on that note I Hope you're all having an amazing Wednesday and we will talk soon thanks

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