Step 1: Identify Which are the RIGHT Positions to Hire | Scale Your Agency

Most of us didn't saw our agencies just To make more money we really started our Agency so that we could have freedom to Do what we wanted to do to set our own Schedule if you're going to make more Money and have more freedom in your life You have to have a strategy to scale the Key positions and in what order you want To hire them to create not only the Growth that you want but also the Freedom that you want before you start Hiring any positions before you start Putting people in place the first thing You have to do is map out your Organizational chart if you want a Business you should not be working in The business you should be working on The business in order to remove yourself From the day-to-day in the business you Have to have an organizational chart Where each of the key accountabilities In your business are mapped out that's Where you need to start I would really Encourage you to spend some time getting Clear on the things you're doing that You enjoy and spend some time Recognizing the things that you don't Want to do that you don't like to do and Those are the areas within your agency You need to remove yourself from as Quickly as possible

Building Your Agency Engine

All the tools you need in one platform without having to "duct-tape" multiple platforms together!

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