Stop chasing clients. Have them come to you instead. | Seven Figure Agency #shorts

Want to talk about a concept I call the Client attraction method I think one of The most powerful things you can do is Be conscious about how you make this Shift from chasing prospects down Whether that's just cold calling cold Outreach to having clients coming to you Pre-positioned to buy and have a steady Flow of new clients coming into your World leaning in interested in your Services it really boils down to three Key things you want to make sure that You've got in place and that you've got Well optimized the first is your funnel Right there has to be a process where Someone can be exposed to your value Raise their hand schedule in and come in Pre-position to buy second of that is You want to build some Authority right Because if you've got a funnel and People are coming in and they don't Already look at you as somebody that Knows what they're doing that Understands the niche that has proven Results you're going to struggle and Then the third thing we have to do is We've got to have flow right once you've Got a good funnel and you've got some Authority we need the process to put People into the top of that funnel on a Consistent basis

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