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What's up digital marketing agencies I'm Really excited on today's video I'm Going to be talking about really how you Can improve your client retention and if You've been at this game for any period Of time you know one of the most Important determinants of your success Or failure in the agency game is your Ability not just to land clients but to Keep those clients long term [Music] And sometimes even when you provide Amazing results whatever it is you do Website SEO pay-per-click social media Facebook ads you crush it for the client Sometimes they churn and so what I want To share on this video are some Strategies we've implemented and we've Seen our seven figure agency members Implement to significantly improve the Retention rate really take clients for Maybe just sticking around for you know Six to nine months to sticking around For years so if that sounds good hit the Like button be sure to watch this video Because you're going to get some great Insights so first of all I just want to Make sure that you're clear As an agency owner you're probably Focused on Business Development I know I Am and I always have been and so my Focus is typically on How do I grow this thing how do I get More clients how do I continue to scale

The business is it even worth focusing On retention I want to tell you that a Five percent increase in your customer Retention rate can result in almost a 25 To 95 percent Improvement in Profitability right and so yes you don't Just want to focus on Landing new Clients you have to really focus also on How do we retain those clients how do we Grow those clients as as as people that Are spending more and more with us over Time because we're having such a big Impact and so that's what we're going to Focus on on today's video I want to Start by talking about some of the Fundamental things that we shifted in Our business that had a huge impact on Our ability to retain and I'll tell you We work with plumbing and HVAC companies And over the years we had some struggles With retention as a matter of fact there Was a time in our business where our Retention was only about 91 which means We were losing almost nine percent of Our clients any given month and on Average in the agency base about a 10 Monthly churn is normal it's standard But by implementing the things I'm going To be sharing with you today we've been Able to increase that retention to over 97 monthly month in month out and we've Been able to see this play out for a lot Of our agency members as well Fundamental number one is you want to

Make sure that you're focused On impact so what I mean by that is your Service offering what you bring to the Table don't let it just be you know a a An activity that checks a box right so Some examples of you know just Smokes and mirror type Services would be Oh you know what I do I do social Posting for clients right I just post Every single day for the sake of posting Every single day but does that actually Generate more leads more sales more Revenue growth for your client if the Answer is no then you probably want to Rethink that right you want to think That your service whatever it is the Website the SEO the pay-per-click that You're bringing to the table isn't just Checking a box but it's actually Something that's going to move the Needle and generate leads and sales your Clients don't care about vanity metrics They don't care about how many more Clicks or how many more rankings they Care about one thing and that's more Leads more sales and more Revenue growth And so by changing our model to make Sure everything we did for our clients Was focused on impact and revenue Generating stuff for them that made us a Lot more relevant and was able to help To really improve our retention rates Second thing you want to think about is Going wider with your service offering

Right what we found is if all you do is SEO or all you do is pay-per-click Your ability to retain is is shrunken Right so by going cross-channel by Making sure you do the website the SEO The pay-per-click the more services you Can add to the mix that you provide for Your client that actually have an impact The more sticky you're going to be Because you're going to be able to blend The results and be more consistent with The deliverable but you're also going to Have more value that you're bringing to The table which makes the client say hey They're not just doing my Facebook ads They're not just doing my pay-per-click They're handling a lot of stuff for me Hopefully that makes sense by going Multi-channel you can really improve Your retention rates the next thing is And this is probably the hardest for Most people to wrap their head around And it was certainly for me the clients You choose to work with will make or Break your attention right if you're Working with anybody and I'm saying in Each specific agency if you're like hey Whoever it is the one-man operator or The 10 million dollar business I'll work With either You're going to struggle right you can Choose to work with the higher end you Can choose to work with more established Businesses we had a massive churn issue

In our business because we were working With plumbing companies very Niche Focused and that's great we had actually A great service offering where we Consistently got the websites ranked and We made the phones ring and they Generated results but in a lot of cases We were working with the one-man Operator the very small startup Plumbing Business that had one truck maybe two People in the office and that was the Whole business and when you deal with Small operators one-man businesses They're not growth mindset they don't Have an entrepreneurial growth strategy In place and oftentimes they're just Trying to get by and when we stopped Working with startups start working with One-man operators and shifted our Focus We said little specifically you have to Be doing at least a million dollars or More in your business to be qualified to Work with us Everything changed because we were Dealing with more established businesses That had more Revenue to spend they had The bandwidth to kind of get the work Done and to be really good at delivering Services and so I say this because most Agencies I deal with that are struggling With retention it's not necessarily About the service offering or even how Good they are at what they do it's the Clients they've chosen to work with and

If you can just shift and say look we're Only going to work with a certain level Of company it can have a huge impact on Your attention on your profitability and Ultimately how much enjoyment you get Out of running your agency I hope that Lance I hope that makes a lot of sense Now the last thing I'm going to say that Had a huge impact on our ability to Retain and move from just getting people For three to six months to getting them For years and years is to properly set Expectations the way you set the Expectation with the client will make or Break the relationship so a lot of Agencies in today's environment are Selling a guarantee a let's just do a Trial run in the next two weeks and see Kind of how it works and if that's the Expectation you're setting you better Just crush it right out of the gates Otherwise most of your clients are gonna Say I tried it didn't work hey you know I gave you the 30 days and I'm not Seeing an amazing result I'm out right And if that's you I want you to say you Know at least internally that's me right Unfortunately we've all been there when We shifted the expectation for the Client from hey let's give us 30 days It'll be month to month we'll prove our Value to look this is going to be a Long-term business relationship right We're going to build your website we're

Going to get it ranked we're going to Run paid search we're going to really Track everything and help you take your Business to the next level but it's Going to take some time like let's not Even do business if you're not willing To commit to this for a year When we made that shift not only did Clients stick around longer They were bought in they were like okay Yes I'm not just trialing this I this is A long-term business decision and I'm Going to stick with it for at least a Year and usually when when you get Somebody that's going to give you that Type of Runway to implement what you're Going to do for them they're going to Stick around they're going to be happy With the relationship especially if you Do a good job and you focus on impact And I'll tell you this one was a Sticking point for me at plumbing and HVAC SEO I didn't want to go to a Long-term contract I was really really Bought into this idea if it should be Month to month and we should show our Value every single month and I was in Some different masterminds around other More successful people to me and they Said look just do the 12-month Commitment like you're not going to lose Clients it's not going to like shut your Business down you'll be fine and I said Okay let's let's give it let's give it a

Whirl let's just try it on the next Handful of prospects and see what Happens and what we found was Most of the clients Didn't care less well there was a 12-month agreement or month to month Almost nine out of ten would just be Like okay that's the deal I'm in right And they they signed up at the 12-month Agreement do you think if more and more Of your clients were coming into the Relationship committed to 12 months as Opposed to 30 days you would retain at a Higher level absolutely and so don't get In your own head about this very few of Your prospects will even be worried or Concerned about it and so really I could Go along on this and talk about the Number one reason that clients leave Which is perceived indifference and you Need to make sure you create a great Relationship I could talk about really You want to make sure that you balance The results as well as the service but The reality is you have to have a Critical strategy in place to improve Client retention to create a world-class Onboarding experience to be effective With your communication and to really Develop an account management team Around you and I've got a great training Where I go into to death on this and I Walk you through specifically how to Build out your world-class onboarding

How to be more effective with what you Communicate how you communicate how you Develop those types of relationships and Ultimately how you build your account Management team So eventually in your Agency it can't just be you right you Have to put a team in place that's going To manage the clients and you have to Have a scalable model so that based on Every certain number of clients we're Going to hire a new account manager We're going to train them up we're going To put them in front of the client base So the business can continue to grow and You can continue to deliver world-class Services so if you'd like to get that It's a deep dive training as well as a Checklist that walks you specifically Through how to implement this to really Improve your client retention rates get Clients to stay with you much longer and Ultimately have a much more profitable Agency what I encourage you to do is go To retention Dash Workbook and it's based on our book The Client retention handbook for digital Marketing agencies which you can get on On Amazon where you can get by going to retention if you Really want to go deep with this that's Where to go next I hope you got value Out of this would love to hear in the Comments what were a couple of the Takeaways what were a couple of the

Things that you will absolutely Implement to improve your retention rate Be sure to hit the like button hit the Subscribe button and I look forward to Talking with you again soon

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