Stripe Changes + SAAS Changes now in Audit Logs! 1

Hey happy Monday everybody Sean coming At you from high level we have a Fantastic action-packed release going on Today I'm super excited So for anybody Who got who celebrated the holidays uh Uh this last weekend and you were Wondering if there were any more Presents left for you well guess what Today is your day Um so first up let's talk about the Strike changes for uh stripe changes for SAS prices are now available in agency Audit logs that's a big mouthful but Basically that means is so obviously Let's start off with the fact of what's An audit log well audit logs as Hopefully all of you are aware is the Way we try to help you do things so if I'm inside high level we have these at Both the location level and also the Agency level so you go over into Settings on over here and you hit audit Logs and this is just a treasure Trove Of information about what's going on in Your accounts and you can use this as an Agency to of course debug stuff like That's you know happening on the agency Side and all that and then inside each Location same concept so that way you Can see what's going on there well Today's the day we're going to be adding In all of any of this strike changes That happen so for example like Sometimes people go in and this is all

About kind of generally user error I Would say but you know someone will go In and they'll delete a price right like Oh a SAS price is deleted and then you Know it's like oh no what happened to That and high level's broken and I was Like actually no someone deleted it but You didn't know that before really Unless you really knew it where to look Like in the stripe blogs but today we Fixed all that because when let's say Somebody goes in they go into stride Boom boom I'm gonna delete that bad boy See you later and we can blow these Screenshots up so we've got the 199 plan We go into stripe we hit that delete and Bam it's gone right okay now what well The cool news is inside high level what You're going to see is you're actually Going to see in the audit logs that There was a stripe planned deletion and It'll say yeah well I won't say who did It because uh if it happens on the Stripe side because it's just whoever Logged in but the fact of the matter is You'll know exactly what the heck Happened right so um and you can see all Of that so that's really cool Um and you'll see that and then oh and Then just quick note if a SAS price or Product is deleted you can recreate it When you hit the save button inside the SAS configurator so the nice thing is You want to do that change now you can

Do that so you have the audit logs uh You can see all what's going on inside And you can also restore it so that's Awesome by the way I am inside the Change logs um quick note hey Sean where Do you get all this amazing information Here really really really simple uh if You're inside high level up here see This cool awesome view change log button Hit that bad boy hit see all changes Down here and boom um you can pop right In so that is uh release number one Let's talk about really simple Okay the SAS configurator changes are Now available in the agency log so we Talked about deletions now let's talk About changes right and again from data Onwards SAS configurator changes are Logged and the agency audit logs blah Blah blah we already went over where That is so quick example here right We're going to roll in we're going to Make some changes to the account and in Our example here uh let's say we're Changing the pricing the trial days the Credits and snapshots so we're coming in We're making some changes here we're Going through and then what's going to Happen is three I'll see three SAS plans Have been modified it says as you may Notice I didn't notice but what's cool About it is let me move my big head Check it out there it is now in this Case you'll know who did it right

Because it was inside high level which Is awesome so you can see right here SAS You can see the person who did it and Obviously as usual you can hit those Three uh dots right there and you Actually can see the details of what was Changed and in fact I think we even show That down here in the the oh yep you Details like that boom you can see all The changes that were made so again this Is just another great enhancement on Trying to bring more information out to All of you so you can see exactly what's Going on so so that is there now um I Have there's another really awesome Video I'm gonna release in just a second So for now I'm going to send this back To you and we'll talk soon thanks

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