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Hey everybody happy Wednesday Sean Coming at you from high level so a Little toned down because I wanted to This kind of a weird video so one of the Things that's super important to us Outside of my crazy videos and all the Awesome features that our Dev team Brings to you is customer support and One of the things that I know that uh Has happened recently is we actually Added this massive Spike of new signups Which is an awesome amazing thing but we Kind of got behind the eight ball and I Take full responsibility for this Um on hiring for the success and support Teams but I want to let you know that That problem has is well and on its way To being fixed so one of the quick Things here we recognized this actually A while ago but you know the biggest Problem with success and support is when You hire these folks you can't just Bring them in off the street day one and They know your product and they're ready To go it takes a really long time to get Them uh get them up and going uh but What I wanted to kind of just walk you Through real quick to kind of show you a Little bit behind the scenes of how this Works so this is a list of everyone We've hired in customer success or Support this year and if you go back to Let's just call it right about here call It the end of October if I pull up all

The way through you'll see that we have 46 new hires that we've done Um so and we've run the numbers on you Know what we need in order to get our Slas to where we want them to be and and This is exactly what what we need to Help all of you and do a better job on The support team so we have 46 people That have either started or I'm in the Case of the last three we'll start in January and almost all of these folks Are in training right now and will Actually come out uh very soon I'd say The big classroom starts actually on the 2nd of January so anyways all that to Say I we really care a lot about support And we know that uh recently our slas Have come down a little more than we Like and this is kind of how we're Solving it I just wanted to show you That we're very much on the job when it Comes to not just new features but also When it comes to making sure all of you Have the support you need to be Successful so for all anybody who's run Into any a long hated wait times for Getting a hold of successor support I Apologize for that but just so you're Aware we care a lot about it we're Working very hard and investing a lot in It so as you can see here 46 great People coming at you here very soon and As always if you have any questions let Us know and uh thanks again and we'll

Talk soon thanks

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