Tags Page Enhancements Live!

From high level so this is a really Quick one tag page enhancements so this The refactoring exercise for the tax Page has been completed and it's Currently live under Labs so okay real Quick if you know where Labs is it's Really simple it's under settings um for The Sub sub account location and labs And you can turn this on check this out So the tabs page is now on the micro Front-end architecture Um for those of you are non-textual it Just means that it's like faster and More broken out this will help us with The ability to scale our development the Tax pages on The View js3 which also Means it's faster and choosing a new Front-end Library components which means That the UI is similar to the new UI You've been seeing and the user Interfaces have been optimized let's Look at the screenshots real quick Together so you can take a look looks Like this you can search tags kinetic Tags you can delete tags you can uh Whatever this is oh that's what it shows Or no tag so anyways I like to pull These out it's very small enhancements But it's really Empower impactful long Term for scalability reasons so I'm just Trying to keep it short and sweet and Give um huge props to the dev team that Worked on it so I'm just going to file This under tags enhancement is live in

Labs if you want to turn it on have a Great day and we'll talk like in a Second bye

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