The Agency Growth System – How to Build a Seven-Figure Agency in Just 12 Months

What's a digital marketing agency owners I'm really excited to unpack a concept With you today called the agency growth System and so if you're running a Digital marketing agency and you're Trying to get to a place where you've Got consistent reliable growth within Your agency you're really going to want To watch this video [Music] [Applause] [Music] Over the years in my agency as we kind Of grew to multiple setting figures and Made the Inc 5000 list of fastest Growing companies in the United States Four years in a row I became a big Student like what was it that I did that Helped accelerate our growth and I Unpacked it into this thing called the Agency growth system and it's something That our entire seven figure agency Training methodology is based on and if You follow my podcast at all you know That I do what I call agency success Interviews where I interview successful Agencies that have gone to seven figures And multiple seven figures and I really Spent some time trying to figure out What their Niche is how they chose the Niche how they land clients and what's Worked best for them to grow and scale Their business and I always look at that And say okay in the lens of the agency

Growth system what is it that's working For them and it's really boiled down to This little chart that wraps out the key Things you want to do from a client Attraction perspective on a daily weekly Monthly basis and then the things you Need to do from a delivery perspective In terms of what you do once you've Landed the clients and then how do we Retain and scale and I kind of put some Kpis in some metrics behind it so I'm Really excited to share this with you Guys today and so you know if if you're Excited about this type growth into the Comments if you're excited about Learning about this agency growth system Here's the thing right in order to have Consistent growth within your business You've got to fill your funnel you've Got to land clients and then you've got To deliver and retain right if you've Got those three things going and and That whole engine is operating like a Fine-tuned machine a system you can have Consistent reliable growth so when it Comes to filling the funnel lots of Things you can do to fill the funnel and And you know whether it's you know cold Outreach webinars Um speaking at events Um you know running Facebook ads putting Out video content setting up joint Venture opportunities I did a complete Training with the the five key client

Acquisition strategies that we found Work best but really if you think about This from in the terms of the things you Want to be doing on an ongoing basis Daily you want to be doing some type of Outreach right that means we need to get A list of prospects within our Niche we Need to have a message going out with Value-added introduction hey um here's a Cheat sheet that I created hey here's a Book that I published here's a result That I generated for one of our clients Right we found that if you're doing that On a daily basis you're going to have a Database of prospects that start to know Like and trust you so on a daily basis We should be doing some type of cold Outreach and constantly growing our list And I think that's where most agencies Kind of stop right it's like okay I've Got this thing that I'm doing over here You know I'm doing some cold Outreach But I'm not having the type of growth That I'd like within my business So one of the things you need to do to Keep the pipeline full in order to Nurture that database where there's two Key strategies that I think you should Do every single month and if you do this One these two things every month you Will position yourself as the prolific Expert in your industry and that's a Monthly webinar and a podcast of some Sort so the monthly webinar I did

Another training here another video that Really explains what we do with the Monthly webinar method so if you want to Search that you will find it and I Explain kind of the idea but Conceptually once a month we're going to Come up with a unique topic we're going To promote it out to our list we're Going to show up we're going to do a Webinar 45 minutes to an hour and a half And then we're gonna take the recording Of that we're going to load it up and We're going to Syndicate it right just Doing that every month will make you Prolific in your industry it will force You to create new content on a very Consistent basis now second to that is We want to do some type of podcast now You can take your webinar and actually Turn it into a podcast folder I'm Talking about here is one once a month You want to do an expert interview style Podcast and that's where you're going to Interview somebody in your Niche maybe a Client maybe someone that's just doing Really really well and ask them about What they're doing how they're Succeeding how they're winning this is What we call the expert interview Approach it's very powerful and so these Two very basic things right done on a Very consistent basis will nurture your Database it will create new content it Will fill your pipeline with inbound and

Opportunity if you do it right it will Actually even fill your calendar in the Process and the way that you promote This content and the way that you get it Out there now that's monthly you want to Be doing those two things every single Month in addition to that on a quarterly Basis in order to keep really really Positioning yourself and and to really Keep the pipeline full we want to be Looking for industry events and Conferences so in your Niche they're Doing continuing education in your Niche They've got trade shows and conferences That are happening you want to be Looking for opportunities to be at those Events initially as an exhibitor and Then over time as a contributor speaking At the events and conferences and then At least once a quarter you want to be Creating new case studies which is You Featuring a client saying hey Mr client Here's what we did here's the results That we got like why did you choose us What's been your experience how's that Changed your life and if you just do These things daily monthly quarterly you Will have a Perpetual flow of new Clients in in your world right in these Case studies not at the bottom are you Documenting what you did and showing That all of your talk is resulting in Outcomes for the clients which makes you Even more magnetically attractive and

Higher positioned on the authority Ladder so this will keep your pipeline Full and really what we've found in Order to have consistent growth within Your agency a minimum kpi would be at Least 15 strategy sessions per month I Find that if you're getting less than 15 Strategy sessions per month you're going To be in a stagnated state within your Business and so that's a minimum kpi so We've got this kpi down here 15 or more Strategy sessions per month so that'll Keep the pipeline full from there we've Got to land clients we actually have to Convert those opportunities into Recurring revenue-based clientele and so There's a couple things you want to have In place you want to have the ultimate Agency funnel and I've done some videos On this but that's just a process to get Prospects where they can schedule a time On your calendar get warmed up show up Pre-position to buy and have a have a You know show up excited about the Opportunity to do business with you and So you want to have your appointment Funnel built out I do that and go high Level you can do that on different Platforms using calendly and things like That but to do it right I really like High level for that And then you need to have sales process Mastery you or your sales team need to Have a great consultative sales process

Where you can take a prospect from Interested to saying yes right and I'll Do a future video on this really walking You through what I think the ideal sales Process is for agency Centric Services Now the kpi you want to be sure shooting For here is at least a 30 percent closed Ratio right some of you do much better Than that if you're well positioned You've got lots of inbound opportunities Maybe you get higher than 30 percent but Really I think you want your sales Process to get prospects to show up Excited and pre-position to buy and then Convert at at least 30 percent now if You get 15 strategy sessions per month And you're converting at 30 percent That's going to put you somewhere Between four and five clients per month Mathematically speaking four or five Clients per month at 1500 or more per Month would put you on a run rate to be A seven figure agency over 12 months and So I really like these kpis shoot for at Least 15 strategy sessions have at least A 30 percent close ratio and then from There we have to retain the client base Right if you can't retain the client Base you're going to be taking one step Forward one step back and so that boils Down to delivering great results Creating a great experience and the kpi We shoot for from a retention Perspective is at least a 97 percent

Monthly retention rate which means you Turn less than 30 percent every month And the key to that is having World-class onboarding right where you Really when that client says yes you've Orchestrated an experience right they're Getting stuff in the mail they're being Welcomed properly you're Gathering all The usernames and passwords you're Creating quick wins in your strategy so They can start to get results right out Of the gates if you've got world class Onboarding that goes a long ways towards Your retention you need to have great Communication Rhythm which is around Your reporting what are you reporting to The client how are you meeting with them On a monthly basis and and really Meeting them where they're at helping Them understand the value that you're Bringing to the table Um and then you want to have the account Manager Advantage strategy which is Really around Um how do we how do we build a team so That we're not personally managing all Those relationships so that we've got The the scale model as we had 17 30 50 100 clients the clients are being well Served they're being well maintained I Think when you get this dialed in Correctly you're going to be able to to Retain it 97 percent or higher and so I Could go in depth on all of this but I

Wanted to share this system with you Guys because it was so powerful for for Us in our agency and it's been so Powerful in the agencies that we work With at seven figure agency to Accelerate their growth to seven figures And Beyond so this is the growth system Hopefully it makes kind of a concept That might be complex a lot more simple Right I find that complexity fails and Simplicity scale so the more simple you Can make it here are the things I'm Doing daily here are the things I'm Doing monthly here are the things that We're doing on a quarterly basis to fill The funnel and then we know what our Kpis are right we're looking for 15 Strategy sessions or more per month We're looking for a 30 or higher close Ratio and then we're looking to retain Our clients at least 97 percent if those Kpis are being met you're going to be in A consistent and Perpetual state of Growth in your agency I hope this has Been valuable if you want more insights On any of these like going deeper on on The sales process for filling the funnel On how to do webinars or to interview Podcast approach let me know in the Comments if you have any thoughts that Stuck out to you like man hey this was Useful this was valuable please let me Know that as well like I thrive on Feedback so hit the like button if you

Want to make sure you're abreast of new Videos as we're rolling out on a weekly Basis be sure to hit the Subscribe Button and share this with another Agency owner that you think could Benefit as they're looking to grow and Scale if you'd like to dive in I've got Something called the seven figure agency Roadmap implementation blueprint which Is recordings of our two-day event where We unpack the entire seven figure agency Model and everything in between and I'm Offering it for a limited time at no Charge so if you want to get your hands On that you want to go deep with these Concepts go to Roadmap check it out and I look forward To seeing you take your agency to the Next levels quickly as possible that's It for now I'll talk to you soon

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