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What's up digital marketing agency Owners on today's training I want to Talk a little bit about the ultimate Agency sales process and what you can do In order to confidently offer your Services to clients get them to say yes Get them signed up on retainer-based Services and so this is a master skill Right knowing how to present your Services and get process specs to say Yes is one of the key determinants as to Whether your agency will succeed or fail And so if you're looking for some ideas Strategies and techniques to generate Better conversion on your sales Opportunities you're going to want to Watch this video [Music] [Applause] All right So uh as part of your growth system as You think about growing and scaling your Digital marketing agency we need to fill Our funnel we need to land clients we're Going to deliver great results The Benchmark I like to shoot for when it Comes to Landing clients and converting Clients is we want our sales process to Close at least 30 percent right if You're not closing at least 30 percent There's probably something that could be Done in the way that you're positioning Yourself and getting prospects to show Up to your appointments or your actual

Sales process as it sits and so I wanted To walk you through the sales process we Use in our agency that again has helped Us grow to multiple seven figures Landing um you know hundreds and Hundreds of agency clients and has Worked really well for the agencies we Work with and so this I call the Consultative sales process of the the Agency sales process Um first things first right in our Marketing we've got to get the prospect To raise their hand whether that's Through our cold Outreach through our Webinars through our podcasts through Joint Venture opportunities they need to Raise their hand and express some level Of interest from there You want to have a discovery call where You learn a little bit more about them a Little bit more about their business are They a good fit is there a problem that You can solve just kind of get the lay Of the land uh me personally I tend to Combine the discovery call on the Strategy session into one call we've got Agencies in the seven figure agency that Do these as completely distinct calls I Really think it's it's going to depend Upon how they're entering into your World if they're reaching their hand on A cold email right you cold email them And said hey I can help you generate Five additional X projects this month

And they wrote back yeah I'm interested That's probably going to want to have Its own Discovery call we're like hey Let me get to know you a little bit what Your goals are what your struggles are Um you know where you're at as an Organization and if it's a good fit We'll scheduling you in for a strategy Session if however they came in and they Raised their hand because they're Already on your list and maybe they sat Through one of your webinars they were Referred by one of the coaches that you Aligned with in the industry Um then you could probably say let's use Some time getting to understand you First and then we'll pivot to strategy Session that's the distinction there you Want to spend a little bit of time Getting to know like their company what Their goals are what they're looking to Accomplish in their in their business What they've tried in the past and do Some due diligence right and so usually What we're doing is they're scheduling In and our team is going to do some due Diligence we're going to pull up their Website we're going to run a ranking Report we're going to do some analysis Of where they sit today so that when we Do pivot from Discovery to offering our Services we can show them where there's Room for improvement and so just Understand it's not about

Presenting your your agency service Right it's got to be around Understanding them at the beginning and Then it's got to be around making sure That they want to solve that problem and Then getting their buy-in to make a Transition to you showing them where There's deficiencies in their current Strategy and how you can help them hit Their goal quick Cliff Notes version Right and I've got a deep dive training That we give to our seven figure agency Members on this entire process how to Prep for the meeting questions to ask Um the the kind of not the script but The flow of the conversation and the Inflection points where you want to Engage for feedback but Cliff Notes Version here on the building Rapport Side of the equation you want to say hey Thanks so much Mr prospects for taking The time to get together today you know On today's session really what I want to Do is get an understanding of you your Organization where you're looking to go And kind of what some of the gaps are And then if it makes sense I'll show you What our team found and when we looked At your website we looked at your online Rankings where we think there might be Room for improvement and if it makes Sense we'll talk about how it would look Like to do business together does that Make sense for you does that work for

Today's call and they usually are going To say yes and so don't start by Presenting start by saying hey so let me Know a little bit about your business Like I did some research on the front End but what are the key services you Offer approximately how much revenue are You guys doing today what's the goal Over the next 12 to 24 months where are You looking to get in the business right And if you've got some Authority and You've got some confidence they'll have No problem answering those questions and It's important not just to Breeze past The questions especially where are you Today what's the goal you want to Connect that Gap to why it's important For them so let's just say they said Um you know right now we're at a million Dollars per year and we're trying to get To five over the next 12 to 24 months Awesome super ambitious goal tell me you Know why is that important for you guys Why is that important for you Specifically and you want them to State It right because you want them to be Psychologically selling themselves Throughout this process success so they Might say oh it's so that I can you know You know hire three additional trucks And so that I can employ some more People or maybe I'm trying to buy a House or you know I want to create more Freedom in my life you want to connect

That reason To their subconscious desire and why That's important for them the better you Connect those two gaps Um the better now you know you also want To kind of create the urgency around This as well so if you're like hey so The goal is to get to 5 million what Have you tried in the past and they Might say Hey you know I hired you know Scorpion or I was with Rich local or the Kid across the street did it for me okay Great and how's that working for you Today right and they might say it's Going great or I think there's room for Improvement or it's struggling excellent Why is it important for you to solve for This right now and they're going to give You some reason so it's because it's not Working and we really need more leads in Order to keep the trucks running or I Just hired this new technician if you're Using a home service example I just Hired this new technician and he's not Getting enough leads and so we're going To lose him if we don't get something Going relatively quickly I know like why not just stay where You're at why not just stay with The crew right and and you want them to Overtly say because I can't afford to be In this place anymore I need to get Generate better results so you're Connecting the gaps between where they

Are where they want to go why that's Important to them what they're doing Today why it's not working and why they Need to make a change right because the Number one reason they're not going to Convert typically is because they decide To stay with the status quo right I'm Just going to leave things the way that They are so to ask Us about their goals Clarity on why that's important how Important it is for them to solve that Problem and then usually you're going to Try and pivot to awesome thanks so much For giving that information it's great To understand kind of where you're at Where you're looking to go our team did Do some due diligence leading up to this Appointment would it be okay if I show You where I see some room for Improvement and how we can help kind of Speed you from that one million to that Five million dollar spot And you want them to really say yes yeah Absolutely so you're getting buy-in Throughout this process don't just shift Straight to your your findings I think It's important that this be done on a Zoom based meeting you don't have to Show your screen at the beginning you're Not in presentation like clicker mode But you're you're talking you can see Them they can see you you can have a Conversation

Um but then when it is time to say hey Let me show you what we found you want To be prepared not with slides but with Tabs open where you can say hey so this Is the website we really believe your Whole marketing strategy like starts With the website if your website isn't Built to convert Um we could drive as much traffic as we Want it's still not going to generate The results that we're after and so Here's what we're seeing with the Website good better and different you're Pointing out these are some issues does That make sense do you see how like you Know changing that up would make some Make some difference in how it converts Yes okay great and some of the key Things we tend to point to would be look You know there's no personality or Authenticity here all I see is stock Imagery that doesn't resonate really Well you know I noticed you don't have The phone number prominently here on the On the top right hand corner I only see Phone number as the conversion mechanism We're finding that most your customers Would prefer to schedule directly online Start a chat neither of those conversion Factors are in place here's what I would Recommend it's putting that in place Does that make sense so calm armed with Some things that you can point out on Their website that are going to be like

Producing a lower conversion Opportunities and let me say like we Really believe that your highest value Prospect and your lowest cost lead is Going to come from organic right so when I ran a couple searches on Google for You know your services and yours in your Local market you're not coming up in the First couple of spots we know that 60 of The clicks go right to the first three Positions you're not there as a matter Of fact I ran this report for the most Important keywords we did some research We found the top 100 keywords your Prospects are typing Um and here's how you rank and when you Show them the ranking report and this Usually comes right out of bright local And we'll say hey look you know you've Got these keywords that are doing great But all of these other keywords you're Not ranking for did you realize that you Know if the goal is to go from a million To five million do you feel like if we Could get the rankings dialed in that Would generate better results like that Would help you get to that next level Yes okay cool and then we'll talk a Little bit about paid search usually we Talk a little bit about marketing Automation I don't want to use this Entire thing to walk you through the Sales process I have some deep dive Training on this if you're interested in

Accessing it the point is you spent a Little bit of time getting to know them What their goals are then you spend a Little bit of time connecting to why It's important you got their buy-in to Show them hey here's where I think There's room for improvement in your Strategy they're going to get value from That either way but it's also creating a Gap that says hey here's where I want to Be I'm not there yet the challenge is This stuff right my conversion my Rankings my paid search the way I'm Converting the leads that I generate Into book jobs And then you you have the conversation Look I really think that we could do a Lot of this for you it would have a big Impact on your conversion rates would You like me to walk you through our Service offering kind of how it works Right and they're usually going to say Yeah absolutely and then you can pivot Directly into your program overview this Could be a whole conversation in and of Itself but you should be able to say hey Here's what we do right we're going to Do this this we're going to build a Website we're going to get it ranked Organically we're going to drive paid Traffic we're going to put this track Into place we're going to have this Automation in order to follow up on your Leads and getting their buy-in through

Every one of those steps walking them Through your model and do you understand Do you feel like if we did that for you It would generate better results yes Would you like me to show you what I've Done some for some other clients and This is where you can really get them Excited and show them hey here's one of The clients we work with just like you Here's what's going on with their Website you see how this converts really Well here's some conversion ranking data That we have here's where they're coming Up organically and most importantly let Me show you the tracking here's how many Leads they get per month here's our Average cost per lead like if we could Do that for you would that be a win You're showing them now that you can Actually generate the results and you're Getting them to not be like yes I see How this is going to help you you kind Of ask her do you have any other Questions before make a decision Yes No Maybe So Awesome does this feel like a Fit like do you feel like we could help You take things to that next level yes Absolutely and then you're going to ask For the business you say look the Program is this amount We get started today it's you know going To be this amount on credit card would You rather use Visa Mastercard what Would be your preference right and you

Know in some cases you're going to get The yes and they're going to say hey Here's my credit card data and you're Off to the races in other cases can you Send me an overview of what we talked About right and you want to answer Questions you want to try and get Through the objections on that on that Initial conversation what we find is a Lot of times they just need to sit on it For a little bit and those prospects do Tend to be to be great clients like if You're you're totally stuck on first Call close you're going to miss a lot of Opportunity that comes in the follow-up After the fact and so I really think you Want to engineer what we call a hot lead Follow-up Um I explained this in the ultimate Agency funnel process but it's just a Sequence of communications after that Conversation that moves them from I was Interested to what I've sold and that Might be putting a shock in awe box that Goes in the mail to them it might be Having testimonials and case studies That drip on them next steps and of Course make sure that you can calendar Rise that next meeting right on that Call Hey listen understood I'll send you A document that explains everything Let's go ahead and schedule our next Call now so that we can get back Together and get this party started

Right next Thursday at three o'clock Does that work for you perfect that gave You enough time to kind of review Everything discuss it with your team Excellent bam you make sure you Calendarize that and then you have this Hot lead follow-up that's constantly Nudging those prospects forward you will Have no problem getting your 30 plus Close ratio So this is just a high level overview of The agency sales process if you want More details on this uh and you want Like some more ideas on how you can Really implement this in the real world I've got a training called the seven Figure agency roadmap implementation Training that I'm offering completely Free it's recording of a two-day event That really walks you through this Entire process and you can grab that for Free by going to Roadmap enter your contact details You'll get access to all the training That you can access right now so go Check that out and let me know let me Know if this is how you're approaching Your sales process or maybe if you do Something different if you got value From this video please hit the like Button make sure you hit the Subscribe Button so you get other videos like this As we roll them out and be sure to check Out the seven figure agency

Implementation roadmap that's it for now Thanks so much for watching let's get Those close ratios up let's position Ourselves as the experts and let's make Sure that we sell in a way that Lee H2 Retention where there's clear Expectations there's clear buy-in to the Long-term nature of the relationship and Let's take our agencies to the next Level I'll talk to you guys soon

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