The Client Attraction Method – How To Close Ideal Clients Consistently For Your Agency

What's up digital marketing agency Owners on today's video I want to talk About a concept I call the client Attraction method I think one of the Most powerful things you can do is be Conscious about how you make this shift From chasing prospects down whether That's just cold calling cold Outreach To having clients coming to you Pre-positioned to buy or they've already Kind of seen some value from you and They're ready to come in pre-positioned So if that sounds good in your tire Chasing prospects down you want to learn How to do this and have a steady flow of New clients coming into your world Leaning in interested in your services You're going to want to watch this video Foreign [Music] This is a concept that as I think about The growth of my agency plumbing and HVAC SEO is one of the key things that Help to accelerate us from you know just Kind of where we were at to to a Multiple seven figure business that made The Inc 5000 list four years in a row of The fastest growing companies in the United States and so I really want to Walk you guys through this and this is Something I call the client attraction Model it's something we've refined over The years but it really boils down to Three key things you want to make sure

That you get in place and that you've Got well optimized the first is your Funnel right there has to be a process Where someone can be exposed to your Value raise their hands schedule in and Come in pre-position to buy and actually In a recent video I unpacked the Ultimate agency funnel and walk you in Step-by-step detail what that is and how It works now second of that is you want To build some with 40 right because if You've got a funnel and people are Coming in and they don't already look at You as somebody that knows what they're Doing that understands the niche that Has proven results You're gonna struggle right you're going To have a high resistance once they Finally get on to that meeting like or Once you finally got them on the phone And then the third thing we have to do Is we've got to have flow right once You've got a good funnel and you've got Some Authority we need the process to Put people into the top of that funnel On a consistent basis love to hear from You guys in the comments as you think About your client attraction system or The way you're Landing clients today Where's the deficiency like is it the Funnel The Authority or potentially the Flow just kind of let me know in the Comments always good to get a sense of Where you guys are at so the when it

Comes to the funnel uh I'm not going to Spend a ton of time on the funnel aspect Because search the ultimate agency Funnel and go through the Deep dive Training where I walk you through this And kind of show you visual examples Um but we need a lead magnet something Interesting to our prospects where they Can raise their hands and say hey that Sounds good that sounds interesting I Want that information second of that we Need an appointment funnel which is how They can pick a time on the calendar get Warmed up and come into them meeting Pre-position to buy from there we also Want to make sure we've got lead nurture Right as somebody opts into your world And they schedule in we want to make Sure that there's emails there's Communication there's things in place That nurture those prospects from They've heard of you to now they've Interested in you to the really kind of Knowing who you are you can develop that Know like and Trust so that's the final Piece again we you know we've got some Great trainings on that the second piece Is Authority right and you can Manufacture and engineer Authority for Your Niche the fact is everybody Wants to do business with the expert in Their type of business the people that Have already got proven results in the Industry and so there's a couple things

That we found can really really amplify Your Authority and get clients to be Like yep that's the best of the best and Kind of look at you as the unquestioned Expert in the space so the first Pretty simple but also time consuming Would be to do podcasts and webinars There's two concepts that I like to Think of I like to think of the monthly Webinar method which means every month We do a webinar this is informational Webinar specific topic relevant to our Niche so if you follow Plumbing HVAC SEO You know just about every month I'll do A different webinar I'll email it out to The list I'll put it up on social media I'll show up live I'll record it and Then I'll Syndicate it right and that One activity helps me remain top of mind With our Prospect base right because We've got people coming into the funnel They're opting in they're they're kind Of maybe requesting some piece of Information or or Um some content and then because we're Consistent with our webinars and with Our nurture they're seeing me again and Again and again and so this concept is The monthly webinar method just do a Webinar every single month promote it Out and you're going to create great Content you're going to create Goodwill And you're also going to create this Amazing library of inbound content that

Prospects can find because we're going To Syndicate we're going to put up on YouTube we're going to put it onto a Podcast we're going to maybe put it on SlideShare right and so it can be very Discovered on an ongoing basis now Attain them to that the other thing I Like to do on a monthly basis is Podcasting right podcasting is a great Authority positioning thing you can put In place because podcasts whether it's On iTunes or whether it's on one of the Other podcast sharing sites people like To listen to information while they're Driving in their downtime and so what's Great is podcast seems complicated but It's not it's literally just an audio File that's sitting in some type of Storage that can be accessed on your Website and on iTunes and all of these Different podcast services so the Question is like what's the best format For podcasting Um I found that there's two that I like Really really well the first is just to Take my content that I've already got in My webinars which typically go 45 Minutes to an hour and load them up so Once a month I've got a new episode That's a long form piece of information On a very specific topic that the people In my Niche find interesting but the Other format that works even better for

Us in our agency is called the expert Interview podcast and this is just where We find successful people in the Industry and we interview them right hey In our Niche right in plumbing companies Do you run a million dollar plumbing Company tell me a little bit about your Business what services you provide how Do you Market yourself what's working Best today you can have a continuous Stream of people in your Niche that are Willing and excited about sharing their Story that your prospects will find Extremely interesting so that in and of Itself if you just did that on a Consistent basis committed to do one Webinar per month one expert interview Per month you'd have a consistent stream Of new content that will absolutely Position you as the authority authority Right you're the person that understands The industry that has proven results and Is consistently putting information out Let me know in the comments which of Those two do you think you could commit To or maybe both right if you could just Do those on a consistent basis So doing that will absolutely position You with authority second to that Two things you can do that will Definitely make you the expert The go-to Authority within your space number one Publish the book the complete guide to Internet marketing for your space we've

Got the complete guide to internet Marketing for plumbing and HVAC Contractors right it's on Amazon I've Got it in a physical format I've got a Free plus shipping funnel for it I Handed out an industry events and Associations and because we're the Authors in the industry we wrote the Book on internet marketing for the space We get Authority right and so the Definition of authority is the author The published expert and so if you don't Have a book this is something that you Should absolutely have high on your Priority list to get that expert Positioning that you're after Now I can kind of going intender to that Is speaking right no doubt when you go To an industry event an industry Conference the person that's on the Stage the person that's up in the front Sharing the information is always looked At as the authority as the expert right And so what's great is if you publish The book now you can take that book and Put it in front of the associations and The groups and the events that are Happening and say hey I'm an expert on This topic would you like me to come Share on this at your event or at your Conference or at your industry meeting And it opens up doors to get lots of Speaking opportunities I promise you if You just do these two things right you

Publish a book you get it out into the Industry and then you find Opportunities To speak at the industry conferences in Your Niche you will ultimately Absolutely be looked to as an authority As an expert and again the higher your Authority the higher your expert status The lower sales resistance you have when When they're at the bottom of your Funnel when they're meeting with you Face to face they're like I have already Know that you know what you're doing I Know that you've got experience I know That you understand this industry it's Not like you sell me it's like how much Is this going to cost and what's Included this is where you want to move To in in kind of positioning yourself to Attract clients instead of you trying to Chase them down now the third thing you Can do to build Authority and I think This is probably the most powerful Is developing case studies case studies And examples of clients who've actually Worked with in the industry where you Can say here's the client Here's where they were when we started Here's where at they're at today here's The results that we've generated anybody Can say how good they are anybody can Claim to be the expert in the niche But it's the people that have proven Results the people they can say like Here's exactly what we did here's

Exactly how we did it and here's the Actual results the client are getting There's magic in that formula there's Magic so you should always be thinking About on each client how do we crush it For this client how do we knock it out Of the park and then how do we capture The case study whether that's Interviewing the client whether that's You explaining it on a video whether That's you putting that into a PDF Always be looking to document your Successes because When you're doing consistent content With podcasts and webinars when you with A published offer and you're speaking Industry events and conferences and You've got a consistent flow of case Studies real examples of what you've Done for clients in the industry there's No question you're going to be the Authority and when you're the authority Not only do you have lower sales Assistance You can charge a premium rate people are Willing to pay top dollar to deal with The experts the best of the best in Their industry and these three Strategies will absolutely position you As the authority now little goody a Little bonus I want to share with you Guys is we've got a training called the Case study Builder and if you type in Comments your case study Builder we'll

Go ahead and send you the link where you Can access it it walks you step by step Through how to develop case studies how Do you take that client that you've done Great results for and turn that into a Case study that you can use to position Yourself as the expert so go ahead and Type case study in the comments below And we'll make sure to get that link Over to you so we've talked about the Funnel we've talked about the authority The next thing we need is flow right you Could be a super high Authority you can Have an amazing funnel but you know if You don't have the flow of traffic Coming into your world you're not going To have the results now there's really Three things that I'm a fan of to to Kind of prime the engine and to keep the Flow coming in into your client Attraction mechanism the first is cold Outreach right we want to have a Prospect list with the names contact Details and and information for the Prospects that we want to do business With right and if you've got that that Database of prospects every time you do A new webinar every time you do a new Podcast whatever you're going to do Speaking opportunity whenever you roll Out a case study you can email that out You can post about it and that cold Group will start to know like and trust You be exposed to your value right so we

Need to have a mechanism to get the Names emails phone numbers and contact Details of our ideal prospects second we Can run ads right Facebook ads Google Ads other ads that we can run to put our Message in front of our ideal Prospect And typically what we're doing with ads Is we're running Facebook ads to our Very targeted Niche right that meets our Our profile and then we're offering our Lead magnet and entering them into our Lead funnel and when they enter the lead Funnel we're nurturing them we've got a Long-term nurture sequence of emails and Communication that takes them from I Just requested this thing to I know About this individual I know about this Company I know about the results that They've gotten right so that's a great Play and then the third is joint Ventures and associations right finding People that are already are selling to Your ideal clients that already have the Relationships and aligning with them and Coming alongside and saying hey You know I've got this book I'd love to Share it with your group I've got this Content this webinar I'd love to share It with your group and find a win-win Where either if they bring a client to You as a result of that training you Share the revenue or maybe it's just Because they want to have great value or Great information to share with their

Group Um joint ventures I'm a big believer That you're just one powerful joint Venture away from a seven-figure digital Marketing agency so be looking for that And associations I think this is the Most untapped Resource that most digital marketing Agencies Miss right if you're going to Go into a niche Plumbing HVAC companies And you want to kind of get your message Out in front of them find the industry Associations the groups that have Continuing education the groups that are Meeting on an annual basis and join that Association figure out how to get Involved and you're going to have all of The flow in terms of leads that you need And so these are the three key pillars Right we want to have a funnel we want To build our Authority and then we've Got to tap into the flow and kind of Prime that engine so we've got prospects Entering and being exposed to our value On a consistent basis so I hope this was Beneficial if you've got value you from This and you got at least one or two Takeaways on the client attraction Method what I want you to do is hit the Like button hit the Subscribe button if You haven't already subscribed and share This with another digital marketing Agency that could benefit now if you Want to go deeper with this you want

More ideas and strategies on how to Really get clients to come to you Pre-positioned to buy I'm going to Suggest you go check out our ultimate Agency funnel training so if you go to funnel we've got a Deep dive training that walks you Through this ultimate agency funnel and How you can implement it in your agency Clients to raise their hand schedule in Come pre-positioned to buy that's it for Today again I hope you get value let me Know in the comments what your takeaways Were if you have follow-up questions Post that in the comments as well and Stay tuned for other great video just Like this on how to grow your digital Marketing agency take things to the next Level I'll talk to you soon

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