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Foreign Welcome to the Daily q a brought to you By the high level training and knowledge Team Okay hi guys welcome to the open q a Please start typing your questions in The chat and I need you to please remind You that we are not support so we are Going to help you with the setup and General questions but if you have an Issue or if you already have a ticket we Are going to redirect you to support Okay we can help you with escalations And we can help you on explain to you How to create a ticket but we are not Going to to help you with the Troubleshoot because as I mentioned we Are not support but general questions Are totally welcome and we are here to Help you so please start typing your Questions in the chat and we are going To go through them in the order that we Receive it If you don't receive questions in a Period of 10 minutes we are going to end Up the meeting Okay so Please start typing your questions and We are going to go through them thank You so much Okay guys for those that just join us we Are hosting the open q a today So please if you have questions general Questions setting up questions let us Know and we will help you with that

We are not going to troubleshoot we are Not going to create tickets for you but We can help you with the process so Please start typing your questions Okay first question Is For A2 brand and campaign registration Okay welcome Titan are you here Yes I'm here hi welcome hello Um so I failed registration on my uh a2p Uh branding campaign registration and I Know what I did wrong Um However When I try to go back on and uh start Registration again it's like Um Kind of like grayed out where it has to Like the circle with the the line Through it so I'm wondering how can I Redo the registration can you please Share your screen BS thank you I'll give you one second I Need to switch it over to my laptop Oh here we go Okay can you see my screen Yeah thank you okay and here let me log In under my oh yeah I am under my agency Okay Um so see here where it says uh a2p Brand and campaign registration it says Failed unverified because I did Everything else so I have these two done

Already and on here Um for the company so I'm a loan officer So I put the uh the contact information As myself and that was supposed to match The records of the owner of the company Which is how I did these yeah so I need To Um so I'm wondering like how I can go Back in here and redo that registration What happened when you try to click on The start registration Which is like great I can actually know It here let me make sure I'm under the Agency Uh let me go back I think I'm logged in Under the agency but I just have two Wrong here I'm gonna just sign out and Just go back and sorry about that No worries Okay Phone numbers Okay so now I'm under the agency And see right now it's still like grayed Out like I can't I can't do anything but If you notice like now it doesn't say Contact the agency and that's because I'm on the eight and see I just can't do Anything Okay give me a second please Okay Okay I just contact my specialist and She's mentioning that we need to submit A ticket I'm not sure if you have access Yeah you have access to the live chat

Can you please contact us via live chat And The Specialist Team will help you with This like we are going to restart the Registration Okay Um No I'm gonna ask you another question How Um but no I'm just wondering like where Like how do I contact like this in the Blue question mark in the top right oh I Got you I got you all right and live Chat Gotcha All right Um okay I'm gonna unshare and then I'll See if I have any other questions Via live chat in order to have an Immediate response because if you just Submit a ticket it could take more time So I totally suggest you Use a live chat Okay yep I'll do it right now awesome All right thank you thank you have a Good one I like you too Okay hi Jeff welcome Hello how are you Awesome thank you how are you oh Terrific I was Trying to get the lead connector and of Course the um same thing he's worried About uh trying to get it turned on and

I said since I wasn't using lead Connector I couldn't use the back-end Portal to do it you know so when I Started trying to look into it more it Was saying I got an conflict and answers I got one answer that said that I would Use agency view to sign into lead Connector and then transfer to sub Accounts and then the other one said no You don't use agency you're going to Transfer to server counts to Um so I didn't know then I wanted to ask You that question Okay so What what are you trying to do basically Because for example Do you need under the sub accounts you Are going to add the phone numbers but On the agency view you will have the the System that you want to use so if you Want to use lead connector or twilio Okay so all agency views where I need to Do the assignment to lead connect Correct correct yes perfect and then the Next thing I might have to show you my Screen on this one Um Um Can you see it yet Yeah okay Um if I go into app It's taking me to my site Is that not where it's supposed to go or

Does it need to go to a Login page that's separate from Mine You're you're not coming in I see your Mouth moving but I don't I don't hear Anything Okay we got Three domains Can you hear me You're Frozen One sec Jeff let me see if I can uh Get a message off to her to let her know She's Frozen yeah she's Frozen Yeah I see that hang on one sec all Right Uh she's probably resetting let's see She dropped off yeah I'm so sorry can You hear me now yes ma'am I'm so sorry I Apologize it was my internet okay We have different domains one of them is The domain for login and the other one Is for the the website or a funnel so You set up the records so I'll be Running I pointed it to is there a Certain place I made the point because I Did point it to my home page okay so we Wouldn't have to check At your records and we need to check You set up this domain so for example Let's go to your to your Google account First please Oh to my Um which account Yeah but but the account trying to get

I'm sorry no worries Um Okay click on settings Then click on company Okay here Where it says y label domain you should Be adding that domain in here in order But first click on the on the question Mark no where it says white label yeah Click on the question mark Um Question mark here right here And this will explain you how to add the Records in order to to have that domain As the login domain because I did it on if we go to this no because This domain is is only able you this Domain needs to be set set up on the Agency view there's no yeah what do I do Here remove it from this one yeah that Domain is for funnels and websites So you set up the domain for that for This sub account but for the funnels and Websites The login domain needs to be set up on The company sites okay so so take it out Of here No click on settings domains in here Yeah go back to mains Is right here Right Remove that so you need to remove it From here And we need to go to the records where

Well to your DNS record Where you created this Correct and we are going to create the Records for That domain You need to create a c name pointing to I'm trying to find the spot that goes to DNS um I thought I was there Hmm Um yeah Okay okay so let's look for the one that You had for up To scroll a little bit down Click where it says show more records Let's scroll a little bit down If you can't find it you can just create The C name pointing to This the one that I sent you on some Chat is it you need AC name Okay And where do I appointment point I sent that to you in the zoom chat I'm Not sure if you see it Uh yeah Pointing And what do I type in for host you can Add for example the same thing app Uh Correct They is created Um yeah and now we are going to add this Domain to the company Go back to agency right correct yes

Where it says white label domain you Need to add it here An API domain what is that This is for for example if you want to Change the links of the calendars the Forms and all of that you need to add That white the white label domain sorry The API domain Okay and my privacy terms and conditions That's on the other side right not not This yeah right okay correct you can Build it on a website and just paste the URL in here and those will be displayed On on the login page Oh they'll be on the login page too okay Yeah correct okay okay scroll all the Way down please and and save the changes Okay down And let's try to look At that okay I'm not sure if this is Already created or if this Should take some time because it depends On the DNS record sometimes it takes Time to to populate so let's go Yeah still we're still processing Yeah once once it's ready you just need To do that at this domain under the Company and that will be your domain for Login and that's all I'm not sure if you need help with Something more yes you can help someone Else now I think I think that cover me Thank you thank you thank you no worries

If uni fell with something more and we Have time you can totally ask more Questions okay okay appreciate you Okay Um Hi Paul's Colin are you here Hi how are you Can you hear me awesome thank you how Are you okay all right so Um Let me start All right so I'm just trying to Understand Again I'm kind of stuck on this I have I'm working with a lot of older Companies who've had their same phone Number for 20 years and they don't want To change it so how can I integrate the Uh missed call text back is there a Workaround or Uh am I confused about something No no worries for being honest the only Solution is to pour The phone number so or that and the only Issue is that once you port the phone Number this oh well twilio will own the Phone number correct but that way is the Only way to have that phone number on Your account and having that phone Number as a sender of the missed call Text back and all of that right so Basically porting basically transfer They basically lose their phone number

It's owned by someone else And okay so can they keep their current Phone number and just have a second Number I guess Um and it would be you know limited Usage am I making sense So yeah the same phone number a lot of These companies have a landline with the Same number they've had for a long time These are very old companies and I don't Think I can forward these to the twilio Number So I'm trying to uh be a little creative And get a work around Yeah the the only workaround is is Having a any phone number For example if someone wants to call to The business we'll need to dial the Telephone number and that phone number Will forward to the existing phone Number So oh it's the opposite okay because Weekend forward like Always need to forward to a landline or A mobile phone or existing phone number But there's no way to do it like Backwards you know there's no vice versa Okay all right all right Well all right that's my reality thank You so much yeah the good news about the Portability that once you are done or One Or what like You can tell to tell you like I want my

Phone number back and they will Like They ha I'm not sure how do they call it But yesterday I had a call with a Specialist and he told me that this is Totally possible like the 14 and the Port out okay okay cool cool Um What day of the week can I ask a Question about installing the chat Widget on someone else's website Okay we are not having a specialist Anymore Hello I think her her internet dropped out Again Um the answer to that question Paul is That um no we're not doing the topical Uh q a sessions anymore at this time Okay so what we are doing is just the Open q and A's Monday through Friday Okay come with your questions as as you Need to still the same times 12 to 2 Eastern time Um and um you know we'll just be on for As long as there's questions to answer All right do I have time for one more or Do you need to take someone else which I'm happy to step aside yeah let's uh Let's get to Suge and Um that's cool yeah no problems we'll See you I don't know what happened to uh Sure no problem No problem we'll wait for Gabriella to

Get back She's the real expert here Thank you I do Hey Serge um hey just wait wait for just A second we need to get Gabriella back On the line yeah sorry about that Sorry I'm messaging with her right now letting Her know that that we lost her so just One second sure Oh There she is hey I'm so sorry guys my Internet is hitting me today I apologize No problem Okay all right so we have Suge Am I saying that right yeah that's right Should okay yeah we've got sewage Gabriella oh I'm so sorry okay How can I help you Uh Gabriella it was just to do around The phone numbers because I'm based in The UK Um I bought local numbers in the novice Told it doesn't have SMS capabilities so I would need to get mobile numbers Um in the UK obviously everyone can tell A mobile number because it starts zero Seven And not in very many businesses are Going to want to advertise that a zero Seven number on their main websites uh

You know because it looks unprofessional Yeah so one of your colleagues suggested Well I could Um mask the mobile number with a button For example you know click here to text Us So it was just around Um is that the only option and if so how Do I create buttons on uh clients Websites where Um you know it just uh somebody clicks It and it just goes to text them instead Okay I'm going to be 100 honest like This is a like a partial solution Because the phone number will be the Same and this only work on the on the Website you know But This article I will send that to you in Here will explain you how to to add this Type of buttons on on the On the site I'm not sure if you're able to open it I Just send that in the zoom chat let me Send that to you Personal This is a click to call or click to text Buttons Builder Okay Um to highlight the the phone number and It will display a menu Okay so I assume that's the only option The only way for us to kind of get Around that is that the client would

Have to have two numbers Um Well obviously because you want to use Miss you want to use like mixed call Text back etc etc yeah Because a lot of people that have that Are located on the UK the solution that They opted to do to have is to use a U.S Phone number or a different country Phone number but I'm not sure if this Will be the best solution for you for Being honest because some like some of The clients doesn't want to have a Different country phone number because It's not the best practice for being Honest Sure okay so is there any other benefit To the client if for example we already Have their main business number is there Any benefit to the client if I also gave Them a normal landline number through go High level and just diverted it to that There's no other benefit to them is that Well having a phone number do you like Really would go high level a tool for a Number or a lead connect to phone number Will help you with with the call Tracking and this is a good benefit if You wanted to be like Tracking the calls and recording calls And capturing leads like through the Calls or through SMS this is this is a Good thanks for being honest Right okay just call tracking really

Because SMS is a different mobile number Than yeah Yeah correct Yeah okay All right thank you Thank you so much oh actually Becky just Hi Becky are you here I'm not sure if you want to share the Idea Okay Oh got it but probably you you can Just write to Becky and and she will Help you yeah this is amazing thank you So much Vicky Oh great okay how do I get back his Details to um chat with her offline I'm Not sure if you want to share your email Becky if you want to share that personal With With him or Yeah probably oh thank you thank you so Much this is amazing thank you thanks a Lot cheers thank you thank you okay I'm Not sure if we have another question I'm So sorry I lost the chat and Jay do you Know who is next Uh yeah uh next up is uh teaton he's got A couple more questions actually Okay hi Hello all right so I had to scroll up For a second to see what questions I Asked Okay so Um the first one I had was regarding so I have my

Um Instagram and my Facebook connected Um but my question is so let's say it's An existing lead that's currently in the Database how can I put Um add that person's social media info So I'll also have the ability to maybe Like Um send that person either like a Facebook message or an Instagram message Or something like that or does it not Work that way Okay yeah it worked like that way but no Through social planner this will work Through the Integrations so if you want To be able to send DMs like Facebook or Instagram you need to keep the Facebook Account Yep I did that already but I don't know So even if I look at a record I still Only see SMS and email but I also don't Have that person's social media info in The record anywhere so I don't know like How does the record know hey this is the Social media info to be able to message That person the contact needs to to Reply to an inbox in order to work they Need to do like the first contact with You be as like Instagram or Facebook in Order to be able to respond to them okay You won't be able to send them a like a Cold inbox no they never an email sorry An inbox and that way you are going to Be able to reply to them on go high Level okay no that makes sense so like

If I had like a funnel or something and They actually sent me a message First on there and then I'll get it yeah All right you will receive it and you Will be able to to reply to them through Facebook on go high level gotcha okay Um and then my last question and my next For my for my last question I don't know If somebody had a question no no worries Go ahead okay Um and then my last question so as far As Um uh like notes is there any way to Have a uh to have it where a note will Show in the conversation box instead of Just the notes Um might might sound like a silly Question but so like let's see Uh like if I talk to someone on the Phone you know and I'm logging my call Like I like for my uh the note from that Call to be in the conversation because You know that's it's right that way It'll be like right under the recording Or yeah like right yeah right uh below The recording instead of Having to go okay I'm looking at my my Uh my messages my emails now let me go To my notes to see what actually Happened on the call because you don't Want to just listen to the call every Time like that's the whole reasoning you Know taking notes for those calls yeah Okay the only work around for being

Honest is to create a custom field Under the context and that way we'll be Able to see the notes under the context Tab and That's that's the only work around that We have gotcha okay yeah and I'll just Leave it in the notes I was just Wondering I was like you know since We're in the question and answer our Minds of all that no actually this is an Amazing idea and I need to please Queue to add it to the portal And this this is for all of you guys That are on the in the room this is our Ideas portal and you are all able to add Ideas and vote for them and that team Will start working and developing the Idea the most voted ideas so this is Amazing and Gotcha okay perfect so please add it and We are going to start voting for that Okay I'll do that right now thank you Thank you so much Okay guys I'm not sure if we have more Questions Um let me check out the chat Yeah there's nothing in the chat right Now if anybody has any questions be feel Uh feel free to put them into the chat So we can get you into the queue Thank you so much In the meantime I will Show you this is our Facebook group Please guys you can join us

Here we have a community you can ask Questions about a lot of things and Actually we have a lot of clients that Knows a lot about the product and this Is amazing because you can find help About Stuff like CSS and all of that so Here is a link if you want to join us Too the Facebook group okay hi Tony Welcome If this is your first time in here let Me explain you we have a open q a so Feel free to to ask Any question about setups general Questions so please let us know if you Have something or if you need help with Something I'm actually just brand new that she Just came stumbled across this uh this Industry so So I'm kind of excited and actually Surprised I mean I've been I'm an 18-year 1099 salesman and I've never I Was like how did I not find this Industry before software sales so so Local print advertising merchant Services Um all B2B won't call close so and I Came across another software just going Down the rabbit hole came across you Guys so um pretty excited and just Learning everything so So much Thank you so much Tony I'm not sure if

You already have your onboarding call No no not yet so um I've seen a couple Links on I guess 30-day trials if and Then Yeah so like I'm literally so green Brand brand new like not even signed up Like found you guys yesterday just find Out how to pitch software sales and then I just see all this SAS SAS you know Smma I'm like what is this actually and Then going down the rabbit hole and now I'm here so Okay welcome Thank you if you need help with Something we are here every day same Link same time so this is an open q a And we have a lot of clients and a lot Of people with in they know a lot about The product so this is amazing and I Totally suggest you have your onboarding Call and after that you can join us or You can join us every single day if you Wanted we have the customer success team That they will help you with the setup Too So no worries we are here to help you Thank you okay hi Paul about the chat With you You can totally use it on different Websites but you need to To copy the code and paste it okay Okay So so if a client decides to leave me After that

You know if there's some churn Um How does that work if so I disconnect The how do I disconnect the service if They decide Okay for example if you have a sub Account for that specific client the Best practice is to close the sub Account okay and that way the code will Stop working okay makes sense okay yeah That's that's it's really easy you just Go under the chat widget tab and you Will see the the button that says get Code you just copy the code paste it on The website and it will work on any Website builder that you want to use Okay beautiful thank you so much no Worries anytime Okay guys I'm not sure if you have more Questions Um in the meantime I will show you the YouTube Channel link do we have a lot of amazing Videos in here About the Q a sessions about Setups and how to So please feel free to join to the Channel too And let me know if you need help with Something more we are going to wait 10 minutes and if you don't have more Questions we are going to end up the Meeting okay Thank you so much and I want to remind

You that we are not having this Specialist day anymore so we are going To be doing open q a every single day I'm not as good as a specialist but I'm Going to try to help you with all of Your questions guys and if you have like Something really a specifically or like Something More complicated I will help you with The escalation and I will help you with The specialist okay so let's wait Another 10 minutes Jay and if no one else have Questions we can end up the meeting Thank you so much guys Okay I'm going to show you also the link Where you can find the help articles a Lot of The clients doesn't know about this and This is amazing if you are an agency Admin you will totally have access to to The help articles and this is amazing Here you just need to type any single Question any single word and you will Find a lot of Articles regarding data Specific subject So please if you don't have access you Need to come to your admin my message Isn't working but I was asking about the Chat widget where do I go to customize It Okay do you want to add it to your go High level site or to a different site To my Gohan Level side okay so you just

Need to go under sites and you will see Chat with yet in the top And and what area Sites Science okay all right okay thank you so Much no worries anytime and here you Just need to enable the chat bubble and That's all It's really simple when you try to add It to to go high level sites I have a question yeah of course More of a sales question so um I see Videos where people are just going out Selling the websites but fully automated So I know about the review side that's I Got found this industry was selling a Review software Um but I've seen someone doing a pitch Where it was uh They're selling car detailers and They're selling a website that's got Like the booking in it and then it's Also got like a little chat bot where They can message but also has a review Software in it so is that something is That like a monthly thing like you is That fairly easy to set up because I'm Just a sales guy like I'm a you know B2b's business of business I'm like Belly to belly so I'm out there knocking Doors and all that stuff so I'm trying To find easy kind of I guess not really Cookie cutter I guess you would say but Just try to go out just hit the ground

Running and go find deals like I'm not Scared of the hustle so just trying to Find the easy way to break into this Industry Without going too far into all the Different uh automations and all the the Plethora of features that I'm starting To see that the software has if that Makes sense no worries this is this is Like you Can and this will include everything Automations calendars reviews all of That and after that after you you have Your account you need to start building For example your start building a site And you are going to to build a calendar And you are going to add the calendar to The site and after that you are going to Integrate for example Google account and You will add the review request or you Will add the review widget to the site But everything is like included you just Need to build or integrate your your Stuff But it's really easy to start using it For being honest like I feel that go High level is friendly it can be Complicated on some things for example Sites like even for for the ones that Work in here it's it's complicated when You are not a builder but right it's Really friendly And all of that are totally included You you won't have to pay extra for

Anything Okay and so to go out and actually do This for the business that would be the 290 what's the difference with the app I See there's an app like the 497 that's With an app is that like an app builder Or is that just like how is that I'm Like that's something I can't get my Head around free up the free mobile app That it doesn't have like it's totally Free and everybody can download it and We have a custom app like this is the One that that you have to pay because we Are going to create an app for you like You you okay you can actually talk to The developers and tell them like hey I Want this and I want this tool and we Are going to build it for you but that Had an extra price gotcha okay Okay and if you want the differences Like between the plans give me a second I will send that to you because we have Different plans It's Let me show my screen Okay these are the three plans that we Shot right okay the starter unlimited an Agency Pro so regarding the mobile app Everything it's like totally independent As I mentioned I have two mobile apps to Go high level up and delete connector App that are totally free but if you Want a custom map this will include a Price and these are for example under

The starter you will have access to two Sub accounts unlimited you will be able To have as many sub accounts as you want But and sub accounts essentially is Deals right those are clients right Those are yeah okay okay So with the starter I can go out and Sell two businesses and then that's it You're capped out you got two and then Unlimited go out get the doors run in And then agency Pro that's the one where You can actually build or you have the App so before a niche like is that Before like for example for that one Video I've seen he was doing card like Uh auto mobile detailers so he made an App for detailers and then for everybody He sells he has an access point for that For each client that he sells or is that Do you make is it 500 bucks per Application or per deal no you are going To pay the 497 and you will have as many Sub accounts as you want and you can Manage them as independent for example If you have one client you can you are Going to create a login domain and they Will be able to log in and they will see Only that specific sub account Okay but you are going to to pay like The same thing the same 497. Right gotcha so like let's say 497 I Could sell a detailer a Mobile Detail I Could sell him the access with his app And then I can go sell a roofer

As well I can go out and sell a roofer And that's still under that 497 decision Wow 20 20 sub accounts and just pay the 497. Okay wow yeah that's powerful Yeah it's amazing Thank you thank you no worries So guys we don't have more questions so We are going to end up the meeting now You can join us tomorrow same time same Link and you can prepare your questions If you want also you have we have a form I'm not sure if we already sent that Form but I will share that to you and if You have questions you can just fill out The form and I will personal like help You with that questions through the form Um I'm not sure if you have the form Link J But let me look for it I'm sorry what were you looking for Gabby for the form that we have the form Submission for yeah hang on one second Is that I think that's that link it says Uh high-level support portal is that the Form you're talking about no no This is a different form yeah this is For the Q a team because support have Like they are a different team so We have a form that we are going to Share to you guys and Tony I just sent You a private message Um if you could say back your email I Want to follow up with you okay

Yes absolutely You want to take it now or want me to Just message you Yeah no just message it uh okay yeah Thanks thank you so much Jay Okay Well thank you so much guys for joining Us we will see you tomorrow same time Same link have an amazing day and stay Safe thank you so much Jay For your help today thank you all Appreciate it thank you great call Have a good Wednesday guys you too Bye-bye Thanks for joining us for the full Experience of our q a sessions be sure To join us weekdays 12 P.M to 2 p.m Eastern Time us visit us at forward slash daily QA or check us out at our Facebook group For the live stream Foreign

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