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Foreign Welcome to the Daily q a brought to you By the high level training and knowledge Team Hello hello it's Monday March 20th Um we're starting for Q a today we're Doing calendars and we're joining today With our guest speaker here Sarah Hunter From our senior support specialist Hey everybody and we're going to start Letting a few people in here in a second All right if you have any calendar Questions please jump in there's a few Things we'll be covering today again Tuesday is going to be open Forum Tuesday Thursday's open Forum bring any Questions Monday Wednesday Friday our Topic related today is calendars Tomorrow Wednesday's workflows and Friday is LC Communications Perfect so I'm going to Set many people in These are bad You already know All right something more and more in Okay Hello everybody welcome for joining We're gonna get kicked off here in a Minute And I'm actually going to we'll let People in as they come Sarah but if you Feel comfortable and ready to rock we Can um just kind of just go over quickly The agenda

All right let me start sharing my screen All right again welcome today's daily q A it's calendars we're gonna be diving Into sinking sending meeting links and Calendar settings uh today's the 20th of March if you guys unaware or just Quarters or these quarters are coming in Fast it's happening real quick this year So presented by Sarah H a senior support Specialist and calendars I host about Myself and then moderated by Sergio and We're going to drive in real quick So the first thing we take a look at is To click the agenda the overview Um is going to be why is my calendar Syncing why isn't my meeting location Showing an email when someone books and What is slot interval would also dive Into the calendar settings kind of break Those down a little bit more in depth All right all ready to rock and then We'll cover some help articles and then We'll open the four full questions Regarding calendars All right so I'm gonna let Sarah take Over All right so why isn't my calendar Sinking so there's a few things that you Can check on what's going on with the Calendar uh the first thing I'll go Ahead and share my screen real quick Um First thing that you can check is making Sure that

Move that over here Making sure that number one Google or Outlook is integrated first Um so Outlook can be integrated Underneath the profile tab in the sub Account Right down here And then for Google You would just come to Integrations First connect the account that you have The calendar under once that's Integrated you'll travel up to my staff After you're in my staff you can go to Edit and then calendar configuration so I'll just show you what this looks like So if I go back and I integrate my Calendar Or my Google account Right Will allow the settings Well There we go so that's integrated here Disregard that error we'll go back to my Staff Go to edit Use our calendar configuration so here Is a big thing that gets missed when Integrating the calendar if the primary Calendar is not selected here then There's going to be no calendar Integration no Calendar to sync so we Would just choose the calendar that we Want And then hit save and then that's how

The calendar syncs If you guys have additional calendars That you want to check for conflicts for That's how you would do it here should List all the calendars that you have for Conflicts you would check them and then Save them So that's the first thing you want to Check and then if you already have a Calendar that's synced and you've Already done all of this but you're Noticing that there's some things that Are not showing on the ghl calendar that Are showing inside of your external Calendar I'll show you how you can do a quick Reset of that So you would just go into my staff again We'll go click on the primary calendar And click do not sync And this will just help refresh the the Syncing connection between the calendar And go high level So you'll go back in And then just reselect the calendar And then once you do that it refreshes It and everything that you see on the External calendar should show inside the Ghl calendar as well All right and then the Second Point here oh yeah sorry also Cover the fact that if they're not Seeing the user or the profile tab in The sub account it's because they're not

An actual active user in that sub Account you have to add yourself Specifically to that sub account in Order for that profile tab to show up Yes very big one a lot of people missed That and they're like oh I don't know Why I can't see the profile Tab and that Is usually why because you're not Actually an active user in that account All right so why isn't my meeting Location showing in the email when Someone books so when that occurs Um there's a few things that we can Check number one is making sure that you Know the zoom is integrated underneath The business profile or excuse me under The profile tab in the sub account And number two would be making sure that You go inside of my staff and you check To make sure that the meeting location Is selected there as well So Um I can do a walk through of that as well Yeah if you could that'd be great So Underneath the profile tab You're going to see the zoom integration Here Um so you can go to my staff And go to edit Call in voicemail settings or excuse me I'm so sorry user availability And then right here you'll see your

Meeting location So if you want it to be Zoom you'll want To click on the zoom one I don't have Zoom connected guys Um but that's where you would choose That and if you're using Google meets Then you would want to make sure that You're coming in here and choosing Google meets and then coming down and Saving this option as well Now another thing that you can do as Well if you're noticing that the link is Not showing up uh first thing is that You want to make sure that you're not Using an unassigned calendar because Meeting locations do not work on Unassigned calendars they only work on The round robin calendars Um Undesigned calendars also known as event Calendar so what you see countertop as a Vent that's an unassigned calendar so And then round robin is also known as Group calendars So carry on sorry Sure and then the next thing that you Can try and do if you're still noticing That that link is not showing is you can Come into the user and if you were using Google meet for example you'd come in And this would be on Google meet So to try and fix it to where the link Is showing up you would choose custom Come down and save your

Options here So you would come down here and save Your options What is going on here it's on the Confirmation page The redirect I think I'm not sure that's all at the bottom Yeah form redirect URLs blank so just Use custom thank you message yeah that's Fine all right so then you would just Save that Goodness let's try this again here All right so Get that out of the way here so again You'd come in here and it would be Either Zoom or Google meets select Custom Down and hit save All right into user obviously All right so once that's saved then You'll just X Out Come back in here again And this is kind of like the same thing With refreshing the sink with your with Your calendar you come back in again and Then you click on your Google meets and Then save it again and that should help Populate the link Just kind of helps refresh it there Um and I think that's about it for that One So our next question also the other one That my my trigger that is the workflow Side of it so if you don't have because

We have a recipe in there for Appointment reminders but in that recipe It gives a generic meeting link it Doesn't actually show you how to use the Meeting dot location link can you show Us how to do that in the workflows You know what I'm talking about yeah I Know what you're talking about because It's a template people don't change it They're like oh my links are populating So yeah there's three options you check The user profile Make sure the zoom's integrated make Sure you added the zoom to the calendar And you can create any recipe just Oh yeah let's just do the middle just Use the recipe yeah it's right easier And then do the appointments oh you're Not going to have it in there Because it's the staging account but in Here you should see a recipe for Appointment reminders uh there's two of Them and then you can click either one Of those to work Let me see So the meeting location will work if you Have the appointment status Trigger or The customer book deployment trigger And then for this one we'll just Add both One or the other yeah one or the other Not both We'll just say this one here and then When you come in to

Where you want it to be at you would Just click on custom values And you would go to appointment And then go to Meeting location And then whatever you have defined Inside of your calendar whether it's the Zoom link or the Google meets link this Will populate that link so if you're Sending a customized email you'll still Have your meeting location inside of it So we would just save that Save it up here and then of course make Sure it's published in order for it to Fire Perfect thank you All right and then the last question was Uh what what is slide intervals how do They work Got it slot intervals okay so let me Just go open up a calendar here All right so for the slot intervals so Slot intervals is going to be The times that you want it to land on so If you have it on 30 minutes for example Then it would be 12 30 1 30 2 30 3 30. That's how the interval would fall if You have it set for Um every two hours then it would be 12 2 4 6 Etc so that's how the slot intervals Work Slot duration is uh the time that you Have allotted for the appointment how

Long the appointment is and then you Have your buffer duration between Appointments and this just lets This gives you the buffer in between the Two appointments so if your Appointment's ending at 2 30 and you Don't want one to come in at exactly 2 30 to start you know 2 30 to 3 then you Would just put them in here any kind of Buffer that you want say 30 minutes Um you know you can do 10 minutes but That way the next appointment that's Available if you have an appointment From 2 30 to 3 the next one that would Be available to book would be from 3 30 To 4. that way you have a buffer Appointments per slot per user that's How many appointments you want for each Slot so if you're doing it from nine to Five and you have you know hour long Then the amount of appointments that you Would be able to have for your 9 30 slot Is going to be however many you have Here so if you have two it'll be two for The 9 30 slot two for the 10 30 slot Etc Appointments per day This one here we actually do get a lot Of questions on Um so once the appointments per day are Met if you have six appointments here Per day In the beginning when you look at the Calendar your availability is going to Show whatever you have there so if you

Have open availability that day you're Going to see every single appointment Time that's available once people start Booking on the calendar for that day Then it's going to start Once they book on it for the six times Pardon me then you won't see any more Availability on that day but it won't Reflect until those all six appointments Were booked for that day then you'll see That there's no more availability so if You see that there's a whole bunch of Open availability times don't fret it's Just because six appointments haven't Been booked yet so it's still showing The available times that you have to Book those appointments And then we have our minimum scheduling Notice this is just basically Um if you have one day for example then When they go to the calendar today is The 20th if they were trying to book for Tomorrow at 9 00 a.m they wouldn't see That available they would only see What's 24 hours from now available for The scheduling notice And then the date range is how far do You want them to be able to see out in Your calendar do you want them to be Able to see you know 14 days out 21 days Out do you want them to be able to see Whatever they want if you do you would Just leave that blank but if you only Want them to be able to book for the

Following week then they would only be Able to see seven days out if you put That date range there And then we have the availability Um which we covered previously last week As well so the availability on the Calendar Um Again if you're using the round robin Calendars you're going to want to check The availability for the user as well to Make sure that it does match and it's Not you know Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday as the user's Availability because then these two days Here wouldn't be covered just making Sure that those availability hours are Matching Yep so a good way to think of group Calendars as like your business hours so If your business operates from eight to Five you put eight to five but Subjective to that the the users or your Front desk might only work half the day And then someone else might can come in Later so when we talk about the Availability on the group calendar what We said at the bottom here we're talking About the as a whole like as you as your Business whole essentially as a whole Vision or whole from your phrase that That's basically the whole day that your Business is open essentially and then The users within there whatever their

Time slots are Would have to will be reflected on those Calendars so a good example of this is Let's just say you run eight to five PM Every day and you have user a and user B That are on this one specific calendar So if you scroll up to the top real Quick I think it's on the team setup so let's Just say you have two two uh team Members like this user a user B user A's Availability which is set on their Profile tab they're only available from 8 AM to 1201 and then user B is Available from 1202 to 5 PM so obviously Sarah covers the first half and then Test Sarah covers the second half of the Day if someone comes in and books at 8 Am the only person on their calendar Even though the calendar is showing I Have availability or there is Availability from eight to five if they Book at 10 o'clock it's only going to be Put on Sarah's calendar because that's Her availability so that's a big one a Lot of people do miss because they'll See like um Bookings go erase sometimes I won't Always book back with the original owner Of the the contact and that's just based On pure availability like if they're not Available the system's still going to Make sure they can book a time and if The other user happens to be available

We'll actually let them book on the Other user's calendar but they would Still be assigned to user a Sorry I'm throwing a lot of wrenches in There but the power users Um a good way for the other one Availability sir sorry Uh in here there's another thing to keep In mind so you have different slot Durations how long is the actual Appointment worth like it's an hour long So a good way to look at this is like if You have a I think this is a CrossFit Essentially a sub account so you have an Hour in like an hour course And then you might want to see I can Have up to 20 people per slot right but That's all at the same time so if you Have a CrossFit this would make sense You'd have a 45 minute slot duration you Could have up to 20 people in a class Right and then you could have a maximum Of like maybe two classes a day or three Classes a day so that that's just trying To put some use case examples here so That's if you're running across but you Could do it that way on the other side Of the spectrum if you're running 101 Zoom calls then you're probably going to Want to change this to one because Um it'll allow you to book one person For that slot but if you have two here Let's just say I book the slots right And I'm having 101 with Sarah but

Someone else comes with books at the Exact same time now Sarah split between Two people which is not what she wants So in most cases if you're running a One-on-one you'll want to do one person In that slot so those are two uh use Cases there's a zoom one-on-one you Probably want to change this to one but If you're doing a CrossFit you can have Up to 20 students in your class so it's A good way to look at as well Um I think the the last one we could go Over is just kind of General the Overview setup if you wanted to I'm Thinking We covered most of the complexities of This uh confirmation is pretty Straightforward oh that's another one Actually when you're seeing Um double emails coming out and the Email I wish I had a template but it's Like a little template and it's it's Like a little green button and it's like Every time an appointment's book that's Going to say click here right this is This is where it's generating from So if you have automation built out Already Um and you don't want to use the system Notifications you're going to want to Turn this off Right because right now you're telling The system to send acknowledge an email

To the assigned user letting us know That someone booked but if you have Automation doing that as well your Double essentially sending two messages I guess you guys see this a lot as well Sarah right So we do yeah so this templated email That gets sent out for every appointment Booking if you see it and it has a green Button at the bottom Right it's just a green button I think It's I don't remember the exact language For it but if you're seeing that this is Where it's coming from from the calendar Settings If you don't want that then you have to Come in here and physically turn this Off So yeah we'll see a lot of that people Build automations and they have the System generate a email as well you Don't need this if you've already built Automation but that's at your discretion This is just a fast way if somebody Wants to send an email out and they Don't want to build automation they can Just leave this on Sorry hijacked okay trying to see if There's anything else there let me see Anything else that you jump that jumps Out to you and support that you see a Lot of that's just a miscommunication Um Not too much more

Um Got it not So Much from the calendar Page no I think uh the things that we previously Discussed are the the Hot Topics inside The support Got it and then I can't find my uh Chrome tab now I always lose my Chrome tab Uh let me give you back your screen And I can't find the slab deck Oh Joyce I literally can't find it what's the Last slide I think it was Here we go let me Bring it up here Where did it go Oh Um Let me just go backwards here Okay All right so the next page is support Articles Oh yeah there you go Perfect [Applause] So we could share some of the uh syncing Options a lot of people have different Syncing options And then we also have an additional Webinar that we did That goes over the difference between Group and undesigned calendars and how

To set them up So we can post all the links in the chat As well I'm not good at this presentation It's in there now you got it yeah it's In there now okay okay Um I think we're ready to are you ready To open up for open uh Forum questions Sure [Music] Thanks for joining us for the full Experience of our q a sessions be sure To join us weekdays 12 P.M to 2 p.m Eastern Time us visit us at forward slash daily QA or check us out on our Facebook group For the live stream [Music]

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