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Foreign Welcome to the Daily q a brought to you By the high level training and knowledge Team Okay we welcome all of you guys this is Our Q a session we have the pleasure to have Alexis she's one of our senior support Specialists so we are going to start With a Q with a quick slide tag and After that we can start with the open q A okay So be sure to To ask questions related with the Subject and we will help you okay we can Start Awesome so uh can you guys hear my see My screen yes thank you okay awesome so As she mentioned I'm Alexis I work as One of the senior support Specialists For our CRM team and today I'm just Going to go over a few things that we Work with just to kind of have a better Understanding and then you have F Questions we'll go over them at the end Uh or throughout the chat uh so today Our first I guess our agenda is going to Mainly focus on DND bulk actions uh We'll kind of touch up on Facebook Integrations some FAQs and then we'll Have an open q a Foreign Starting off we're going to talk about DND for contacts so DND is mainly just

Do not disturb it can be toggled on Manually or the client can have it set Up whether it's from an email SMS Facebook Etc it'll show up under the contacts tab Once you go into a contact specifically All the way towards the bottom under the Activity log you'll see a DND preference This is where let's see either you can Manually select it to turn off all Notifications or turn off all Preferences that way if this contact Does get added to of either a drip Sequence of sending out manual messages Automations things like that if they are Tagged as D and D they will not get that Alert for that specific Channel Um if they do it on their end mainly From either an unsubscribe button being Pressed within a email or an SMS or an Alternative then they'll also have that Preference auto mark so they will not Get those alerts or messages within that Thread or template Uh DND status so DND on Um basically means uh no automated I Said manual uh or automated messages Will be permitted to go out to them Previously before uh sometimes they Would bypass it uh if things were Manually sent and then it would only be Triggered if there was an automated Message that was sent from a workflow Trigger some people will set up

Campaigns things like that that's when We would trigger but now it's set up to Where manual messages are also not Permitted to go out DND off means Everything will continue to work like Normal and then DND partial is where Some channels are unavailable for Outbound messaging uh basically so you Can toggle on DND for SMS but have it All for everything else and they'll Receive everything except for SMS Um And then a side note the DND tag will Not work unless DND is on for all Channels so if you're trying to create a Smart list Bulk add a bunch of people to a certain Uh automation or doing anything like That Um if you're wanting to gather up all The people who have DND tagged in them Unless they have DND on for all channels They will not be pulled up as a eligible Contact for that DND tag you have to Manually add them or assign a DND tag to That contact Right and then uh DND for emails same With like SMS uh daily differences uh It's if it's Auto enabled sometimes the System will Auto enable DND if one of The criteria below happens so if they Notice that the email failures are Common where bounces are done generic Suppressed complaints press unsubscribe

If they notice that this certain email Subscriber is getting hit with all of These flags it'll Auto enable DND for The contact and then the recipient Whatever recipient unsubscribes it marks The email list spam a mail gun complaint Event is triggered so if several of These are reported or things like that That can flag your account and then our Team would more than likely have to look Into it and go over why that happened All right so oh I apologize and then we Have DND SMS so if a customer replies With an opt-out keyword like stop and Stop uh unsubscribe whatever the trigger Word is set up to be They'll be flagged as D and D for SMS Now uh there is a help document that we Have uh if you guys would like I can Send that to you guys but it goes over What each DND code or which twilio error Codes these things could mean Um basically this is saying so if you Get this error code next to your Messages that are going out it usually Reciprocates it relates to whatever this Code is so this is a common one Sometimes people will set contacts up For campaigns or drips things like that And they realize oh the phone is Actually a landline so they can't Receive the SMS it happens often but we Have these error codes in there usually Pretty

Commonly matched to whatever the code Description is Um So Is there any questions before I move on To the next topic going over DND at all So let me go ahead so next chapter or Next section is going to be bulk actions Um bulk actions can be performed within The context Um next to Smart list generally you can Do things uh in bulk so importing Exporting uh bulk contact delete bulk uh Uh tag ad well tag delete bulk tag Delete sorry about that uh things that You can do Manually but it would do it for all of Your contacts Um I say manually lightly because it's Not really manual because you're setting It up as an Automation and then that Will tumble into if you want to send Them to an automation put them in a Workflow put them in your opportunities Etc Um as you can see this Pages there's a Lot of information on here Um so if you were wanting to look at all Uh if you need to look at your history You can sort what you're viewing so you Can change all actions to like I said Export import delete tag adding things Like that you can sort by which users Are performing it under this account

This is a sub account you can sort by The status basically is it complete is It in processing and then you can sort By a date as well other things to look At you can name it uh the bulk action You're doing so if you're doing Something like a bulk import you'll have A section that lets you name the import That you're doing same with exports Things like that you can or well sorry The same way with other bulk actions You're able to name them if you want to Do that as well Um Your bulk operation just goes over the Type status like I said you can sort by The status when it was created the time The user who created it when it was Finished and then the statistics and Action so statistics will show you uh What percentage of it was completed what Percentage was failed uh and then in Actions you are able to see what Happened Um under actions there is there's Usually two or three uh buttons that can Be selected so you can either pause uh Or undo the action so that would be Revert you can also look at the details So if there are under the stats if there Are messages or contacts that were Failed to either be imported exported Whatever action you're performing you're Able to review that under the actions

Tab there'll be a button that'll say Review error log and from there it'll Break down each line or each contactor That had the error and just similar to To the DND helpdoc we have a help doc That goes over what the error codes for Bulk actions are as well it'll let you Know if The phone number is not being parsed Correctly if the column needs a custom Field things like that but you're able To see the breakdown of what is in the System what is not in the system and why It's not in the system Um another thing with bulk actions you Can do is a drip which I'm going to be Talking about now so drip basically just Stands for differentiate reinforce Inform and persuade it's a common Marketing communication method so if You're either re-branding or if you're Doing a new product or you want to touch On an old product just kind of bring People back into the loop drip mode is a Good communication tactic for that Basically what that does is it lets you Divide up the messaging and the Frequency that you're sending out to Your contacts In drip mode we have rate limits Depending on depending on the frequency So if your frequencies are 30 seconds to A minute you can send about a thousand Messages per minute frequencies of five

Minutes almost five thousand messages But it'll be four thousand nine hundred Ninety nine frequency of six to ten Minutes that's when you hit the 5000 Messages per minute uh frequencies of Above 10 minutes that's when you have About 10 000 messages per minute Um And then that's if you're wanting to Break it down in that drip mode uh yes Um And then if you're wanting to do it all At once uh and then add a scheduled time That is another alternative you can do Um so you can divide it up by the amount Of contacts you're wanting it to send Out in bulk you can do 0 to 25 000 Contacts that'll be 15 000 contacts Process per hour uh 25 000 to 50 000 About seven thousand five hundred Contacts processed you have the fifty Thousand to a hundred thousand contacts Which usually takes uh it does about six Thousand contacts per hour and then a Hundred thousand contacts and above is Usually about 4 500 contacts process per Hour now there are other things that Could cause these uh processing times to Skew so if you have background Automations running Um if you are also trying to perform Multiple actions at once other things Like that can cause it to slow down and It's common

Um and then if you're wanting to Schedule a bulk action in advance uh the Most you'd be able to do uh or it's Recommended at most and you're only able To do it about a month in advance Um you're able to do it of course prior To that but the furthest Advance is About 30 days And then we will touch on Facebook Integration Um I'm not sure if you guys have it Integrated but uh it's very it's very Beneficial so you're able to have I'm Sorry automated lead capture by setting Up a Facebook lead forms uh and then Whenever that is integrated you're able To have your forms be read and mapped Within go high level uh when your Clients fill those forms out or when the Leads fill those forms out they'll be Pulled into the CRM based on an Automation and then you can have it set Up to go through workflows or other Things like that and get them set up Inside of your account There's improved lead quality enhanced Leads management I said you're able to Kind of prioritize where they're coming From go back and look at the data for Each of those leads or lead forms things Like that efficient follow-up and Increase conversions Um you're able to kind of follow up with Them based on the now that we have the

Facebook DMS integrated you're able to Do it that way and listen now you're Able to connect your Facebook and Instagram page Um the only stipulations really for that Is that you have the business account Connected and the Instagram has to be The same business Facebook account so You can link them together but you can Also do Instagram and Facebook DMs Um These are the general uh or common Troubleshooting steps that we go through So of course clearing your cash and Cookies Um as well as clearing your site data I've noticed that's something that we've Had to do a bit more often Um that's just something that you can do Within your browser Um and that just it helps more Internally along with clearing the cash And cookies Um logging out of go high level closing The browser and then trying in a new Browser to see if you are able to Replicate that same issue that you're Happening or that is happening uh go to Your agency view check your settings and Check your white label domain make sure All of that was set up correctly make Sure it's not blank or just make sure Able to root to it the way that it Should be routed to

Um did you probably like did you set it Up correctly uh whatever is in that Field and then when you're navigating to It are you signing in with that white Labeled uh URL or are you signing in With the go high level URL that is a Common thing that happens often so And then as like a another step or not a Final step but just another step you're Able to go to The Domain that you have Or whatever your white label information Is try to log in that way and see if Integrating Facebook through your white Label agency versus the general go high Level login is able to correct it All right And now I will start going through Questions if that's okay Yes thank you so much Alexa okay guys Please start typing your questions only Related questions to the subject or we Won't be able to help them If you have another questions you can Join us tomorrow for the open q a Or you can contact support so please if You have related questions start typing Them on the chat and we will help you Yeah The today's subject was uh mainly just Uh context so we started with bulk Actions DND things of that nature Generally breaking down most of the tabs That are found under your contact Section

Correct Yeah we are going to end up the meeting Thank you so much Alexis for your time And for your help No problem Thank you so much for having me Thank you thank you guys thank you Sergio thank you Josh And see you tomorrow for the open q a Remember tomorrow is the open qna and we Can help you with every question that You have on related with the subjects And remember the calendar we have we Have LC on Wednesday calendars Friday And see you tomorrow guys thank you Thank you Thanks everyone [Music] For joining us for the full experience Of our q a sessions be sure to join us Weekdays 12 P.M to 2 p.m Eastern Time us Visit us at forward slash daily QA or check us out at our Facebook group For the live stream Foreign

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