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Foreign Welcome to the Daily q a brought to you By the high level training and knowledge Team Hi guys welcome welcome guys We have Corey today he's one of our Specialists on the CRM Integrations so He's going to give a little explanation About it so I need you to please all of You keep muted until week Get to the Q a session okay So please go ahead and sorry guys please Start typing your questions in the zoom Chat because we are going to read them Like in the order that that they appear And all the not related questions we are Not going to help you with that because We need to respect Curry's time okay Thank you guys Corey You can start thank you for that Gabriella Hi guys uh so let me go ahead and share My screen [Music] And slideshow So today we're going to be Going over CRM Integrations And we're going to be going over how to Connect your Facebook account with the System how to troubleshoot your Facebook Integration and the benefits of the Integration So in order to integrate your Facebook You'll go into Um this system settings and you will go

To where it says Facebook under Integrations and you can connect your Facebook there Um if you want to integrate or use the Instagram DMS you'll need to connect Your Instagram account with a Facebook Page you also won't be able to integrate Your Instagram until you connect Facebook you will need to do that first So by default incoming Facebook messages Will create a new contact and high level Based on the name which will be a Duplicate contact if that person has Already completed a leak ad form By tackling by toggling on the merge Facebook contacts by name settings and Settings and then company settings However you can automatically merge Incoming Facebook Messenger contacts With the existing contact by selecting This right here The benefits of the integration are Automated lead capture Improve lead quality Enhanced lead management Efficient follow-up And increased conversations Facebook integration issues that you may Be having So the wheel keeps spinning after you Went through Facebook integration path And settings Integrations When come when clicking connect on

Facebook and settings Integrations you Are redirected to a broken page Three Facebook for build mapping section Is not displaying the forms that reside Under the Facebook business page you are Trying to integrate So some troubleshooting steps that you Can take uh this one in my experience Has fixed most you know the issue most Of the time most of these issues is Clearing your cash and cookies logging Out of high level closing the browser And reopening the browser and trying Again Go to your agency view settings agency Settings and see what is the white label Domain field Did you properly white label the domain To whatever you put in that field The video Down here is how to do that If you did look at the URL in the Address bar you're probably logged in Via which you Shouldn't be you should be using Whatever white label domain that you Have set up Uh so that would be the app.thename of whatever you use And then try to integrate Facebook from There again if the Facebook integration Is still having issues that's when you Could reach out to us And then here's some support articles on

Facebook integration issues and these Are step-by-step guides that can walk You through uh what could be potentially Causing the issues that you're facing And uh we've reached the FAQs for why Facebook pages aren't showing and why The forums won't show Okay guys I'm not sure if you have any Related questions to the Facebook Integration Thanks for joining us for the full Experience of our q a sessions be sure To join us weekdays 12 P.M to 2 p.m Eastern Time us visit us at forward slash daily QA Or check us out at our Facebook group For the live stream [Music]

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