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Foreign Welcome to the Daily q a brought to you By the high level training and knowledge Team Hey guys Welcome to our automations q a We have the pleasure to have Alessandro He's one of our automations Specialists Thank you so much Alexander for being Here he's going to go through a brief Presentation and after that we can start With the open q a thank you Josh thank You Alexandra we can start and welcome Guys Yeah welcome guys thank you very much For having me by the way training a Knowledge team it's great to be back Here so just to let you guys know I'm Alessandro I'm a senior support Specialist of automations and let's Start the presentation here Okay so today's agenda we're going to go Over workflows versus triggers and Campaigns is the benefits of workflows And why you should switch over In my opinion well and the whole Company's opinion as well uh and then The second we're going to go over Standard values not showing so standard Values are values that we provide right So high level to the clients they're not Custom Fields because custom fields are Obviously custom and at the client's Description And we're going to go over workflow

Settings so this is a feature within Workflows uh many of you have probably Seen it before It's the settings tab right in the Middle and now we're going to go over on Number four premium workflow actions Slack custom Web book and Google Sheets As you know I'm kind of trying to take Over zapier here and try to eliminate That burden for you guys right keep it All in one app so we are kind of similar We do charge per execution but it's one Cent right now uh we're gonna leave Support docs for all these topics here So you guys can look at it for reference But let's start There we go sorry One too far okay workflows versus Triggers so I mean workflows as you can Tell in this picture angle right here Just a better UI right better user Interface Um It gives you like a little flow chart of Actions and as well it combines Campaigns and triggers into one right so Just you just leave it as one at one Place and uh Yeah it has that benefit as opposed to Triggers here on the right side which Basically it's not really as user Friendly Um yeah and we could drop a document Actually I can go through that document

Very quickly to show you the benefits Too laid it out Easier here for everyone to read We have workflows versus campaigns I'll Go over a little chart of What we have what's included in Workflows and what's included in Triggers Um so here we have appointment status Yes that's included in both customer Booked appointment of course birthday Reminder contact change is not available In triggers so that's one action or Trigger that you do not get the contact Trader one as well is not available on Triggers Contact ENT is contact tag note changed Is not included on our triggers And we'll go to the contact actions So these are also triggers so order Submitted is not available through Triggers And then category completed this is for Memberships for those of clients that Are doing memberships uh you do not get A category completed in triggers this is Another great reason for switching over To workflows And then invoice this is for payments we Do not offer this and triggers us as Well developers do not focus their Priority towards triggers as they are Duplicated features this goes for Campaigns as well

In the abandoned checkout actually no Shopify triggers offered on triggers so If you're using Shopify the whole Integration then you're gonna have to Switch support close and then for the Video tracking trigger we don't offer it On triggers as well and then the tick Tock performance submit is only Available on workflows So yeah Um and then our actions here if we could Just go through this quickly Uh So These are send email is all available Workflow campaigns and triggers send SMS As well the call so the force call Automation is not available Um but yeah like I said just wanted to Go quickly through this I can send this to you guys for Reference To go through it it is long here we'll Keep the Webinar going and go back to our topics Here I'll go to the standard Fields there's No standard value is not showing Apologize I don't know it's taking so Long to load okay so yeah the action Should be related so the values that you Need to send right so think about the Appointment value right so the Appointment value any appointment values

Need the appointment trigger to refer to In order to populate on your workflow or On in your SMS or email action right Um sorry I didn't mean to scroll there To give you demonstration here see if I Can pull up a workflow Okay oh awesome I already have one set Up here so see how I have the Appointment status trigger here I have SMS action This this value right here will only Populate if I'm using an appointment Based trigger So if I if I used contact tag added It would not work Just because we don't have any Appointment parameters remember this Goes for all triggers right and all Values that you're using right to like In this in this case obviously it's the Appointment status but Um In order to get them to populate you Need to have the trigger Correspondence to with them just because The triggers hold the parameters and These values won't populate with them Now I'm trying to think of other new Samples here that we can go by uh Pipeline stage change actually is a Great one So Let's just get this up Okay and pipeline

Let's just choose an example one here Lead Okay I use it if Oh didn't mean to click trigger there Else So this is just an example of why you Need the corresponding trigger with the Action or with your desired result so in This case it's pipeline stage if you're Trying to build an if else condition you Know to spear in a direction depending On which stage that's uh contact us in You'll need to have the trigger for it Right so This actually just to go back and Explain This right here won't populate unless You have a pipeline stage change trigger So if you're using multiple triggers Within This one workflow this will populate But don't do fooled because We'll need those parameters from the Pipeline in order for this contact to Pass this condition All right so let's just choose as an Example Right so pipeline stage change it's Pretty simple here let's actually add Contact change I believe I have some Examples I could show you of successful And unsuccessful executions so those Pipeline stage change contact changed

If someone comes in through the contact Change trigger this workflow this Condition will fail Let me see if I could find some previous Executions to see this Equipment stage change okay awesome so This is a example of a successful one Right here so we see that the contact Was added through the pipeline stage Change trigger And then the value for the pipeline it Populated within this value section here That's a great thing right so for Or executions that do not work let's see If I can find one See I see this is actually a good example so This was answered in by pipeline stage Change But it failed Because it was a different pipeline Their pipeline stage sorry Let me see if I can find one with the Wrong trigger awesome subcontact tag I Actually used in my last example so We're going to contact changed and then If we go to the history tab here or Status right this is this should be your Bread and butter for diagnosing uh Workflow related issues it's another key Benefit here over triggers we don't We're not able to see any execution logs For triggers and obviously if you want To look into something that went wrong

With the trigger you would have to Contact us which we'd have to take to Our development team Okay here we don't have any pipeline Value that's because a contact tag is What added me to this workflow so pay Attention to these uh so whenever you Get a if else condition that fails Always refer to the more details icon Here Because it'll tell you so if there's no Value in here it's most likely the user Did something wrong right so in this Case the contact was entered in by a Contact tag instead of the pipeline Stage change Trigger or any pipeline Triggers and that's why there's no value Here and that's why it fails essentially Okay that cleared away with that topic Let's move to the Next one here So you can see on course okay so Workflow settings Let's just make it bigger here I'm gonna go back to the work phone as X So we have the time window anytime Specific time so just keep in mind any Times Obviously any action once a Contact enters a workflow The actions are going to execute Instantly obviously based on what you Have set up you have weight steps They're gonna wait there the desired Time if they're just instant actions

Like create update opportunity they're Gonna happen right away but if you Decide to have a specific time I'm just gonna Go back to the workflow here it's going To get it up specific time you can set a Time window so just keep in mind that This will halts contacts at all actions At any actions blocks up for a few that I'll mention in a second Um until this desired time window right So if it's outside of this time window It's going to Halt contacts And if it's inside it's going to execute Instantly as I said before Um but keep in mind wait steps will not Follow this uh the create update slash Update contact from our inbound web hook Trigger right once you create the Inbound web trigger I'll show you that Just for Quick reference actually It's part of our actions I could bring It up this way oh sorry Yeah it's Lily right here so This action right here Okay sorry so it's the gold action Uh Just for time purposes I won't make that Populate but anyways uh right here this Won't follow the global setting for a Specific time Just because it actually does if you are If you do have an inbound Web book

Running Uh you know if it's outside that window Of time it will actually result in an Error for whatever contact you're trying To pull in from your third party app That you're running that you're calling The Web book from uh another thing that Will avoid this time window is these set About date auction And yeah I think that's that's it but Yeah other than that all actions will Halt If it's outside this time frame so let's Go back to the slideshow Okay oh contact management allow Multiple so as you can see allow Multiple allows contacts inside a Workflow uh you know if they've already Been in that workflow before but keep in Mind if a contact is active in a Workflow so let's say they're on a wait Step and let's say you try to re-add Them again they will not re-add there Will result in the contact being skipped It's just because they're already a part Of the workflow they haven't completed The execution And now uh just keep in mind that allow Multiple will ignore any appointment Based triggers or invoice based tutors And then stop on response if you have This active any contact that replies to Any correspondence coming from the Workflow will be removed right away from

Them So a lot of the times they see that stop On responses on and if a contact replies You know they're not going through like A contact reply if else condition you Know as I've seen many issues people Bring that to my attention well it's Because most times they just forget that Stop on response is active so just Remember to have that toggled off if you Don't want contacts to be removed based On reply Okay so the conversation management Auto Auto mark As read as this feature right Here at the bottom so this will auto Mark conversations or or correspondence Coming from the workflow it's not going To do it for any uh Sorry any manual uh conversations or you Know that take place between a user and A contact it's just for the workflow so Anything coming from the workflow is Going to be auto mark this right Okay then workflow sequence management We don't have a picture of that but I'll Show you what that means what we mean by That it's this event uh start date Action here as you can see it is a Deprecated feature what we actually Recommend using is the set of head start Date action It's better just because you can Actually create multiple events within The same workflow

Right so we have custom fields We have specific date time specific date So this is if let's say you are using Zaper or you know you're trying to link A third-party software to here you can Put the custom fields for the Appointment parameters or time Parameters that will populate here for Contacts And specific date time let's just choose One at random Same reaction now keep in mind for this We want to use weight steps because the Set event start date action is only to Give the workflow a time to read it's Not going to hold contacts there so We're going to use the weight step we're Going to choose event appointment time So that's what the event represents in This action appointment time obviously Refers to you and our appointment-based Triggers Um so we could set it up like we're Doing an appointment reminders uh Workflow or automation let's say Um So yeah I want to do before one day then Send an SMS And we set it up like this so This is The Best setup I would best practice here For setup I wouldn't use the Event action in the settings page Just remember to use a set events third

Time with the weight step that's Pertinent to this process if you just Have the set event start time it's gonna It's not going to wait at all and your Customer in the context is going to Receive this SMS right away Okay So now let's go over the fun stuff the Lead connector premium actions so like I Said it's kind of take over zapier and You know just eliminate that bill from Your Your process and keep it all in one Place right so we do Bill one cent per Action execution uh I could we could Drop the article here just for more Information let's go over the Google Sheets slack notifications and custom Workbook Let me just delete all this Okay Google Sheets so for people that Want to transfer data to Google Sheets You don't need to do it with zapier Anymore which is great Um you just need to have your Google Account connected and then once it is You can select so this already has a Google account connected and this is Pulling from the Google integration Right so we can craft create spreadsheet Row choose an account And then select the drive And we can set it up from here Sheet1

Certain column first name a so this is All coming from my Google sheet Okay here we are okay and then you just Implement the fields that you'd like to Transfer over to your Google sheet so It's pretty straightforward and then Also we can use if else conditions For that See if I can let me input something here Just for Sorry let me do first name we actually Follow the instructions first name And I'm not sure okay And if else And It should be here Contact details Actually should get the rows there Okay Google Sheets look up yeah this is Only for Looking up in action sorry my apologies Uh but like I said we'll drop a uh the Dock on this too just to explain this More in depth uh but the cool thing is Is that you you could use it if else Conditions right so if this condition is Um there then let's proceed the contact This way or that way within if else Condition it's pretty cool Okay then let's go to Slack So the awesome thing about this is of Course we're eliminating zapier so you Don't have to use a zap to transfer

Information to slack it we directly Integrate with slack just keep in mind That the LC premium access need to be Enabled within the agency settings under The sub count view Um but I'll actually ask you here to Connect it and I'll bring you right There so if you want to if you don't Have LC premium actions enabled Um It'll ask you to connect it here and Bring you to the Integrations page or The sorry it will enable the LC pretty Young actions for you right so a little Window will pop up it'll ask you to Agree to the terms and conditions you Press that and then if you don't have Slack integrated it's going to pop up There click the button to integrate and Then it'll bring you to the Integrations Page if we're not wrong and then you Just connect it you come back and you Can set up so you can send a direct Message to a user and you can send Private Channel message or send public Message Which is cool So sign user insert message Custom email Internal user Like slack user And this will look up the slack users as Well in your slack account Which is really awesome So okay the custom Web book

So I'm going to drop a full article on Uh actually I believe one of the trade Knowledge team will drop an article on The custom web hook for those of you That don't really necessarily know Custom web books Yeah it's just a great way of posting Data from high level to your third-party App so that's what you would drop a Web Book URL here that would come from your Third-party app and then Um yeah like I said we have a whole Article to explain the setup headers if You're using query parameters and then The raw body format as well Um cool thing about this feature is that Compared to our last webhook feature There's more customization which is Great because the I'll just just for Reference I'll show you the last mobile Feature that we have So this one it's it's really limited on What kind of data that it sends so think Of like very very basic information like Contact name contact email phone Um so if you're trying to send other Data uh you know to your third-party Software and I would recommend using the Custom Web book Over the original Web book any day so Let's just be aware of course it is a Cent per execution because it is a Premium action and just let you know if You didn't know all these gold actions

Here are Our premium and they do costs that's why They're highlighted in schools but Yeah I believe I guess let's open the Floor to any questions Um that come up here and thank you so Much Gabriela if you want to take it Away Yeah I think thank you so much Alexander We can start with the questions we have Thanks for joining us for the full Experience of our q a sessions be sure To join us weekdays 12 P.M to 2 p.m Eastern Time us visit us at forward slash daily QA Or check us out on our Facebook group For the live stream Foreign

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