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Foreign Welcome to the Daily q a brought to you By the high level training and knowledge Team Hi guys welcome to the Daily q a today We have the pleasure to have David once Again he is one of our funnels and sites Specialists so I need you to please Remember that we are not support so we Are going to help you with the setups But if if we notice that Something is wrong or something is not Working we need to create a ticket and You will get redirect to support Remember that on the open q a we only Have 10 minutes per attendant so let's Try to be respectful with everybody's Time and as soon as you have questions Start typing them on the chat in order To to reply to those okay welcome and Welcome David thank you so much for Being here Hey guys good morning or good afternoon Uh depends what you are so yeah nice to Be here uh for tier time uh right here We talk about some some quick tips uh on The last q a for funnels on sites today We will uh talk about some overview but Also some other tips that I want to Share I hope so we have a like the Opportunity on the future to talk about Some like I can say probably secret tips That that we have in in our thoughts on Articles we we pause on our support

Portal uh that will be a pleasure so Yeah let's let's see we have also the Time in the future for make this but for Now let me share the screen Uh on this step um let me Um Let's start here so yeah my name is David B one of the Specialists for Legion and black expansion but today it Will be for for exactly the future about Uh funnels and sites uh okay hosted by Gavi a murderer by Jay so first the the The fields that we will talk about today Will be kill some values on sites uh so Drop down menus for forms calendars and Surveys how to set the block element That it was that was one of the like a Really big feature that we we can only Use for phonos and sites and for now and Also like the quick overview about the Phonogram website builder and then they Open q a So a quick summary about how the custom Values Which kind of give some values can work On on our funnel and website editor we Know that when we create when we are Creating some custom values they they The values that we can contain on them Is they are not just a URL link we can Also add some text uh we can use them Inside the forms uh for example I mean Form surveys that kind of feature that We know that we can use inside the

Funnel funnel Builder also some media uh Like uh like image in my future videos Also some custom uh like custom content What I mean about that is for example Maps custom JavaScript and HTML uh SV SBA SBS uh files and reviews uh so that Means that we can also create like our Custom JavaScript code that we we are Using Ford I don't know a bringing our Calendar Elementor whatever other thing That we want to Bring to our funnel editor and we can Just add that on the custom value and in That way in a quick and faster way a Like an easy way to to add it on our Funnel editor also some blocks or the Elements and tracking codes that is kind Of same thing that I can say for a Custom custom code and yeah also for Favicon head tracking code and yeah some Other examples I can share here a quick Example uh that I that I did here on a Funnel I don't know if someone uh try Already for example uh in a custom in a Custom code let me just So for example here I create a custom Code where I am where I where I add this My email address For for a for send an email so what is How this will work I mean this is a Custom code that I create for send an Email when I when I just preview this I Can see that on my site uh it's Populating a do you want to send an

Email when I click right here it will Open automatically okay I can share this Because I am just sharing the tab but in This way I will I will quickly I will Make in a quick way to let to the client To send an an email to to the email Address that I want also this can work For when when I want to make a call or Yeah it's kind of another example this This Q this code is also possible to Content completely if I just copy Completely here and I go to my custom Values object settings I can completely Cop the iframe code that I that I that I That I want to use in a custom value I Just came here to the editor and pay the Q some value with the bracket that we Have here there is something that we That is is good to mention on this q a Is that On our system we have only two kind of Uh like custom values or custom field we Cut we we call it like that that are Valid to use in our system and they they Always start with used with contact Field I don't know if you so already Like the the bracket bracket bracket Contact uh contact uh uh name contact Contact email address contact field Whatever the other one that we have that We can use on on our editor on on our System is to start with custom values That means that uh I see some clients That they have some issues because they

They I don't know they create some Custom values that they say uh I don't Know like probably like survey or or Whatever name they think that they are Bringing the information from another Feature that we have in our system that Does does no value we need to understand That there is some just valid custom Fields um um um and feel um values that We can use on our system we have an Article regarding which kind of uh like The standards the the standard custom Field that we have on our system that Are they they value for use and also and Also where you can when you create your Your own custom values you you see that Is that is a super super here a clear That okay which is the key that I that I Can use for bringing the value that I That I just contained on that custom Value okay is that one so there is no Others that I can use okay I have the Trigger links can I use my trigger links On the funnel editor no because the Trigger links will only with the Trigonometry in other words they are Another custom value but they have a Like a a a unique function that is the Clickable thing that you can firework Blah blah blah you know we'll talk about That but my opponent is that you you Can't use a trigger link on a funnel Editor I know that it's a custom value Like as I say that they have a unique

Function that you can only use for Example on an email an SMS or other Features that we can we don't we'll talk About that but for just for summary they Are not possible to use on the funnels And sites but they are custom values Okay so Next next slide uh okay there is a Really a cool uh like uh option that we Can that we can use is the drop down Menus what is the drop down menus for Calendars There is a function that where if you Add the multiples IDs that you have from The from all of your calendars that you Create on yours on your on your actual Account you can create a drop down menu Option for your clients to just click Right here and show the show the Different uh calendars that you want to You to show right there I can show a Really quick example right here and I Can I can show you right here okay so When you go to your calendar settings And you copy the the ifrin code right Here let me just So now we have these new really cool new UI that we launched that is here copy Embedded code When we copy the embedded code and we Just paste it in another place we will See that on the on the iframe code we Have the ID of the calendar So that means that when I you when I

When I copy this iframe and I and I use It on my funnel or website editor it Will it will show my my calendar but What about if I have I don't know five Calendars and I want to show all of them I don't want to order a bit I don't I Don't I don't want to every time go go Here on the element and and then add the Element and put different a lot of like I mean five calendars element on the Same page that will be like a lot of Information that they claim is to okay Where is my calendar where I can book my My appointment with this this person no We have another like a a really cool Option right here and let me show you so When we copy the iframe code that is Such a two let me just open this again When we copy the iPhone code we have the Exactly ID for the calendar that you can Also see right here when I copy the Permanent link that's why I copy this One copy permanent link is where I can See my ID for the calendar what happened If I also copy the the permanent the the Other ID for my other calendar I will Just go here I will paste right here I Will copy my my ID and then I will also I will put a comma then the ID and then When I enter this I have the option To select one of my calendars so if Someone has a question hey can I Organize this I have a like an issue the Last week regarding a calendar asking me

If it's possible to organize the the Which will be the first calendar we are Working on that because looks like it's Not positive for now it will be like Randomly showed but for now this Solution it will give you the like the Option to show showing in the in just One page in just one view this drop down Menu to show different calendars uh to Your client so that means that you can Also use that like that they all the IDS That you want so there is another Question I have also test this with Survey some firms but unfortunately it Does not possible to use with service And forms this is an option unique is Only only for four calendars but it's a Really cool feature because as you see You have the option to select a like uh The calendar where you want to book the Appointment and there you go so a really Cool future so Uh next next option block element so we Create we create our very cool blocks a LMA our blogs on our on our system we we Know this is a really like kind of no New future we have like more than six Months with this feature I don't know How much time And there's some there there is like a Uh uh the main the main thing that I Want to mention is that when you when You add your block element on your site Editor and you and it's working okay

It's it's looking really cool and it Have a few right here on the in my blog And I click right here when I click on My element on my blog element I can see Okay here is my contact but why all of Those things are on the top so we only We we highly suggest to our clients to Create I uh only like a unique uh page For the blogs what it means that when You're working with your in your on your Funnels on your websites All of the things that you put before Before they block element they will be There all the time even if you have the Login the blog I know that when you Click on that the all of the content it Will show right there but all of those Things will don't get it right I mean I See some clients that they're asking why Those things are are being still there And my blog element is now showing on The top because that's the that's the That's now in the like this is a normal Behavior what I mean is that if you want To create a really cool like a a unique Blog a page for your for your funnels or Website it could be it could be better If you don't like set so much so many Elements titles I don't know just leave The header probably just the header with Your navigation menu and then your block Element so it could be it could be Better to just add the blog element on The top and delete the other thing so

What I mean is just create a unique blog Page where you have a Blog element Because all of the things that are Before this element is they will be There even if you you click on the blog And the content it shows right there so Yeah Um that's something really important to Mention about about the about the blog Elements Okay and and another now like a quick Overview for the phonosome sites What I can say for for for a certain This is that when I was working uh Creating funnels and sites for some Clients Uh like a really good practice that I Always that I always like uh when I Start when I start creating all my my my My site is that it will be that I will Have only like one header and one footer That I want to use for all of my sites All my funnels all of the the patients Where I want to show my brand okay That's cool we know that we have the Option so for example I can just select Right here the navigation menu really Quick example right here so okay I have I have here my my My first my header uh section uh where I Have my brand my logo all the the the The items what I have on the on the Navigation menu where I went to where I Want to relax my clients so a quick way

To add this is using the global sections Or template sections we know that we Have only two kind of options that are The Here the template sections and Global Sections a quick summary about this is That the templates the template option e Will be uh uh like a a template section That you can use on all of your account In whatever's in whatever funnel or Whatever website where you want to use It that's a really cool way to to use Your your like uh the section that you Have already with your logo all of those Things and you want a really quick a Easy way to add your section but then You have uh one entire website where you Have like a lot of spaces where you want To uh if you want if you make an Addition you want to reflect all of them In all of the other pages so there is The other the second option Global Section what it means with the global Section is that we will this will be More limited what I mean is that you Don't will able to use any on another Funnels and website because this Global Section it will be only for for that Funnel for that website and when you Make Edition on that section that will Be reflect on the other patients and That's a really cool way to just okay I Need to change my navigation menu I I Have changed my logo because now my

Brain has this new logo so I just want To in a quick and easy way add the new Logo and that will be reflect on the Other pages so that's up to you that Depends about uh how you want to like uh Use the the the sections on the On the funnel so yeah uh another another A like a tip that I always give to the Clan is that okay Probably you have a really complex that Are really big uh funnel website like a Lot of elements images you have also Custom code and you don't know where is My element where is this column where is This row where are all of those things There is a quick a way to check where is This element what is this column all of Those things when you just go here and You click on the elements managed Columns manage row manage all of the SEC All of those three four options you have The option manage when you click on the Manage on the on the manage button right Here I can see rows I can see all of the Rows that I have on my editor so I can See oh here is where's my row at all or You have something that you don't know Where is that from which places that if It's height or something so you know you Know that okay right here is where where It is also you know that you can name it Euros so I can say I don't know uh thing Thank you thank you message or something So do you know now okay my role that is

That is name it thank you message sorry That is thank you message is right here Also you can label it so in in that way Even if you lost it you don't know where Is that you can go to the manage page to The manage option And you can in a in an easy way uh find It where exactly is you can also hide it And you need it you can also clone it You can also move it if you need to to Move it look you can also move it in our In an easy way okay I need to be this uh Be the the last the last row and also in A quick way delete it so this option is Like a a really quick way for you to to Manage and also organize your like all Of your stuff that you have uh on your On your editor So yeah and just a quick a quick way to Talk about the editor is that do you Know that they probably I don't know if You will change the color for all of Those four options but always you need You can you can like uh be aware that The color for the elements are is like This kind of orange that we can see here The column is also is this purple one And the rows are the the the blue one And the intersections that are always The the ring one do you know that okay I Need to know where is my my Global Section on my template section always When you set your sections they will Turn in a like in a purple gray color

And I can show you right here if I Select this section I save this section And now look the color completely Changed this is like a purple a darker Purple one that we have here so we know That all of the colors that we like the Five colors are available where we can Like difference what kind of element is This what kind of section whatever it is This is also by the color Okay exactly Here is where does my where is my Section I am I am now exactly on my on My session and right here is where I Have all these settings that I can that I can edit for for my section so yeah uh I think I think I talk about a quick Overview about the funnels and sites And I don't know if there's something Else that I can mention Gabby or if we Can also now start with the open and Q a Yes of course we have uh our first Question is from give me a second Then Are you here yes I'm here hi Ben welcome Yes Um just have a camera off here for Privacy reasons um so thank you for Having me and um I have a question you Know if is there a way that I can save Certain elements like a two-step order Form that I modified with all the colors And you know whatever settings so that I Can kind of just save it and then recall It in another funnel

Like a template or something like that Okay that's a good question so yeah yeah Completely with the safe sections option All of the things that are saving on the On the section they are possible to to Use on another on another site so if you Save it right here as a global section Or a template section and you have Another phone right there Okay that's that's completely possible You can use the I will save all of the Settings that you that you did it on on Your other phone so yeah that's what it Is yes yeah okay so if that you want to Put it on another sub account Or the same sub account no no no Something that I mentioned is that the Global sections and the template Sections are only are only available for Use only in that account yeah so my Additional question I have is Um is it when I use that order form and A pop-up right is there a way that I can Also then kind of bring in one of these Templates or this um you know saved uh Items like From one file to the next one Do you mean like on your pop-up say what You have right I have the order form in The pop-up right I don't have it as in In the on the funnel itself but rather In the pop-up So I would like to save that and so that I can reuse it on another one

Okay the problem with that is that on The pop the pop-up is in another words Is another row it's not a section so the Only thing that we can say for now is Sections so that means that the pop-up That you have right there it has no it Never okay I have never seen the option For seba like the row because you are Working in a row when you are working in A bubble do you see the blue color or Yeah yeah the orange one so that means That no no you will need probably to Clone clone the entire funnel so you Know that you're you you can you can Like uh use a section a template section For from bring that same pop-up that you Have in another step so no Okay well that would be nice to have That but thank you sure wouldn't it Works you just duplicate the funnel Yeah for now it'll be like the quick way It will be clan on the cloning the the Funnel step that would be a way to work Around that would be very nicer to have Let's say safe settings for Uh pop-up and and you know Yeah anyway thank you appreciate it sure Thank you so much man okay yeah we have Another question this is from James are You here James yeah I'm here hi welcome Hey thanks hey uh the question I have uh I got my first client and I use the uh the blank funnel instead of One of the the pre-made funnels because

The uh the pre-made ones didn't Represent her business And I noticed it didn't give me an Option to uh do a username and password So when she downloaded the mobile app Uh she didn't have any credentials to Log into that app uh without using mines And I want to figure out what I what I Done wrong Uh So you're talking about funnels and size But also regarding when you create a new Search your user didn't get the Credentials to log into your account Where you at it here Yeah it didn't give me when I created a New sub account for uh and I picked the Blank The blank funnel yeah it didn't give me An option to create a username and Password for so the only way she can Access her account is using my Credentials so I guess I've done Something wrong Um I'm not sure if this more this is More a login CRM issue but you know that The only way for create your stuff is Right here cured on the agency or in the Sub account right here is where you can Create your users where they can access Then to your to your account and then go To your to your funnel or website uh Feature where they can edit edit them or Work on them yeah but here is the only

The only place I don't know Gabby just a Quick reminder we have a poll on Facebook so You can go and vote for next week topic And Tomorrow we have our open q a and Friday We have LC phone system Okay You can remember that you can watch These sessions on Facebook and YouTube We don't have more questions we are Going to end up the meeting now thank You so much for joining us thank you David for your help thank you Jay for Helping us and thank you everybody for Joining please if you have open Questions feel free to to join us Tomorrow or on Friday that we have our LC phone system and I I need to ask you to please both on The Facebook pool in order to to plan The next week sessions okay thank you so Much guys have a good one and stay safe Thank you David Thanks for joining us for the full Experience of our q a sessions be sure To join us weekdays 12 P.M to 2 p.m Eastern Time us visit us at forward slash daily QA or check us out at our Facebook group For the live stream Foreign

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