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Foreign Welcome to the Daily q a brought to you By the high level training and knowledge Team Okay welcome guys if you are watching us On Facebook you can join us if you have Some questions we have a pleasure to Have one of our LC connector system specialist Ryan will Help you will help us with all the Questions that you have so please join Us I need to please remind you that we Are not support so we are not going to Troubleshoot but we are going to help You with the with simple questions with The setup so please let us know and we Can start Ryan thank you so much for Joining us today Yeah no problem Um so my name is Ryan as Gabriella said I am a senior specialist here at go high Level Um I am part of the LC phone system team Um good morning to you guys good Afternoon wherever you are in the world Today Um so let's just jump in and get started Um I'm gonna share my screen Okay Okay so on today's agenda we'll be Talking about Um what LC phone is will go over pricing Um how to migrate to the phone system We'll talk about the ramp up model and

We'll talk about Um why your SMS will be blocked so Um Why Choose phone system first we're going to Talk about what the phone system is LC Phone acts as a telephony service Provider Um which has incredible delivery error Monitoring and better compliance and is Much more affordable when compared to Any of the telephone service providers Um so why switch to LC phone system Um we have of course out of the box with One click so it's easy to set up Um increase security with the ramp up Model Um real-time aerator monitoring increase In delivery rate with in-app features And that's basically like opt out sender ID Um Edition DND based or error rates we Have better costs with real-time billing Um and reduce friction to manage Different platforms Um most are the features are available In app as well Okay so let's get into the pricing the Pricing for LC phone system is precisely The same amount with twilio Um all prices are shown for LC Phone Features in um US Dollars uh pricing Varies between region and products for This reason we'll be providing just like

The basic info and pricing for all on The top used products which is Um mainly for U.S and Canada pricing so I'm gonna show you guys The article for pricing and I will put It in the chat okay so this is the um This is the pricing article Um and you can go over this if you want But it's basically like a breakdown of The charges Um it does voice calls messaging and Then MMS Um SMS and the cost of phone numbers if You are using lead connector Okay so how to switch to LC phone system Um I will explain how to do this Um with an actual account and I'll show You where you would switch so right now Um I'm in agency view I'm not in an Actual sub account as you can see these Are the sub accounts here Um you would go to the phone integration Tab And then you'll see this lead Connector Phone system recommended so all you Would have to do is click the use LC Phone system and then you would use the Check box and then confirm it I'm not Going to do this because that's an Actual account and then Um it will migrate your account to LC And if you wanted to use your own twilio You would update those credentials here And then I'm gonna show you guys how it

Would look once you migrate I believe this is a good example Okay let's go back into Agency Then go to settings and phone Integration And this is what it'll look like if you Migrate to lead connector and of course You can Um like if there's specifics of accounts That don't want to use Um the Connector phone system they're Able to disably connector and then um Use their own twilito And you can always switch back and forth Um whenever you like if you want to Manage your own account you can move Tutio and uh if you want to use lead Connector you can switch back Okay and then for the agency it'll just Look like this it'll just say like learn More about LC phone Okay so let's get into Um the ramp up models so everyone needs To do this when you when you migrate Over to Um LC phone you would you want to warm Up your account so so Um when you send out emails you will get Less error rates and you won't be marked As spam when you're sending to your Leads Um and you can follow this ramp up model Basically so like on the first day you

Would send 250 out Um on the second day you send out 500 And you keep doing this until the eighth Day Um and then it refreshes and on that Eighth Day the limit would be 5K and This can be increased if you send out a Lot of SMS Um this can be increased I believe up Until 50k but I'm not certain Um but I believe I believe it's 50k you Would just have to reach out to Development through a ticket and we Would be able to do that for you Um But you definitely want to follow this That first week Um so just to take that safer out just In case Um you don't want to be marked that spam For your customers Okay and then we're going to get into Why your SMS would be blocked Okay so how we handle violations Um when we identify a violation of these Principles Um where possible we will work with our Customers in good faith to get them back In compliance with the messaging policy However to protect the continued ability Of all of our customers to freely use Messaging for legitimate purposes we Reserve the right to suspend or remove Access to the platform for customers or

Customers and users that we determined Are not complying with the messaging Policy or who are not following the law In any applicable area or applicable Communication industry guidelines or Standards Um in some instances With limited notice in the case of Serious violations of this policy Um Yeah so Um all message transmitted via the Platform regardless of use case or phone Number and that's long code or toll-free Um need to comply with the application To person which is a2p I'm pretty sure You guys are familiar with that Um all a2p messages originated from the System are subject to this messaging Policy which covers rules and Rules and prohibitions regarding this Okay Um so some of those are like consent to Opt-in Um consent can't be bought sold or Exchanged for example like you can't Obtain the consent of message recipients By purchasing a phone list from another Party Um and SMS should only be sent to the Opt-in contacts uh revocation of consent That's opted out Um the initial message that you send to An individual needs to include the

Following language like reply stop to Unsubscribe Um Sender identification every initial Message you send must clearly identify You the party that obtained the opt-in From the recipient Um as the sender Um except in the follow-up message so You would just need to do that in the First message you send to that contact UM message usage you should not be Sending messages in any way related to Alcohol Firearms gambling tobacco or Other adult content Um filtering evasion as noted above we Do not allow content that has been Specifically designated to evade Detection by unwanted messaging Detection and prevention mechanisms okay So we do have Um an easy way to Be compliant and I'll show you guys that In the account as well and this is I Believe only for lead connector you'll See this And let me just go in the account And it takes a while I'm sorry guys Okay there we go To some count Okay you would have to switch over to The sub account to see it Let's go back to Business program okay Let's switch to another one

Okay it's not showing let's go to this One Okay All right it's here so um We have validate phone numbers when the First SMS is sent to a new contact UM or make SMS compliant I know this Says email but it'll also say SMS I Believe this is the account that's Um still on twilio it's not migrated to Lead connector yet so you'll see where You can um add your language here and You can also customize it and it'll show Up in like your workflows Um your campaigns your SMS campaigns It'll automatically show up there so we Made it um easy for you guys to get your Accounts in compliance with a2p Okay Okay so how to move numbers so um if you Want to move a number say From one sub-account to another and They're maybe using twilio their own Twilio and you want to move that number To a lead connector Um location all you would have to do is Reach out to support Um and we can send an email to twilio we Would need the Sid from your twilio and The lead connector which we would Provide that and you would send an email To twilio for them to move the numbers And they usually do this Um within 24 hours so it's a fairly

Simple process you just need the SIDS And the number you want to move Um and just send that email and the Number may be in your account the new Account the next day Um My twilio account is currently suspended With twilio can my accounts and numbers Be moved over to lead connector Um Yes and no If you are such if your own twilio Account is suspended with lead connector The last thing you will want to do is Try to migrate your account over to lead Connector because that would just cause More friction and you getting your Account unsuspended even though you Transfer your account to lead connector Um it's still that same number and that Number was what caused that suspension And what you were sending out so they Will be aware of this and they could Potentially not use you as a customer Um but what you would want to do is work On getting that twilio account Unsuspended and we could help with this So you would have to gather all the Information and send it to twilio Um make sure you're in good graces with That twilio account and then you would Be able to migrate to lead connector Um if I want to move over to lead Connector but have international numbers

On my twilio account how would I proceed Um so with this it's the same as like Migrating a regular Us number over to The connector Um but you may need to do a different Bundle and add your address because The bundle that you did for the number That you received was for your twilio Account so you would need to do another Bundle for the lead connector account if That makes sense and this also applies To a2p Um in your branding campaign if you guys Were to switch over to lead connector That brand and that campaign won't go With it because that's on a different Account so you would have to do that Process over for the new account Um and the last one where can I see my Sub account phone usage I'll show you Guys that Okay So Um if you have on rebuilding like if you Have SAS on the 497 plan you would see Like the company billing tab here Um and from there You would be able to see just that Specific sub-accounts usage Um but this account doesn't have Rebuilding on so I'm just going to go to The agency and it looks the same Um it'll say company billing instead of Just like billing

If it was in the sub account but if You're not on SAS and you don't have one Rebuilding it would be in your agency Um this would be your wallet and this is How you add funds so you can send like SMS for for your sub accounts to send SMS Um and then you just click see details And it shows you the previous month last Month and the month that you're Currently in Um and then here's like the breakdown of Charges there's email in here as well But you will see SMS it looks like this Account uses more email than than phone But um it shows the location name Um the billing date the activity the Description and then the amount and then What balance you have and you can click On The Blue Link and then it it shows you Everything here like it shows you more Information Okay [Music] Okay and and I believe That is it Um if you guys want to take a look at These support articles in our support Portal you're more than welcome to do That I know that I did leave the um the LC phone pricing in the chat so if you Guys want to look at that you can And I am open to question and answers

Now if you guys have some Thank you so much Ryan yeah I will show You the Articles too guys and we can Start with the question First question is Brandon are you here Yeah Should I share my screen for that Hi welcome Should I start sharing my screen to show Yeah of course totally uh someone's Still doing it so it won't let me Okay Ryan can you please stop sharing your Screen Okay there we go So I Um did a Sampling of missed call text back on Wednesday in front of about 16 people And it worked for 10 of them and did not Work for six of them Why is oh What's going on here there's nothing Here You may need to refresh or uh Log back in or using cognito Um Okay there we go Uh so you can see Like most of all these people called at The exact same time on May 10th and like This one worked it they called they Registered as a missed call and then it Fired the missed call response there

But six of them Registered as if I answered the phone Trying to like this one right here What Um Is there something I should be concerned About or is it a simple matter of hey You can't have 16 people call you at the Little the same time yeah that's most Likely what it is it's Um definitely it's probably because they All try to call you at the same time Um can you go to the end can you click On the three dots that shows up when you Hover over and then go to details Yeah was this the yeah you can't answer 16 at the same time so this is this is Most likely why that happened Okay well then that makes that super Easy Um something super quick in your Uh the presentation you just said you Said something about not shortening a URL with like a public method or Something like that is there a good way To shorten a URL Um I would say maybe use a trigger link And you can make a trigger link from Inside of go high level Yeah trigger links would be The best route for that Okay and the thing I'm trying to At the moment link to is a calendar so I'd be able to link to either a like a

Calendly link or a A um High level calendar with a trigger link Yes you can yes okay cool awesome I'll Look up how to do that later Cool that's it for me then Thank you so much Ryan and thank you Brendan oh yeah it looks like Gabriella Put the trigger links overview support Article in the chat as well so yeah it Will help you Awesome thank you Okay thank you guys uh next in line is Alexander are you here I am here can you hear me yeah welcome Hey thank you Um So do my question make sense Yes so let's read it well anyone else Having issues with the mobile app two Issues I am having after I change Pipeline status or opportunity the next Opportunity in the current pipeline Stage This is your question number two is not Related to LC phone system probably the The question number one Ryan if I Transfer all of my italian numbers over LC does it bring all of the previous Text messages and call recordings for Those numbers Okay so if I transfer all of my twilio Numbers over to LC does it bring all the Previous text messages and calls

Recordings yes it does That's so simple okay cool because I Remember seeing something in the in the Support notes that this possibility that It might not and that was uh I wanted to Make sure that it did because if I lose All those that'd be Bad News Bears so Yeah Yeah it does I believe if like you're Creating like another twilio account it Doesn't but if you're migrating over to LC it's still in the system of high Level so those messages will still be There yeah Okay okay and um so my second question You guys won't be able to answer uh Based on the the mobile app no I suggest You delete and reinstall the app if the Issue persist we will need to contact Support I'm not sure if you have access To the live chat I I do uh and to be honest I've been I've been emailing back and forth with Support for two weeks and it's kind of I'm kind of like that's why I'm here Today because I'm you know they're they Keep on they actually stopped emailing Me like two days ago and right now you Know I'm paying for the white label app And I updated the UI to the new UI and Uh when I updated it it removed all my Colorized color customization and made It like pink and like off-white which is Like the worst color scheme ever and um

So I'm just trying to get it customized Back to my company colors which are Black and white because I'm paying for The white label and then number two it's Not like refreshing so it's it's like Very buggy right now and I'm curious if Anybody else is having the same issues I'm having because it's it's really Making me look bad in front of all of The clients that are using it you know What I mean and it's been two weeks now Nobody's nobody's helping me I apologize We are not support so I'm not able to Troubleshoot but I suggest you contact Us via live chat no remote because the Email will take a lot of time or could Take more time that contact us via live Chat and one of our agents I started With the live set and then it then it I Started with the live chat and then that Went over to me getting an email and Then going back and forth an email so it Started with live chat then I got Transferred to emails back and forth and It's been two weeks and my clients are Like you know the app is basically Unusable right now it's really been a Huge problem it's making me look best You know a white label app It is a white label app yes yeah so I'm Going to send you my email in this Zoom Chat I need you to please send me your Relationship number and your ticket Number and I will escalate this issue

For you okay thank you so much yes all Right so I really appreciate it I love You guys to death I just need to get This this kind of fixed you know no Worries we totally understand and I will Be thank you the manager of white label Mobile Gabriella it's you okay awesome Thank you Gabriella my name is Alex I Will um I'm out and about well actually I'm just gonna forward you the the email Um that I sent us to Port right now Thank you so much Thank you have a good one stay safe okay Guys Um I'm not seeing more questions Ryan so We can end this meeting now please guys If you have more questions you can type It before we end up the meeting If you don't have more questions we will End up the meeting now it's Friday so we Can go And enjoy the day thank you so much Ryan For helping us and joining us today Thank you Josh And thank you for joining you can watch The recordings on YouTube you can join Us on the Facebook group and see you on Monday Next the next week same link same hour Have an amazing week an amazing weekend In Sensei thank you so much guys stay Safe thanks for joining us for the full Experience of our q a sessions be sure To join us weekdays 12 P.M to 2 p.m

Eastern Time us visit us at forward slash daily QA or check us out at our Facebook group For the live stream Foreign

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