The Key to Success: Put People in the Right Place and have Clarity on Their Tasks | Entrepreneurship

If you want a digital marketing agency Do you know who to hire and how to scale One of the biggest challenges I see with Digital marketing agencies is you're Good with the tech right you're good With websites SEO pay-per-click funnels Facebook ads maybe even good at Landing Clients but oftentimes you're not great At organization management you're not Great at you know hiring training Managing I know that was a struggle that I had within my digital marketing agency Got to a certain level but it was all on Me and my business partner and we kind Of ran everything through a couple of Key team members but we were unclear Kind of what we needed to do next I'm a Big student of the game I've read the Book e-myth revisit a big student of EOS The entrepreneur operating system and All these all these things take really The key to grow your agency is to put The right people in the right place and Have Clarity on what they need to do day In and day out [Music]

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