The Missed-Call Text-Back

Our next win is so quick and so easy That it's already set up that's right as Soon as you got a phone number in the Last lesson we automatically turned on a Feature called the missed call text back Why do we automatically activate the Missed call text back because every day 62 percent of calls that go to small Businesses go unanswered crazy right Crazy but true just think of all the Missed business and revenue that happens Every day because businesses just aren't Able to get to more than half of their Inbound phone calls well the missed call Text back fixes this because every time A call comes in to your new number that Doesn't get answered we will Automatically fire back a text message That says hey sario Mr call how can we Help just think about all the business That's going to recover for you and for Your clients so let's quickly go check Out the setting and just learn how we Can configure it if we want to change The wording of the text that goes out Alright so in our sub account all that We need to do is go down to the bottom Of the left hand column to settings and We should be in our business profile That's where we want to be so we just Scroll down and on the right hand side We will see the missed call text back it Should be enabled already and here is Where you can edit the message that gets

Sent out via that text message it can be Whatever you want you can use custom Values and you can go ahead and test it Out by entering a number there but Better call the number yourself hang up After it rings once and you should get a Text back a few seconds later so go Ahead and test it out and Congratulations your new software is now Going to recover a ton of business for Your agency and for your clients as well Foreign

Building Your Agency Engine

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