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In this video I'm going to be talking to You about how to create the videos for Your YouTube channel now if you haven't Already the playlist for this entire Course is going to be below the video in The description as well as other links That you may be interested in if you've Never created these types of videos Before it's going to be much easier than You think especially if you do physical Products like these all you really need Is a smartphone all smartphones today Will record in HD quality that's all you Need if you could take pictures and if You can talk you can record and make These videos so here on my home reviews Channel you can actually use this as a Reference you can go through these Videos and see how I record them Basically people just want to see the Product they want to see how it works They want to see what's included if they Buy it they just want to hear you Talking about it and showing and Answering maybe some questions that they Have about it it's that simple your Videos don't have to be no 8 9 10 Minutes long in fact from what I found Is that a lot of the people who are Requesting videos they are satisfied With a three minute long video a four Minute long video just showing and Talking about their product now if You're making videos on software you're

Going to need a screen recorder and I'm Going to be talking about some different Types of tools you can use to record Your screen and also how to edit your Video once you've recorded it so first Let's talk about recording videos like These on your phone these are by far the Easiest you hold up your phone I don't Have a microphone or anything I just use My phone and that's it I set it on Record I record and then afterwards I'll Take the video and I edit it and I Upload it to my YouTube channel so let's Say for example that I just got done Creating a video here I have a folder on My desktop and if we go in this folder You're going to see where I have one Video here now this is a short video That I'm using for a demo it's only 18 Seconds long but I'm going to show you How to use these types of videos and how To edit them So once you record the videos you can Either use an app on your mobile phone To edit them there are a lot of video Editors on both the Google and Apple Phones I don't use those for me it's Just too difficult to edit these videos Using those but I know a lot of people Do use them and they love them but what I like to do is transfer them over to my Computer so all you have to do is just Connect your phone cable to your USB Port on your phone and it should connect

With your phone where you can just drop And drag and transfer your video files Over from your phone onto your computer And once I have that done I'm going to Open it in a video editor now I'm going To show you a few different video Editors I'm going to show you one that's Free one that costs a little bit and one That costs a lot more so the one that I Use is the most expensive and it's Camtasia it's this one here and I Believe it's around three hundred Dollars for this tool I understand if You don't want to use this one that's Why I'm also going to show you a free Option here in just a minute so with Camtasia you just come up and click on Import media you choose your video and Open Now once your video is here you're going To drag it down onto the video timeline Now on the timeline here I'm going to Click this plus button so we can see it Better it's just going to maximize it And then what we can do is drag our Little ruler over this video clip and See as we drag it we can see different Parts of the video where we're at now What I like to do is I'll come up here And I'll hit play and if I find parts of The video or maybe I messed up or maybe Where I paused where you can see right Here in this area there was no sound or Anything I I usually delete that so to

Do that with this tool all you have to Do is drag it to where you want to take Out a section And then you're going to click on this Split button And then you're going to drag it to the End of where you want to cut and make Sure the file is selected and then click On the split button again Now once you do that you can click on This section hit delete and it's going To take it clear out and then we can Just move this section over against it And now it's going to remove that part Where there was no audio now you can Also see here at the beginning of the Video there was nothing going on in this Area here for it looks like about one to One and a half seconds so what I can do Is drag this over to about where it Starts I'm going to click on this file And click on split again And then we're going to delete this First part and then we'll select these And drag them back over to the beginning And so that's it the video is done and Ready to go so all I have to do now is Come up to export Do a local file And from here I can give it a name and Export it and then it's going to save it To my desktop where I can upload it to YouTube so that's Camtasia and right now It is 299 dollars if you want to use

That now a free option you can use is Called open shot and you can also do the Same thing with this tool just go to you can see right here Where you can download version 3.0 and Once you do You're going to open it up and this is What it's going to look like the layout Is really the same as what Camtasia is The graphics are just a little bit Different so the way this one works is You're going to come up here and click On the plus sign you're going to select Your video And once again you're going to click on It and drag it down to the video Timeline now that we've added it down Here in our timeline I want to be able To zoom in to see this clip so what we Can do is up here in this blue bar you Can see there is a red long rectangle And so this is the video clip itself and Then the blue part is the timeline so What we want to do is shrink this Timeline so we can see more of the video Clips so we're just going to drag this And make the timeline shorter And you can see now how that's making The clip bigger we're zooming in on it Now from here what you want to do is you Want to click the play button so you can Listen through the video and find out The areas you want cut out so let's say Right there is where we need to make a

Cut then take it out because we don't Want this part what we're going to do is Come over here and make sure that these Scissors are clicked And then when we come over here you're Going to see this little line now across Our clip so we want to click wherever we Want this to be we'll put it right here And now you can see that cut this clip And now we have to cut the ending of it So let's say let's go over through here Let's say we want it to be cut all the Way over to here so we're going to put Another cut right here And now we want to unclick on the Scissors And come back over and click on this Part that we just cut out and hit delete So that takes that out and now we can Put these two together right there and We are now done editing now when you're Done editing using open shot you're Going to come up and click on this red Circle you're going to give it a title Choose where you want it to save at and Then down here under video profile you Can either save it as 1280 by 720 but What I like to do is save it in higher Quality so I will come up here to the HD 1080p the 30 frames per second 1920 by 1080. and then click on export video and Another thing I want to remind you of When you are using your phone to record You want to make sure you are not

Holding your phone up and down but you Want to hold it horizontal in other Words you want to record in landscape Mode and not portrait now one other tool That I want to show you Is this one here called Screencast-O-Matic so maybe you want to Be able to record your screen as you're Recording maybe demos training tutorials Explanations of how software Works Training courses uh which many people do Online including myself with some of my Other channels then you want to be able To record your screen and this tool you Can do that now you can also use Camtasia to do that which is what I'm Using right now to record my screen with Screencast-O-Matic is much more Affordable so you can try it and use it If you want to as well if you come up Here to the pricing you can see right Now they have a big sale going on where There's 40 percent off I don't know how Long that will last but you can see the Features that you get with it and what You can do with this tool is once you're Signed into it you can come up here and Click on the video to launch the Recorder And now you can see on my screen I have This box down here at the bottom it's Picking up my microphone and then it's Asking me here if I want to record my Screen if I want to record the webcam or

Both so if you want to record yourself On a webcam with the screen in the Background you can do that you can see Here with the free version of this you Can record up to 15 minutes and I Believe it also adds a watermark to the End of the video on the free version so If you don't want that you will have to Upgrade to a paid version and under the Size I always choose full screen if I'm Going to be recording my screen that way Everybody can see everything that I'm Doing here now if you're going to be Recording things that are more sensitive That shows a lot of things that maybe You don't want other people to see then You need to have a tool that's going to Allow you to blur that kind of stuff and So that's another reason why I went with Camtasia because it does offer a blur Feature it also offers a green screen Feature and a lot of other tools that Many of these other free ones or cheaper Tools do not offer now you can search Online for video editors screen Recorders and you're going to find many Many different types of them in a whole Range of prices but personally I found The Camtasia does the best they have a Full training Suite of videos that shows You step by step how to use it and Covers every aspect of their tool so if You're really serious about these types Of videos I recommend if you're able to

Invest in Camtasia that you do that now Once you've edited your video and you've Cut out the parts you don't want in it You've exported it to a folder on your Desktop you're ready to upload it to Your YouTube channel and that's what We're going to be talking about in the Upcoming videos

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