Trigger Links Page Enhancements & New Search Links API Live!

Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so for my last Video of today trigger link page Enhancements and new search links API so Let's look at let's talk about what's New and let's look at what's new so the Trigger Links Page is now on the new Micro front and architecture for those Of you uh just a real quick background Here so we have this new uh we've Actually had it for a little bit we're Rolling it out this new micro back-end Architecture a little uh sort of a Background noise there and what it is is Really simple there's a couple of huge Benefits here so first of all it's Significantly faster than um the Previous back-end architecture it has Built-in support for Internationalization so once all of These uh all the sections of the app Roll out to this the it'll make it very Easy internationalized and then also Because it's it's actually separated Even though you can't tell it's Separated from a programmatic Perspective so it actually makes it Actually speeds up future development Makes it easier for engineers to develop So anyways all that to say um now the Trigger Links Page is on this new Architecture so that's fantastic Um and then uh We've also added a tables Optimize user interface and currently

This is under the conversation Links Page so anyways let's take a look real Quick this is a very similar UI that You've seen rolling out and that's Actually a great thing creates Consistency I think it looks good and Also gives you some capabilities here For example like the searching and the Pagination so you can see right here Again new UI for adding the trigger Links and deleting the trigger links oh And then by the way Um what in the world is a trigger link Right so actually let's roll all the way Back there I realize I'm so sorry what Is a trigger link so a trigger link is High level has a capacity to basically Let's just say let's just say you're Going to link someplace doesn't matter It could be it could be to a document Could be into a website any URL and you Want to say listen when someone clicks That link I want to know I want to know Who clicked it I don't know if it was Clicked how long it was clicked I want To do something I want to activate a Workflow in something when someone Clicks um that link that's what a Trigger link is they're amazing so we've Seen trigger links go to the help docs Search trigger link right now and check It out but for those of you who already Knew what trigger links were that's the News of the day for triggering I hope

That everyone's as excited as I am and On that note I hope you are having an Awesome Tuesday and we'll see you Tomorrow for some more releases thanks

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