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Hey happy Wednesday everybody Sean Coming at you from high level so one Good workflow update deserves another I Always say so check this out we have a Brand new trigger called the payment Received so all right there we go so When you go in and you click um add new Workflow trigger you can see there's now Says payment received actually let's go Through all of this via the screenshots And then we'll dive into the notes um The payment receipt trigger is amazing As you can see Um or kind of sort of tell this is when A payment comes in and this can be Almost from anywhere so you can see Right here sources funnel transaction Type is and then customer not present Subscription trade like there's all Kinds of things you can filter on your Payment status is Success failure you Know that kind of stuff right excuse me And then of course you can use it in the Conditional logic as well which is Really amazing and so and then of course Sorry uh and then uh with payment you Can also now we have all these custom Values you can use in all the workflow Steps down below like add note send text Send internal reminder blah blah blah Blah basically it's available everywhere In the workflow so let's walk this down And kind of understand like how does it Work and why do we do it right so first

Up it helps businesses automate tasks Streamline processes and efficiently Respond to real-time customer Transactions businesses can capture all Incoming payments across CRM including One-time payments subscription charges Invoices and more it can be customized With filters if we went over that we can Also use payment data in the fs Conditions going over that and you can Use the custom values great business use Cases automated pump payment Confirmation so for example you can send Customers automated confirmation emails Or messages when a payment is processed That's pretty cool right that is by the Way just anybody listening to that That's the thing to do because if you're Telling your customer like got your Money got your money got your money like You are their biggest hero right so Whatever you do just pause this video Right now go make that work because that Is amazing right Um so and then subscription management Automatically updates subscription Status in the system when a subscription Payment is successful or failed and Actually it's funny I literally just Built this out on a zap with somebody The other day so that is awesome Um there is a help doc here which uh and It's both in the LC uh help docs and the High level help docs and then for those

Of you who didn't watch my last video uh We there is a help dot section under Lead connector it's like health.lead Connector where we're basically Trying to Great label Um all the uh all the help docs so Anyhow go look at the workflow Trader Payment receive this is an amazing Awesome fantastic very cool update and Huge process of the team for making this Happen and I hope you're having an Awesome Wednesday thanks

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