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I've never met anybody who had a hundred Percent conversion rate and the idea is Those people who don't convert they they Have still visited the website And and are likely are likely interested Uh that can you know if you have a lot Of blog pages that are very top of Funnel then there's some filtering you Can do to make sure that you're only Getting high intent traffic but but yeah The general idea is you want to be able To to reach out to those people and Um and see what you can do to to make Your case [Music] Hi everyone and welcome to another Episode of the high level Spotlight Sessions where we showcase awesome Marketers doing awesome marketing today I'm excited to be joined by Roy Harmon He's the CMO of leadpost which is a Website visitor identification platform Roy thanks so much for coming on the Show Thanks for having me Chase I'm really Excited I'm excited to have you on we Haven't really talked about this topic I Don't know if we ever have on this show And it's something I don't have a ton of Experience with myself I've always kind Of regarded as a bit of Wizardry so I Think I'll probably be asking a bunch of Questions that uh that our viewers will Have as well

First of all what are we talking about Here visitor identification So most people think of I think lead feeder leads forensics are Some of the the companies that people Are most familiar with and the big Difference between What they do and what leadpost does is You use lead forensics or you know one Of these other tools and a lot of times What you get is a company name And they use the IP address to To make an educated guess About who it is what company is visiting Like where they work And The problem with that is even though Sometimes they'll give you suggestions Of who you should contact at the company You don't know who the actual person was So it's kind of a mystery lead and you Need to do a little sleuthing afterwards Uh but what leadpost does is You put the picks on your site and you Actually get the the name the email Address Um if you do the B2B side you can see Their company name and Linkedin profile And actually know who you're who you Need to reach out to and who's who's Actually interested So let me take this back one step well Basically what we're saying here is you Take a script you put it on your site

Right you drop it in your high level Settings site settings there and then The script is somehow able to tell you Who visited your site even if they Didn't fill out a form Right Exactly so we're talking about mystery Traffic that comes and goes right Typically as lead generators we focus on The leads that we generate through forms Surveys phone calls chat widgets and Things like that but it's actually Possible to identify people who came and Left without actually reaching out Exactly so if they come and you know There's all different kinds of numbers About what the average number of people Are who convert but I don't I've never Met anybody who had 100 conversion rate And the idea is those people who don't Convert they they have still visited the Website And and are likely are likely interested Uh that can you know if you have a lot Of blog pages that are very top of Funnel then there's some filtering you Can do to make sure that you're only Getting high intent traffic but but yeah The general idea is you want to be able To To reach out to those people and Um and see what you can do to to make Your case so as far as the the Wizardry And I don't know if you can give away

All the the secrets but you mentioned IP Addresses so okay I can understand how My uh my server my website or whatever Can identify the IP address of the Person visiting and there's probably Some database somewhere where it goes And does that matching but I'd imagine There's some other things that are being Seen and tried you know cross-referenced Somewhere is that right Right right so we work with data Partners uh we work with a lot of data Partners so that we're able to First we have to of course decide uh see If we can figure out who it is at all And what what we do there is we're able To uh we work with providers who provide Basically the the encrypted email that Uh that a data provider would not have And then we're able to run the emails That we get through our data providers Through that same encryption and then Match them up and and see who's uh and See who's who and then we run that run Them through verification and validation And uh check through multiple data Partners just to make sure that we've Got the the best data available And then you guys actually went a step Further and built a high level Integration so that you could say hey When when you identify somebody push Them into high levels so that we can Start nurturing them exactly so

Makes it a lot easier to you know Trigger automations Um and we've so we've got within the Platform itself there is a uh just a Remarketing suite as far as you can Trigger Direct Mail you can trigger Email social media display ads you can Trigger all that from within the Platform but a lot of people when They've already got you know marketing Tools they've got different crms that Sort of thing they've got a lot of Automations in place already and this Way they can just feed these feed these Leads right into them Talk to me about the legality of this Again it does kind of feel like Wizardry Here but this is all totally fine I I Read on the site that it only operates In the U.S right so this has nothing to Do with gdpr Um but within the US it's totally fine To get this information Right right so as long as you you know Other countries are not as marketer Friendly but here in the United States It's you know when it comes to email It's it's opt out so as long as you are Letting people know that uh that it's The business correspondence letting People have a way to to unsubscribe all This this Canon spam requirements you Don't have to worry about gdpr or Um or any of those many Global laws and

Everything else is just the way that the That our data Partners get that data in The first place they have to have people Opt in to this sort of a use Hmm it's very interesting I mean again It's it's not something that I've ever Done but I could see the appeal here Especially if I'm coming in to work with A new client right maybe their website's Terrible and you know that's why it's Not converting or this or that to kind Of be able to say well while we embark On this project to do some conversion Rate optimization over here why don't we Just get you some leads right off the Bat and and just have this information About people and then you just automate Out like I would imagine a friendly Email like hey Chase saw that you were Cruising around our website you know did You have any specific questions does it Tell you like what page they were on So where it'll show you what pages they Viewed and you can so you can also Filter based on what pages they view so A great way I'm a big believer in Inbound and using the buyer's journey to To Target the messages that I send to People And so you can still do that you can say If they go to these Pages or if they Visit this many times put them in this Audience and that audience can get one Email sequence or a direct mail sequence

Of postcards you can so you can trigger All those emails to follow them along The buyer's journey and the great part About that I think most people who When they start doing that kind of Targeting and personalizing their Messaging that way find that a lot of The things that that bother people about Being marketed to don't bother them as Much when you're sending them really Valuable uh very relevant Communications I can Envision like the I always use This example let's say I'm I'm working With dentists Imagine an email going out that says hey Chase I saw you were checking out the Invisalign page on our website Are you or a family member you know Trying to determine whether braces or Invisalign is the way to go you know What I mean because if you're in that Position you're kind of like it Immediately disarms you and you're like Well yeah that's exactly why I was on That page so like I am exactly yeah It makes a big difference and I know That everybody has been so we've all Been so retargeted and remarketed but We've all you know I think we've all Been the on the other side of those Personalization campaigns that weren't Done particularly well I had somebody Who thought that I went to they were Talking to me like really confident

Sending me this email about how like oh You went to to Mississippi State and uh So man you know I used to travel there All the time and just told me all these Great things about Mississippi state but I told Miss and Mississippi State I hate Them so You know you you've uh you've got to get It right but when you get it right it's Very powerful So talk to me about the the the stats Like if you if it out of a thousand People who visit a site On average how many of them are you guys Is the platform able to identify So we've got we've got on the one side We've got consumer data and then on the Other we have business data so people Can decide what it is they they want on The the consumer side the match rate is About 40 And then on the B2B side uh that's at This point it's about 10 but we're Always you know working with new data Providers and figuring out ways that we Can that we can increase that Interesting and so talk to me about your Payment structure do you pay for Unmatches or you only pay for matched Uh so you so you pick a tier and under That uh under that plan you would pay For up to You know we've got a plan that's up to 1 250 leads for 99 a month uh and then

We've got uh or excuse me that's Well That's uh it's 99 for I think it's 250. I think they'll have To I think that was the number I've Started yeah so we've changed up our Um we've changed up our our offer but I Will say we we do have an offer for Um for listeners of the podcast that Will Um we'll get them 1 250 leads for free So we can talk about that later but That's where that number came from oh Wow um awesome but yeah so that's so That's how it works and what uh so what You do is you can we have a free trial And you can put the pixel on your site And see about how much of your traffic Will be matched because it's going to Vary based on if you have if you want to Filter by geography then You know we may be matching 40 but you Might not want some of those so we're Not charging you for those so we uh we Throw those out and that's gonna reduce The number of leads to come through Um but yeah so doing that free trial you Can get a feel for Um for what what you're actually going To need I mean that's very interesting and so You mentioned the two sides right B to B And B to C if for my agency I work with Dentists if I'm looking for new clients

I can do the B to B and it's going to Tell me you know Dr Bob's Dentistry was On the site 10 times or whatever uh Which is fantastic because that's a Pretty good lead and then Um I could also use it for my client Dr Bob after I land him right to get Information about his community right That's visiting his site exactly Um and that is So then that's how our our agency Partner program makes that really easy Because you get A set amount of credits that you can Then use for b2c leads or B leads or Both and you can use them for yourself Or for your clients and uh and do it in Whatever way makes sense instead of Having to buy a different package for Every uh every client that you onboard Okay cool so you do have a combo package For agencies that's cool right and then You mentioned you have a direct mail Integration which I think is cool Because that's kind of even more subtle I feel like if you didn't want to go hey I you know you don't know this but I Know that you were on my site you could Right just drop a timely postcard into Their mailbox that feels kind of more Serendipitous I would think It definitely it feels much more well I Guess either way it kind of depends on Your your messaging you know I have

Found that so I didn't know that there Was a website visitor identification was A thing until I so I became a lead Plus Customer before I eventually was a Consultant for the company and then Eventually came to work for him Um but when I was a customer I'd never Heard of it and then once I once I Learned about it I started using I was Like well you know I think I've gotten Quite a few emails where I thought how Would they possibly have gotten in my in My inbox this way but yeah the direct Mail piece is is great if you especially When you have a higher Um you know clients or customers that Are going to have a higher lifetime Value And you can either send them a sequence Of postcards where they're going to get Different postcards over a period of Time or Um or maybe they're going to get Something that's uh just everybody gets A standard Um a standard postcard and you can do You know you can get a postcard if You're somebody who just kind of seemed Like they were kicking the tires Um There's a lot of different options and Then when it comes to that Personalization that we're talking about Whether it's the email or direct mail

You can use Dynamic injection to Actually be able to put in what they Were looking for so maybe they were Maybe they were looking at Invisalign or Maybe they were just looking for a Dentist because they need to get their Teeth clean and you can send them Different postcards so maybe it's You know come in get a free uh you know Get your free teeth clean or maybe it's You know get some more information on Invisalign and Then that's been really effective we had A Um a car dealership did something like That where people who would visit the Website they would look at this car and Then a bunch of other cars and then that Car and so they would send out a Postcard with the first and last car That they looked at uh and they could With a special offer for that Um I like this a lot I I could think of Um several examples so back when I was Running an agency sometimes we'd have Great clients that had been aboard for a Year two years or whatever that were Really kind of just on cruise control And a lot of times we would be looking For like trying to invent ways to show Them that we were still producing value Right and I've I feel like this could be Something great that you bring in and

It's like oh by the way you know now That everything's rocking and rolling We're gonna go even deeper and and go After the people that aren't proactively Reaching out uh And I and you know it the cost is 100 Bucks for 250 leads I mean that seems Pretty dang reasonable and I could see That being a nice little something to Throw into a package Um or maybe when a client is at risk You'd throw that in there you know just To get yourself an even better shot Um it's pretty interesting and now that I know that it is ethical because I Always wondered is this actually legal And it sounds like it is at least in the U.S Um it sounds like a very interesting Tactic and the fact that you guys Actually built an integration for high Level makes it even better obviously for For our community here right and if they Are So they for example if they're using if They're you can White Label High Level Right of course yep and if you're doing That you can also if you're in the Agency partner program uh with leadpost Which is that that one that we're Talking about then you would white label Leading post also so it would have still Your brand and everything is is under Your you know your callers your logo and

And that sort of thing Um So it's a more cohesive Yeah and again it's probably it's kind Of like comes across as a superpower Right like the average business owner I Don't think knows about this kind of Stuff and is going to be very impressed That you're able to go after folks that That came to the website and left Um so I have to ask you you mentioned a Special offer for the community I mean The leadpost.com is the site is there a Different URL that they can go to to get That yeah so leadpost.com high level And if they sign up there they'll get a Free month of the agency partner basic Plan which comes with uh 1250 credits Which they can use for b2c leads which Are one credit and B2B leads are five Credits and get any combination of those Um and they'll get discounts on the data It's so the data is Um discounted as much as 40 depending on Uh the uh the plan the package and the Type of data and then they can also Mark Up all those other things like if Somebody wants to do Direct Mail a Direct mail retargeting campaign they Can say okay well we can handle that for You and they can do that Um Under their own brand and at their you Know with their own margin included

Very cool so that URL is leadpost.com High level correct and I think it's an Important uh to reiterate it's pretty Easy to get this set up right you create Account it gives you a script and you Just drop that script in the in the body Or the header somewhere that's right Um yes so they'll put the put the script In uh just one line of code and then When they're setting up their campaign On the delivery tab they'll be able to Check high level and use that Integration to Um has sent everybody over Um oh and so I should say so that offers So that's Um Sign up by January 1st Okay and then we so we added one Additional piece uh where if they sign Up for a paid plan by April 4th 2023 Then we'll give a give them a lifetime Uh 25 discount on on their their plan Wow very cool all right guys well if You're interested in checking this out Leadpost.com high level uh Roy thanks so Much for coming by to to talk to us About this uh covert Tech all right Thanks a lot Chase I appreciate it Thanks for watching guys we'll see in The next one [Music]

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