Two Way Gmail Sync is Live!

Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean Competition from high level I am Ecstatic to announce finally the team Has done it we have officially launched Two-way Gmail sync that's right so we Went through this very exhaustive Security process with Google the team Did a fantastic job Um getting all the information they Needed submitted getting all the changes Made it to the system and finally we've Got the big thumbs up from Google so Today that's right ladies and gentlemen Gmail two-way email sync is live okay Now for those of you who have no idea What the heck that is let's talk about It so basically here's the idea the Feature is now available for all users Basically you can connect your personal Or workspace Gmail accounts and sync Outgoing and incoming email between the CRM and Gmail accounts so what that Means is I'm going in I'm in Gmail I'm Writing emails I'm getting I'm Responding and I'm doing all this stuff And guess what all that's filtering back In the CRM and now you can actually see It inside the CRM with that contact and Vice versa as well um so that's Fantastic the sync will be established Between both platforms email thread is Initiated outbound from the platform all Subsequent emails that come back will be Synced over we've also got sender domain

Mappings for different types of email Addresses so we have individual emails Bulk emails and then you can you can Walk this down because then here's the Other idea right so I'm user of the System I want to send out a single email To a single person that's going to go Through my Gmail uh oh I now want to Switch over I'm going to blast out a Hundred thousand people we really don't Want that going through Gmail so we've Also gone in automatically fixed it so It'll split and go out the the way it Should which is not Gmail because we Should all know is that Gmail does not Support allow or like bulk emails and We'll shut you down if you try and so We've split that nicely for you Automatically huge props to the team for Getting that done next up on the list For this is going to be the ability from Within Gmail to tag specific emails to Let us know that you want those to Actually go back into the CRM because Obviously if I'm in Gmail and then that Conversation or that contact is not yet In the system we don't actually know That you want it in there so like good Example like you're going to send an Email to your dentist office probably Not something you want to work its way In the CRM so we don't want to exclude That but now you started to Gmail with a Brand or an email with a brand new

Contact or customer or potential lead That you probably do want in the CRM so We need the ability to mark that and so That'll be coming out in some form of Plug-in here hopefully uh in Q2 so Anyways I hope all of you are having an Awesome Tuesday definitely check out the Release notes there is an absolutely a Help article on this as well so you can Go check that out so super excited Pumped for the team great job everybody And we will talk soon thanks

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