Update emails inline Social media planner update!

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so this is what You call small But Mighty so this is an Enhancement on the social media planner So if you jump into the social media Planner there's a couple places where You can choose emails um so one is right Here in the social planner notification Setting so you want to set up the email Template for social post approval so uh So this is just the idea that we have This okay so first of all oh gosh wind It all the way back Sean so what do we Have we have full social media posting Yeah and then as part of social media Posting we have a full notification flow So that you can create social media Posts and have people get notified to Approve them and then approve them and Then we can you have a you can customize The email that goes out that tells Someone that they have post or post post Or posts to approve okay all right I got Through all that all that's in the help Docs but you know what happens we roll Over here and you're like oh snap Crackle pop I want to do a um an email But I haven't written it or I want to Customize the one that's already there How do I do it well guess what today's Your day you can actually go in and Actually edit it right from that screen So when you come into the this drop down I was I went the wrong way you can

Actually pop up the email editor right In line so now you don't have to leave The screen and go someplace else and Edit the email someplace else and then Come back it's all beautifully done Right in one spot this is a huge Enhancement we've been getting asked About it so now today is your day and as You can see also you can do this in Other spots as well and then the other Piece that we've got here is oh right Here a couple bug fixes I think resolve The post count issue with CSV import CS Review review refresh logic has been Updated oh video hype validation for Instagram posts so excuse me that's what This is so uh Instagram and all the Social media networks you know they have All these rules like size of images and Dimensions and I don't know whatever Um you know all these character limits And everything else well guess what we Want to help keep you kind of in the Know so you don't like say like hey why Didn't this get posted or why was there Or whatever trying to check for you up Ahead of time well that's what this is Video is not supported Instagram video Business supports with up to 1920 but Your video is 38.40 right so it just Tells you hey you got to go in and slide Your video down so just a nice Convenient way to make sure that you Know ahead of time that that's going on

So anyways super excited about this Release we'll continue to do this in all Other areas of that by the way as far as Context goes like if you want to add an Email you can edit it there or if you Need to edit uh you know a text message Or something you can edit it there Um I'm trying to think yeah that's like That's pretty much it those are the big Asks so we'll continue to roll this out In other sections and I hope you're Having an amazing Thursday thanks

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