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Hey happy Wednesday everybody Sean Coming at you from high level so here is An awesome update to the LC phone system Today so there's two things coming out That are brand new features verified Caller ID and shake and stir so let's go Through these each and understand why They're important so first of all LC Phone system this is basically our Twilio replacement where we sort of Handle all the complexities behind the Scenes and this is another great example Of those complexities so as we go out Into the world sometimes people will say Things like how do I make it so that When my calls go out it doesn't say spam Likely right that's what verified caller ID is or how do I or and also shake and Stir so what are these things so Verified caller ID let's walk that down So the agency and the location users Will be able to verify the location's Phone number via a flow and get their Number verified which can be used for The caller ID for outbound calls so This is literally being able to use the Existing phone number of the business as The outbound caller ID so that means you Can actually call outbound and use the Existing phone number of the business This is massive this is huge then Chicken stir introduced shaking store Registration flow which allows the user To confirm that the number being used by

Them will help them avoid the spam Labeling while doing outbound calls so The idea is really simple shaken stir Was a thing that they invented so that You know like when you used to get those Calls or maybe you still do sometimes Where you you get a scam call or a Spam Call then you call back and then the Person who picks up is like not the Person who actually called you shake and Stir fix fixes that Verified call already means you can use The business's existing phone number in The system when you're doing outbound Calls so that so that when the call Shows up obviously they've been using That but let's say they've been using That word for 10 years boom now that Number shows up on the caller ID it's Got the name and all of that and feel Like oh yeah that's Bob's Towing calling Me I love Bob I'm gonna pick up right so It makes the answer rates much higher as Well so anyways with those two features Um let's talk about Um kind of how you excuse me get all That to happen I'll throw these help Docs in the article uh or in the video Right we're seeing take a look but here Um first up Um I'll register for shaking stir to Avoid being marked as spam so obviously It's you go to the trust Center which is Inside the location now um if you have

The LC phone system enabled Um you click enable trusted calling Um and then just follow right along here It's not uh not radically difficult Excuse me Same thing okay so excuse me using your Phone number as a call already for Verified caller ID AKA number masking um So this one's slightly um harder but not That bad so basically what you do is you Go in and you add in the caller ID right So this is like the number you want to Use so then what's going to happen here Is um lead connector is actually going To call out to that number and when they Pick up they're gonna it's gonna ask Them to actually put in a verified uh Verification code you can see right here So basically what you're going to want To do is either be at the business or Coordinating with the business owner in Real time to say Hey listen you know When you pick up the phones can I ask You for this code here's the code you Want to put in and boom once they put The code in then it becomes verified and Bam now you can actually use it in the System so that's it it's super super Simple Um awesome uh features um just real Quick uh there are a couple bug fixes Here that you can look at if you have Any interest in all of that Um and then oh and then of course when

It's done you sort of get the you know Look your card he's been verified kind Of thing so anyways this is awesome Being able to use existing business Numbers Um when making out on calls is amazing And being able to uh do shake and stir And get rid of the spam likely is also Amazing hats off to the LC phone system Team for this and as always if you have Any questions do let us know thanks

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