Using Webinars To Grow Your Business With Stefan Ciancio & Philip Schaffer

So if you have a webinar kit you can Actually go in there and not only push Leads uh from webinar kit to go high Level right maybe you run a webinar and Then you guys are as far as I've seen The absolute best in the space as far as Follow-ups I mean you guys have ringless Uh voicemails you have text messaging You have email so imagine that you have Your webinar that is maybe an automated Webinar for example in webinar kit and Then that lead gets pushed into go high Level for tons of follow-ups maybe they Get the replay of the webinar they get a Voicemail hey did you watch the webinar Replay so you guys just have all this Amazing follow-up that goes so perfectly With the webinar uh you know automated Webinar or live webinar or whatever Challenge in webinar kit so the two FIT Just perfectly together for the lead the Automation on the webinar kit side of Like getting that lead to learn about You through webinars in your business And then the follow-up through uh go High level which is just as far as I've Seen on Mac [Music] Hi there and welcome to another episode Of the high level Spotlight sessions Where we showcase awesome marketers Doing awesome marketing today I'm Excited to be joined by Stefan and Phil From webinar kit the hottest new

Automated live and like live webinar Platform It's the final Phil thanks for Joining Yeah thanks for having us we're excited To be here pleasure to be here I'm super Excited to have you guys Um you've built a lot of really cool Stuff recently including an integration With high level so I'm really excited to Talk about that before we dive in though I'd love to get the back story how did You guys come to build a webinar Platform did you come from the agency World was it a personal need uh itch That you scratched what's the backstory There Yeah so it's interesting story I was Actually using webinars to promote uh my Own business a few years ago I had a Pinterest marketing agency and webinars Were the backbone I know it's not Something you hear every day and uh you Know I was using webinars to sell Courses services and coaching and you Know webinars really personally changed My life they allowed me to build a Business that let me travel and uh you Know I saw the power in them and uh Phil Was actually using webinars a bit in his Own business at the time and uh Phil Came to me and was like hey I think There's there's a lot of things that Aren't going so well in the webinar Software space you know a lot of a lot

Of the software at the time they didn't Have like auto play for automated Webinars uh you know so there were Certain things where he's like you know Phil's a development background uh and He's like you know I think I could build Something better and I was like well There's definitely a need for it so we Ended up kind of just partnering and uh You know here we are three pretty much Three years later and we have a solution That does automated webinars live Webinars and like webinars so um you Know it's it's uh it's been an Interesting journey and we've actually Had over 11 000 customers that have uh Purchased some form of webinar kit at The time at this time so uh you know That's kind of a little bit of the back Story is uh we were using webinars in Our own marketing we actually still use Webinars in our own marketing so I love It's not obvious I love webinars uh and Uh probably more than Phil does but uh Webinars are a key part of our marketing As well we're going to be talking a lot About webinars this year Um we use them at multiple points in our In our funnel you know pre-trial to Generate new trials after people have Signed up we use them at every stage Um what's fascinating though is I think The concept of webinars everyone's aware Of kind of the power of them or

Hopefully they are but when you actually Go to do them there are so many nuances To the way that they get done which is Kind of what you just described hey we Want to do it in this really particular Way these really kind of my new nuanced Features of like Auto playing versus not And this and that Um that really kind of left a lot of Space for uh these products to come and Kind of fill those voids so that's That's super interesting Pinterest Marketing agency you don't hear that That's pretty Niche down I like it yeah It was very Niche so So talk to me about webinar kit What Specifically separates you guys from the Other webinar platforms Um you have a lot of let's start with Like live that's a term that I've never Heard before being used in the webinar World yeah absolutely so what's Interesting about like live is uh so Assuming so live webinars it's a live Webinar right like you're on live you've Got a chat you're in the chat you're Answering questions you're probably Looking at questions and maybe you have A team member who's doing the the actual Chat while you just verbally respond to Chat questions uh then you've got Automated webinars which is you know Someone selects a time they show up at That time and then maybe you have a team

Member who still or I'm sorry like for Example on demand or maybe there's like Three or four different time slots a day Right uh and maybe there's someone Manning the chat maybe there's not what A like live is is when you say uh at 7 Pm uh this Thursday we're gonna run We're gonna have a live webinar or we're Gonna have a webinar right right and Then you come on and the video is Automated but the chat is live so at 7 Pm it's like all these people are coming On live they're watching the video uh But you know you're in the chat or you Know either you or team member is in the Chat answering all the questions while They just watch a video that's playing By itself and what's actually really Cool about this is it doesn't allow room For error because if you're alive you Could mess up your script maybe you have Technical difficulties whereas if it's a Like live webinar it just plays and if You pre-re recorded that video it's it's Totally pre-rehearsed you could optimize It in so many different ways and it's Actually a better experience for the User because they're getting that end Result webinar that is uh you know Optimized it's like they're not getting The US and the eyes and all the other Things that are going to bore them They're getting like a perfect optimized Webinar with no chance for a mess up so

It's got a lot of um value not only for The person who's doing the webinar right Who's going to save a lot of time and be Able to maybe run a weekly like live Webinar let you know at 7 pm every week You have a webinar in your business Maybe the presentation is automated but You're answering the questions live but The the viewers get a lot of benefit too And it's one of those things where you Know every business is going to have Different pieces to the puzzle right Maybe it makes sense sometimes to run a Live webinar but having knowing that That like live webinar component is There uh is very very powerful and I Think one of the things that we stand Out with in the uh like live webinar World is we have auto play so basically A lot of webinar Solutions it's like you Still have to press a button at 7 pm if It's like scheduled for 7 pm it's like Well that's just kind of like playing a Video right whereas like if it starts Automatically it has more of that feel Of like all right this is a presentation That's starting at this time so um you Know it's it's a little bit of a subtle Thing but also not really because it's Like the feel of the entire thing Throughout the presentation you know Yeah it feels like you're showing up to An actual event and another thing I just Want to point out as well really quickly

Is we have uh live webinars where people You can also play pre-recorded videos uh During the live webinar so we actually Have a lot of customers lately who have Been doing that well they'll play like An hour-long presentation which is like Really well edited Um you know they did a really good job On you know just fine-tuning whatever They want to say and then they'll just Come on at the end for the live q a and That's a really effective way to like Just kind of answer any questions that The audience might have as well It's funny because this is exactly what I needed so a couple of years ago I used To run our daily onboardings at high Levels so every day I would do the same Presentation to a new group of trialers And after a couple of months it was like Insane obviously you know I was like Ready to kill myself because I was doing The same thing over and over Um So eventually I was like okay I'm Just gonna record myself doing this and Then I would show up on Zoom say hi to Everyone and be like okay I'm gonna play A video because I need to like save my Voice here or whatever and I would just Hit play and we would watch it together And I would be answering chat as we did It and so it would have been fantastic To have that just auto start and I could Have just been there at my keyboard

Replying to people as it went so that's Awesome So what else I know you guys have a Couple of other kind of features that Are unique to webinar kit Um run us through some of those Yeah so um in general one thing we Really pride ourselves on is uh ease of Use so for example we kind of built the Webinar kit Builder a little bit like a Wizard it's like a webinar wizard where Like you come in and it's like even if You've never picked up a tutorial before Which we do have tutorials and Everything of course but like it's kind Of built to be in a way where you come On and it's like all right there's four Steps like step one without this Information step two this right no Tech Experience needed and by the end within Five or ten minutes you have like a Ready to go either automated like live Or live webinar phone so we wanted to Kind of be the easy the easy solution Right that you don't need to feel like You need an advanced degree to get a Webinar up and running and we actually Have one woman who sent us a video and She told us that she actually built her Webinar funnel on her phone while Putting her baby to bed and I'm like Well it doesn't get any easier that's Awesome yeah so I think we really pride Ourselves on ease of use but um you know

We also believe we're very powerful and I think another really interesting thing That we do that's fairly recent and is We have multi-day webinar series and uh What that means is if you want to run Like a three day or a five-day webinar Event uh you can call it whatever you Want whether you want to call it a Summit or a challenge or a three-part Webinar or a five-part webinar you can Run it and what all it does is it takes Those webinars that you've set up very Easily and you put them in a sequence so It's very very easy to set up and what's Also really cool and this is something Uh Phil I think you'll agree I haven't Seen anyone else do this you can Actually have some of the days of that Like five day challenge or five day Sequence be automated and some of the Days be live so maybe you want to have The first day live and the last day live Of like a five day challenge or five day Summit or five part webinar and the Middle days are automated right so you Have that total flexibility and that Freedom to say all right I'm gonna set This up exactly how I want to set it up You know yeah super cool I love the idea of challenges through Webinars that's pretty interesting as Well Yeah Are you seeing a lot of people use that

Challenge feature Yeah I mean Phil can talk probably more About that but it's pretty new but I Know we have a lot yeah it's a brand new Feature but yeah we we have a lot of Excitement around it for sure uh we're Definitely starting to see users just You know roll that out into their Businesses Um since the last I think we lost it Like two or three months ago so Webinars as a service is really Interesting to me I don't think it it's Not a what I would call a traditional Service that traditional agencies have Been providing but I think we're going To see more and more of that of Businesses realizing hey Um we could package this up and sell it As a service to our clients and help Them utilize webinars to generate more Leads and sales or onboard their Customers or whatever it may be Um so I'm pretty fascinated I feel like Webinars have been around forever but They're still sort of under untapped as Like a superpower and so as the tools Get more sophisticated I think we'll see Agencies start to utilize them more and Now that you guys built the high level Integration I think that takes it a step Further and I was interested to learn You didn't just build the integration But you also built a new white labeling

Offering which is kind of music to our Ears because everything that we build is White labeled as well so why don't we Why don't we talk about that talk about What you guys built and and how you're Able to White Label it Yeah absolutely so um what I'll do is I'll kind of walk through it and then if It's cool I'll have Phil come on and Actually show quickly how everything Works sure so yeah as you mentioned uh Chasers there's two parts to it so like The first part is we kind of just wanted To go ahead and build an integration Directly between webinar kit and go high Level and what does that mean it means You don't need a third-party tool like Zapier or pabli to actually connect the Two you can connect them directly inside Of webinar kit so if you have webinar Kit you can actually go in there and not Only push leads uh from webinar kit to Go high level right maybe you run a Webinar and that you guys are as far as I've seen the absolute best in the space As far as follow-ups I mean you guys Have ringless voicemails you have text Messaging you have email so imagine that You have your webinar that is maybe an Automated webinar for example in webinar Kit and then that lead gets pushed into Go high level for tons of follow-ups Maybe they get the replay of the webinar They get a voicemail hey did you watch

The webinar replay so you guys just have All this amazing follow-up it goes so Perfectly with the webinar uh you know Automated webinar or live webinar or Whatever challenge in webinar kit so the Two FIT just perfectly together for the Lead the automation on the webinar kit Side of like getting that lead to learn About you through webinars in your Business and then the follow-up through Uh go high level which is just as far as I've seen on Match so you can actually Not only do that but if a lead comes in To go high level you can actually Automatically register them for a Webinar so we built a bi-directional um Yeah so we've got both and um so that's Great if you're a normal webinar kit User right and um what we actually did From there as we talked as you talked About is we actually also built a white Label so what this means is as you know I don't have to explain to you but you Know what go high level users they build Their own white labeled stacks and it Goes without saying that the more unique Your stack is the more interesting Things that you put in it the more You're probably going to sell the more You differentiate yourselves from the Competition the more value you add to Your customers so what we decided is Like wait a minute What if we allowed for people who use

High level To add the power of webinars automated Webinars like live webinars live Webinars and even challenges into their White label stack that they can then Pass down to anyone who signs up under Their uh custom stack you know so it's Like wow that that adds a lot of Possibilities and as you said there's so Many options in the agency World Especially for webinars right more and More people are running challenges more And more people are running multi-day Webinars automated webinar Summits all Of it all phones that falls under the Same kind of functionality and that's What we have inside webinar kits so to Allow people to take the power of Webinar kit that does all this change it To their own custom branding the same Branding they use for their white Labeled high level and bundle those Together and then sell it either as a Software or a service or both it just Creates so much more opportunity and uh So that's what we went ahead and built And we're really really excited about it Uh we have a few high-level users not a Ton yet because we're obviously here now Talking about it but just through our Audience we have people who use high Level that have got and they've gotten Really excited about this so I'm excited To see what the whole Community uh says

About it but in general that's basically What we've built and uh to some fill Unless you think I'm missing anything Otherwise I'll probably let you kind of Show a little bit more about it yeah Absolutely I can give a quick little Demo if you guys want to see it uh Absolutely screen here yeah so I'm just Going to go ahead and share my browser Can you guys see my screen all right yep Okay right so right now we are actually Inside high level as you can probably Tell but you'll notice this is a sub Account that I have set up and what I've Done is I've gone ahead and kind of done The Branding of the or redone The Branding so I added custom a logo I'm Not sure if you guys can see the domain Here but right now I have a custom Domain setup Uh so it's in this case it's and then we have Our custom uh company name set in like The header and all that stuff Um so you know this is just your typical High level dashboard I haven't really Done much customization or added any you Know leads or anything besides that are Workflows but uh what we have done here Is we've taken advantage of high levels Ability to add a custom menu link so You'll see this is actually new here This this webinars icon and we give uh We give the user or high level actually

Gives the the user the ability to kind Of label this whatever they want for Their business purposes but you know for This case we just you know uh say to use Webinars just to make it uh short and Sweet but when you click on that option You'll see that it actually opens up Webinar kit inside of high level so it's Kind of like you have this one unified Software almost and now in addition to All of high levels amazing features you Also have all of webinar kits amazing Webinar features and live event features And automated event features just at Your disposal right inside this one Software stack so let me just quickly go Ahead and before I even talk about more Of the white label features I'll just Demonstrate some of those Um the regular integration features There's Stefan mentioned so I'm right Now in the integration section I I what I just just did is I opened up a example Webinar I had inside the account I went into the settings and I'm just Going to scroll down to the high level Integration section here I've already Previously hooked up uh high level with This sub account just for the purposes Of this demo and you'll see that we have All these different options for like When someone registers for this webinar So for example if I want to tag someone In high level when someone registers for

This webinar event you can easily do That you can add as many tags as you Want we also have the ability to add uh Someone to a custom workflow that you Have set up inside high level so if you Have any automations set up in high Level you can easily add them to the Contact when based on a variety of Different events so webinar kit supports Uh things like when someone registers For an event but we also have obviously Things like a couple days before the Event uh whether the person showed up or Did did show up to the event uh whether Someone watched x amount of the webinar Uh just uh General kind of Replay or After webinar email integration flows And a bunch of other options as well now Stefan also mentioned that we have kind Of a bi-directional flow here as well so This is actually a unique feature that We set up just for high level so Essentially Uh you can have it set up so that when a Contact is added to your high level Account you can actually register them For any webinar inside of the webinar Kit account so if you enable that you Can it's as simple as just clicking this Enable button now whenever someone gets Added to high level they will get Auto Registered into this webinar and you can Select the exact session that you want So you can either do a just in time

Session which is literally just like the Next available webinar which would be Like in 15 minute increment increments Uh you can have it be at a specific time As per your schedule for the webinar or You could have it be every you know Friday at 6 PM or something along those Lines so this makes it really easy for Uh just that that bi-directional kind of Communication between uh both uh high Level and webinar kit now Um going back to the dashboard here just So I can kind of talk about some of the White label features we have here so You'll notice that we've actually gone Ahead and hidden all of the webinar kit Branding so just be just like we have uh Fully customized branding here on the High level account in the sub account we Also have completely removed the webinar Kit branding entirely inside webinar kit And obviously this is really powerful if You're if you're selling high level Accounts you can kind of also do the Same thing by having these white labeled Webinar kit sub-accounts also inside of The high level account stack so uh you Know as you can see here we can do Pretty much all the same things you can Customize that brand logo we also have Our custom domain set for these all the Links inside of webinar kit so for Example I found this webinar here I click on

This get links option it's going to give Us all of our the various links for our Registration page the actual webinar Watching page and Etc and you'll see We're using the custom domain here as Well uh so yeah so everything is just Kind of you know Um unified in terms of having that that Fully customized branding and this makes It really powerful for if you are you Know trying to sell these high level Accounts uh you can just kind of add This webinar kit solution have a fully You know fully fledged powerful webinar Solution added to that high level stack To just make that value proposition just Like absolutely insane uh for the Reselling purposes uh so we we're really Excited about this we think a lot of High-level users can gain like a ton of Value just by adding this to their stack And it's super easy to set up Um so we're really excited to launch This That's awesome can we check out what it Looks like uh in the example live Webinar Yeah absolutely for sure so Um I'm just gonna go ahead and grab the Mushroom link here or is that the same Thing just with a different name I guess That's what that is Uh yeah you so you can you can Definitely uh what happens is you'll

You'll grab the link here and you can Open up the washroom can you guys still See this I'm not sure if yeah yeah okay So Um it might I think because I'm opening Zoom right now it's it's not letting me Use the uh the same webcam at the same Time so let me let me open up the the Automated rooms just to give a little Example Um Yeah so this is just the automated Webinar room just so you guys can see an Example of what this looks like but I'm Not sure if you can see the custom Domain at the top here but again this is Using uh I did set the did not set The Branding for this webinar here's a still Showing webinar kit but this is all Fully customizable uh so just imagine Envision you know your your clients Uh Custom brand here when when they're Doing this uh or the sub accounts custom Branding here but uh again you have all The all the things like live chat polls Offers uh the attendee list uh handouts Pretty much everything you would uh want And expect we we have uh that feature Available so this is for the automated Webinar so for pre-recorded videos Obviously we also have a lot Fully live Videos and you can have pretty much all Those same features uh something else we Recently added was also social streaming

So you could stream to like Facebook or LinkedIn or YouTube whatever you want to Do Uh so you have all of the like pretty Much you have the entire webinar Software suite just available inside of High level so I mean I think it's just You know I personally have seen I've Been getting ads lately for Um these softwares I'm like what Software is this and I realize it's like Oh these are high level uh agencies like Uh full high level software and and what What you see is you can actually add you Know when you can add like a webinar Software to that in addition it just Increases the value proposition so much So I'm envisioning something along those Lines over the whole thing we're going To start seeing ads for that sort of Thing with webinar kit included in the Package it's super interesting I I can Really see a whole new uh sort of trend Of offering being created by high-level Agencies where it's like oh do you want You know the lead gen plus webinar Package where we drive leads into a Daily or weekly automate or you know Maybe it's automated maybe it's not Webinar for you Um and if they buy it then this is here And you just have to train them hey Every Tuesday at two or whatever click The webinar Tab and you'll be able to

Answer the chats as they're coming in as The webinar is playing I mean that's That's pretty easy to teach somebody how To do and that's a pretty powerful Offering so this is awesome yeah and There's actually one last thing that I Forgot to mention and I'll just briefly Uh mention it is that we also have a a Zapier integration which is specifically Built for our white label offering so That that way Um when people are using zapier with uh Their kind of custom brand and Everything it's not going to show the Webinar kit branding so we have a kind Of generic or unbranded app in zapier Called webinar connector and that allows You to kind of uh use uh use zapier with Uh the webinar kit software without kind Of you know showing your clients that It's powered by webinar kit so I did Just want to mention that it's super Easy to set that up and uh pretty much All the features of the regular zapier Application or integration are there as Well hey Chase I wonder where we got That idea from I was gonna say man you Guys are quite thorough you built your Own lead connector yeah we did we well We have to right like if people are Going to use uh this webinar solution uh You know totally unbranded we got to Make sure we uh we set it up the right Way and on that note Phil also you might

Even want to click on help we could show People that we have a totally unbranded Help desk as well yeah absolutely yeah So we we've also gone ahead and just Yeah given the option to have a fully uh Customizable help desk where you have Your own logo all of the tutorial Articles are kind of uh built Generically so to speak so there's no Webinar kit mentioned it's just like you Know in your webinar software do XYZ to Do this uh and yeah it's it's fully You'll you'll see you know your your Custom domain your brand logo your brand Name everything is just going to be Inside of this help desk uh and so they If you're a customer this this makes it A lot easier obviously it's like if if Your customers or your clients are using The webinar software and they have any Questions they don't have to come Directly to your support or help desk Which you know takes time and time and Effort they can go at least get some of Those basic questions answered inside of This customized brandable help desk Yeah impressive yeah I mean we I think We've hit nearly everything uh you know As far as making sure that the user Doesn't have any webinar kit branding or Anything like that it's really Everything that's like this is your Webinar solution bundled with high level A couple other things uh Chase like I

Think is interesting is like that native Integration that we built so you Mentioned about or we talked a couple Times now about like the offerings that People can do right imagine that and for Anyone watching imagine that you're Offering you know maybe a client Acquisition system a lot of people are Offering that where they build the the Pre-created autoresponders with the uh You know with the built-in uh calls or Texts or ringless voicemails imagine That you can pre-create uh a actually Phil would you mind re-sharing real Quick uh you know if you could actually Oh sorry I was chasing I cut them off Because I thought uh it'd be better to See you bigger talking but I didn't know You were going to talk about something On the screen about that yeah so so um But like imagine that you can sell like A webinar client acquisition system or a Webinar it's like full funnel where it's Like hey guys I'm giving you the Pre-created webinar because you can Actually another thing that we have is Like let's say that you have the webinar Kit white label right and you create a Sub account for that client right you Can actually push pre-created webinar Funnels to that sub account and those Pre-created webinar funnels could be Connected as you know through that Integration into go high level so you

Could actually if you're a go high level Agency owner you could sell pre-created Webinar funnels that custom uh have Custom webinars built in in webinar kit That also send the follow-ups directly To their go high level account for Maximum uh sales and revenue through That like you know that robust follow-up System that you guys have so that's Really really cool uh yeah and this is Just on the screen now is what Stefan's Talking about here so you can see you Can just share this link and essentially You can uh by doing this you can allow People to import uh entire webinar Funnels into someone else's account and Just the click of a button uh so Obviously that's a really powerful Feature as well well this is super Interesting I mean I could see you Mentioned you know doing it for you sort Of thing like at our agency we used to Work with a ton of Med spots right so I Could imagine us the agency creating a Webinar about CoolSculpting right and Then saying hey we've got this Incredible CoolSculpting lead gen Package where we generate leads off Facebook we drive them into a webinar Your staff is there to answer their Questions as the webinar is going on and Then boom you know we convert them in Into booked appointments or whatever Um you know like we do in high level and

It takes the the onus of having to Create a webinar off of the customer's Hands I think that's a pretty powerful Offering I think so too and then when you couple That it's like hey we're giving you the Robust follow-up system and that's where Go high level comes in it's like we Built you the custom like chat Follow-ups and the maybe ringless Voicemail and email follow-ups it works So well together you know Um and on that note while I just have it Uh filled maybe we should actually show People for those who have not seen Webinar kits so far how easy it is to Quickly set up a webinar funnel right Just in general right aside from with White label and go high level like just How do you actually build a webinar and Webinar kit yeah absolutely so let me Walk through since I'm here I'll uh walk Through creating an automated webinar uh So you're right now we're on the webinar Dashboard so you can just see a list of You know all the webinars in your Account uh you can tag things and filter Things just to organize them however you Want but for now I'm just going to click On this new webinar button and click on This new automated webinar option you'll See we also have the option for live Webinars and webinar series for things

Like five day challenges and you can Incorporate uh both automated and live Like we mentioned earlier but I'm going To click on new automated webinar and it Just brings you to this kind of wizard Flow where you can really quickly set up Your webinar in just like a couple of Minutes here so I'm just going to enter My new webinar just some basic details Uh we're going to leave the duration as An hour and a half you can set your Brand logo just update whatever your Brand logo is by default and in this Case since I already kind of uh added a Added a white labeled brand logo here It's going to pull in uh a it's not Going to show the webinar kit branding You can also add presenters really Easily you can have as many presenters As you want I'm just going to leave this Blank for the sake of time but it takes Two seconds we also have some really Powerful scheduling options here so you Can toggle things like an instant watch Webinar which allows someone to join the Webinar right away without even like There's no way uh you know there's no uh Like just in time or like 10 minutes From now or 15 minutes from now it's Just like join register and you know Take them straight to the webinar Watchroom you can also enable uh just in Time sessions which is kind of gives it A more kind of like realistic like okay

Here's the next event happening in an Hour so you can customize how many just In time sessions you want to display Whether you want each one to be you know 15 minutes away from like the the next Uh the the next time slot be like 15 Minutes in the future or say an hour in The future or two hours things along Those lines and then you can also add Things like of course a specific time And date or you can do on ongoing dates Like every Wednesday at 4 pm eastern Time things along those lines so I'll Just add some random date here and then We'll continue on so Since this is a automated webinar you Can also set a set your video so you can Either use a video hosted on a Third-party Source like uh would you Support YouTube but you can also do Obviously things like Amazon S3 or Wistia or Vimeo whatever your provider Is or alternatively we also have Built-in video uploads which our users Do love for that that convenience where You can just upload a video and just Have it uh you know have us handle all The hosting for you so once you set your Video uh will take us to the uh kind of The the page editor flow and here we Have the ability to edit uh and build Out High converting registration Pages Thank you pages and replay pages so let Me just jump into the replay page editor

So we have a bunch of kind of pre-built High converting templates already so you Can just select any of those that you Want from here so I'll just go ahead and Select one of these and then you can Import all the settings from that Template split And you can see just like that now we Have this kind of this new template and All you need to do is just kind of come Into the uh the editor flow here and you Can just edit out the details uh Whatever you want to do so you can edit All of this stuff Add any copy changes you want uh it's Super easy you can change colors change The background change text colors uh you Can change fonts you can add a video as You see here change the images that You're seeing on the page so pretty much Every and anything you want to do to Kind of add or better build add more High converting copy or anything you Want to this page can be done in just a Few moments here and you can do the same Thing for the thank you page and do the Same thing for the replay page as well So and we have high converting templates For all of these so you can just kind of Get this up and running super quickly And let me just jump ahead to the next Step in this funnel here these are kind Of like the webinar watchroom settings So when you're actually about to go live

This these settings affect what Attendees of the webinar are going to See so you can enable things like a Questions box where uh an attendee can Type out a question and then those Questions questions will be pushed Directly to the owner's email address so That you know even if you're not at your Computer you can kind of respond to People's questions this is great Especially for automated webinars where You're not going to be at your you know Computer 24 7. so you'll see that you Know someone's watching uh the webinar You know maybe like 8pm or something on A Sunday you know you'll just get a an Email to your phone and be like oh okay I can answer this and you know answer Any questions and you know kind of maybe Even get a sale just from being there And seeing that question and you can Kind of like get them through that that Sequence you can also enable live chat Uh so that you know you can have uh you Or a staff member answering questions During this automated event Um we have our visual offer settings for The webinar so like if you have a pitch You know an hour in you can kind of have Like a visual offer alongside whatever Is happening inside your video and you Can set that to show like at the the one Hour mark or whatever you want with the Price and the photo and uh timer even if

You want to do that we have polls so you Can you know build engagement that way Uh polls are great for you know just Making sure people are kind of staying Engaged and watching the content and Engaging with the content uh handouts as Well you know a lot of webinars you'll See like stay tuned until the end and We'll you know we're going to give you Our cheat sheet this is perfect for that You can just drop a link to a PDF or a Slide deck or whatever it is you're Sharing we also have chat simulator uh Available so this is uh also great Amazing for adding kind of like Pre-recorded uh not pre-recorded but Like pre-built chat messages uh which is Great for kind of building engagement Especially in like automated webinars so It's like you know there's not going to Be maybe a ton of people watching a Webinar at 1am or something uh you know On a Tuesday but you can kind of add in Some chat messages to kind of have that Uh have that engagement built and have Have it like you know have that all Audience feel like make it feel like It's a live event for people that are Attending webinars at whatever time Um and it's also great you can just have The you know the host of the webinar Kind of just dropping links or something Like you know here's the link to the Sales page or whatever stuff like that

Uh we also have multi-language support Which I should have mentioned previously But you can pretty much uh edit every Sort of label throughout the application Or throughout webinar kit so if you want To run your webinar to like a Spanish-speaking country or something You can completely customize everything Across the entire tool in that language So we do have that as well and then on The last page here these are our email And integration options so you know like I mentioned earlier we have tons of Different options you know registration Or confirmation emails and Integrations Uh attended the webinar did not attend The webinar watched you know 50 of the Webinar you know right after the webinar Or sold to all sorts of things of course We have our high level integration uh Built out here but and tons of other Integrations and web hooks as well and Then the ability to add scripts to all The page so if you have any tracking Code that you want to add you can Quickly do that as well And then this is the these are the Sharing options for sharing funnels that Stefan mentioned so once you do that uh You know you have your webinar and it Literally just takes I'm just explaining Everything here but if you really want To get set up it literally just takes Like a couple of minutes just to you

Know slap together a pretty high Converting uh webinar funnel uh and you Can just start sending traffic to that Registration page you just come here you Grab your registration page link And you just send that out to people People can start registering for your Webinar right away Um and yeah it's just it's it's we're Trying to make this as simple as Possible so we really think um you know Having this feature set just built in or Kind of included in that high level Stack I think a lot of people are going To love that that uh those features yeah So thanks for that Phil so yeah in a Nutshell that's kind of how it works Um and I think that uh one other Interesting thing to note is that for Anyone who does grab the white label of Uh of webinar kit right where the tech We just shown powers that white label Under their own custom brand integrated With high level you actually get Personal use as well so you get the full Personal use for yourself if you want to Run these on your own business and you Just want the power of webinars right But like I said you could use it for Yourself and all of your clients as well Yes so I gotta ask the question I mean This is super impressive and and I know A bunch of people watching are thinking Okay what does this cost how do how do

You package this up and and what this Cost Yeah so we've uh We've we've got uh we Actually are so excited about this we Built a custom page uh is it should I Share the page Yeah let's do that so I'll just uh I'll Pull up the page real quick and uh let Me go here and uh share my screen Actually Chase I might just need a Screen sharing permission so I might Need someone else to stop sharing first I think Phil stop sharing yeah there we Go yeah then you should be good to go Sure So uh we actually got so excited about This that uh you know I built a special Page for it and I think uh anyone Watching will find this page right in The uh links to this podcast so I kind Of just went through and shared a little About the story of how this came to be Uh you know people want to read more About it they can on the page but we Built the special uh White Label Solution where it just kind of runs Through the details we just went over uh And there's more details here if people Want to check it out and learn more About all the features of the software That you know the tech that powers the White labeled webinar software but these Are the pricing options that we Currently have available for people uh

Depending on when you're watching this This might change but these are our Special entry level prices so uh if you Go to monthly you'll see the prices are A little higher but just to give you Guys an idea uh right now uh you know You get uh one main account for personal Use so again like this price includes Your unlimited live and automated Webinars uh depending on which tier you Get uh you also get 25 sub-accounts Included for a limited time so this Isn't like uh paying hundreds of dollars For one white label license currently uh We do plan to get it there uh down the Road but for now for early adapters We're actually giving a really special Deal so for this package for example uh You get one main account for automated Webinars and you get 25 sub-accounts Which means that you can use the Licenses included in here to give sub Accounts to 25 people who are paying for Your go high level stack right so Whether whatever you're charging for That 97 bucks a month or 300 bucks a Month or 500 bucks a month right you can Feel 25 of those for this price and then The same goes for the other three tiers This tier includes automated webinars And live webinars up to 100 attendees This one so far seems to be the one that People like the most which is automated Plus 500 live attendees per webinar

Unlimited live uh unlimited Registrations for automated and live and Then the last tier over here is on Automated webinars and 1 000 live Attendees so uh these are the current Prices that we've got uh like I said Depending on when you're watching this They might be a little higher but in General we're trying to really give Massive value here so uh you know again Yeah that's so breaking out my Calculator here I believe that starts at If you get 25 for 125 that's like five Bucks five dollars an account yeah I was About to hammer that point home it's Like these accounts sub account prices Are like insane like this is this is Truly like a ton of value added here you Get 25 of these sub accounts with like Full access to all the features Um yeah at this price point it's just Like it's wild Yes this is awesome guys I'm gonna um I'm gonna kill the screen share again I Think this is pretty fascinating Honestly I think we're gonna see a new Wave of products being created and and Like I said for five bucks I could go Create a new offering that I would Charge you know a couple hundred bucks For Um that I think you know you've got my Gear spinning again like me creating the Webinar on behalf of my clients because

I work in a niche and I know exactly What's going to work for them becomes a Pretty powerful offering and being able To embed it in high level with my Branding I mean It's pretty awesome Yeah thanks that's all right too we're Really excited about it yeah Awesome well guys I think our community Will be as well Um I know we're about to hit an hour so I think at this point we'll make sure That we've got the link to that page in The notes below so if you guys are Watching you want to check it out you've Got the link but um Phil Stefan thanks So much for coming on to show us what You guys have built this is awesome Absolutely yeah thanks so much for Having us on Chase yeah thank you Thank you guys for watching we'll see in The next one [Music]

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