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Biggest thing when we developed the the Entire system to capture a video we knew It had to be seamless No apps to download none of that stuff So we make it like three clicks so uh it Could even be easier than that could be A total of two clicks so we have uh Within magnify uh we have the ability to Send like one-off requests so it'll send Them an email and they click to record Record their video you can write a Little note what you want them to talk About in that video and so you're trying To script it you're just giving some Basic bullet points to hit on and having The platform since 2017 we really worked Out like the secret sauce to get Something to engage and make a video Foreign And welcome to another episode of the High level Spotlight sessions where we Showcase awesome marketers doing awesome Marketing today I'm excited to be joined By Doug Dilbert Jr he is the founder and Creator of magnify which is a video Marketing platform that automates the Process of capturing video testimonials Creating brand new videos and sending Video email Doug thanks so much for Coming on the show no problem no problem It's actually Doug dybert d-i-b-e-r-t Jr I was just about to say Your name it's all good I get it all That that has stuck with me since since

High school I don't know why but yeah I just threw An L right in there I don't know I wish I owned the Dober franchise and then I Would be really wealthy maybe that's What it is it's just like a cognitive uh Recognition it's hilarious it's like how Is it it just like Pops in there it's All good My apologies I'm so happy to have you on we're Talking video I love video yeah I feel Like magnify has been around for a while Too right I feel like what's the Backstory here how do you what led you To create the platform yeah yeah Phenomenal question so I used to run and Own a video marketing agency so I Started a video marketing agency back in January 5th 2005 about a year after I Graduated film school and bought way too Much equipment and like I guess I'll you Know 2000 January 5th 2005 shooting mini DV tape you know there was no digital None of this little card stuff it was Like hey you're just slapping that Sucker and rolling footage right so Started back then in long story short Around 2015 we started getting customers Asking us to produce videos that they Shot up their smartphone because Smartphone video just started getting Better and better and better year after Year I remember when I got my first flip

Phone I had like a color other screen I'm like it had a little sail bone on it I'm like boom color sailboat on my phone Sweet right so 2015 they started getting Really good and we had clients that you Know they had out of town clients that Want to get video testimonials from Um and they didn't obviously want to pay For a crew or find somebody like hey can I can you just take this video I shot my Smartphone and just make the magic and My logo and music call to action Floyd Produce ready to go and we fought it for A little for probably a good year And I thought you know what instead of Trying to beat him why don't we just Join them why don't we figure out a way To make it easy to capture a video and Produce it not just give them like just A talking head but produce it based on Really what 90 plus percent of our Customers all wanted they all wanted Their their logo to come up a little bit Of stylized Zoom animation they wanted To fade out inspirational music Underneath perfectly married to the Video testimonial or expert video of the Week Um Fade Out call to action you know call Today learn more and then with our logo So I thought you know what let's just Systematize that content's creation and If they want anything beyond that then You know the the full service video

Marketing agency can take over and you Know create a really nice video and so We I created like an MVP of that it's a Minimum viable product just to get that Out into the marketplace to see how it Would how it would do and that was Definitely a big leap of faith because Writing code is not a cheap Venture Right yeah so as you guys know at high Level right so Um we so we launched in in Fall of 2017 So a good year of just kind of playing Around trying to decide the the path Forward and getting funds together and Things like that we launched in 2017 and Then I uh 2018 I sold my video marketing Agency because Um at that point I had a business coach At that time and I said to my business Coach I said you know what I can care Less if I ever shot or edited a video Ever again in my life I love the Business side and the strategy side and I love the idea of serving more people And that's how magnify was really born So I've been full with with magnify fall Of 2018 and put all the money that I'm Uh made from selling uh my my video Market agency into into magnifying I Really didn't take a salary out of Magnifying until covet hit sucks I was Doing video marketing Consulting for Businesses it just really just put it Back into it and just bootstrapped it up

And um so here's that's that's kind of The long slash short end of it very cool That's awesome I mean I remember those Days of tapes that was pretty funny yeah Yep so when you consult how do you like I'm curious to know you know when I was Running an agency video testimonials Were were huge we just knew that they Were right so if we worked with a new Client and they didn't have any we kind Of said all right we need to help you Get some because we need these for the Marketing Do you have stats around that like talk To me about the impact of what video Testimonials do for a business and why People should care yeah so Forbes agency Council came out and said that video Testimonials because it was like two Years ago that it's the number one most Valuable form of content you can create For a business there's nothing more Valuable than another human being on Camera talked about how a proctor Service made their lives better and Depending on where you put that at in The your your marketing funnel it adds Tremendous value so 50 jump and 50 Conversion rates Um at at the closing right so if you Have a client that's maybe on the fence You show them a video testimonial of Another person talking about how that Proctor service affected their life I

Mean it's it's that's like a slam dunk That's instant validation it's it blows A written review or five stars out of The water especially nowadays where you See companies with you know endless Five-star reviews I have 20 million Written reviews right or 20 million five Star reviews and most of the reverse are Like it was good I liked it it was right Good job right nothing of a human being Actually looking at the camera and Saying yeah a high level just took my Business to the next level or if they're A plumber yeah they came over and they They we had a toilet overflowing and Water was everywhere my kids were Screaming and my wife was freaking out And I called Joe the plumber and Joe was Already fixed it and saved my my kitchen Floor and life is at peace Like just saying that right now you just You created that picture in your mind Draws you in so it pulls you in whereas That written review yeah those are great They're still valuable but video Testimonials I mean use me at the top of The sales funnel too Um if you're doing an ad campaign Um on social media and you add a video In there the the the the the Click-through rates are over 60 so it's Huge to have video testimonies literally It works at so many different levels of Of a digital marketing experience

Yeah and that's something That even if you can't quantify it I Think everybody can understand that Right like we are humans are Storytellers and so like you said seeing Scrolling and seeing a video you kind of Immediately are kind of curious and Captivated and when it is a personal Genuine story yeah you just told you you Kind of lean right in and you're like oh My gosh like I can just Envision that Pouring over my brand new floor in the Kitchen and how I would be freaking out And you know Um and so I think When you understand that You then understand that it's not about Creating three of them right it's about Hey if we could create a steady stream Of these things we would have a steady Stream of compelling content that would Captivate people and pull them into our Business exactly I think It's very very powerful However the reason that you're even in Business right you you mentioned it Getting video out of clients is Traditionally a very hard thing to do Yeah first of all they don't want to be On camera second of all like I don't Know what to say third of all how do I Get this to you you know I'm still using Microsoft Explorer over here yeah Um and so talk to me about that process

Of how do you like systematize this so That an agency could actually turn it Into a product Yeah yeah exactly so the the biggest Thing when we developed the the entire System to capture a video we knew it had To be seamless No apps to download none of that stuff So we make it like three clicks so uh it Could even be easier than that could be A total of two clicks so we have uh Within magnify uh we have the ability to Send like one-off requests so it'll send Them an email and they click to record Record their video you can write a Little note we want them to talk about In that video is that you're trying to Script it you're just giving some basic Bullet points to hit on and having the Platform since 2017 we really worked out Like the secret sauce to get something To engage and make a video Um our return rate of getting a video Testimonial back within two weeks is Between 45 and 65 percent which is Really high so an unsolicited request For a written review is around five Percent Um for for uh for video testimonials It's actually around 10 for an Unsolicited review because when people Are making a video they're they they're They're happy generally so most people Aren't making a video and and they're

They're pissed off right Um and the Beautiful magnifies that goes In the background you can easily respond That before that ever sees the light of Day but Um and we also have what's called it's The video capture link so agencies are Doing really nice campaigns and in the Email drip Series so so they already Have this uh the the clients emails teed Up Um in a you know whatever email Marketing CRM system that they're using Um and all they got to do is take uh the Link within magnify and and throw it in Their email body say hey click here to Make us a video testimonial Um and you'll be you know entered to win XYZ make sure you submit your video by The end of XYZ thing right which is a Pro tip there so when you're always Asking for a video testimonial Um uh always give them a date in which They need to get that video testimonial Back to you especially if you're going To do a little bit of like you know Thank you incentivizing and that's a Whole nother can of worms right Incentivizing people to make a video but Really you're thanking them for taking The time out of their day to give you Valuable video feedback That's how I see it anyway so Um so talk to me a little bit more about

That right later okay so Um You I think you did a good job of Explaining like why we need to do this And how we kind of do it but how do we a Time deadline so I need to we need it Back by this date because like what do You think are some great strategies Yeah exactly yeah yeah so because we Want to use it in our our next social Media ad campaign Or because we want to feature you on the Website because we want to feature you On our social media platform we want to Tag you in it and if they're happy They're they're going to be all about it Yeah so just just letting them know that How you're going to use it and give them The the picture of it Um and then two to go back to like let's Say you have an email blast and let's Say they're a pizza place and let's say You're you're doing a campaign and they Have like a thousand people on some Rewards thing you know hey make a severe Testimonial about how much you love your Uh our pizza and then we're gonna give You 10 off your next order just to say Thank you and they can take that one Link blast it out to all thousand people And let's say a thousand people Let's say five ten percent of those People Make a video

Uh what agencies are doing is they're Taking those 50 hundred people they're Creating Ambassador style programs Because think about it those people just Became your micro influencers Who is that right so like you think About putting it together on influencer Program That's an easy way to create a an Influencer program is just capturing Little video reviews of people talking About how your product or service made Your life better So and did you did you say that you guys Sort of had something to tackle the Challenge of people making a video that Just says like their Pizza is great I Love it yeah yeah exactly yeah so yeah Within within the back it'll magnify the When you send a direct request you can Write them a little note Um with also with our video capture link You can actually customize the landing Page uh of where you're gonna capture The video Um you can put whatever verbage we have A full whizzy wig editor there so if you Want to put some pictures some imagery Some really fun stuff uh on there Explain to them hey you know talk about The pizza make sure the pizza is in the Make sure the pizza's in there and just Have fun with it you know and then pop And they pop in their first and last

Name an email and they're Off to the Races recording their video it's Literally they click to submit record Submit done that's it so nothing to Download because that was the biggest Thing when we developed the platform out Is we poked a few development companies To partner up with they all want to make It apps and you have to download I mean Hey make me a good testimonial oh yeah Sure okay could you go into the App Store download this app create an Account Um and then record your video then Submit it yeah of course people are People are lazy if it takes uh if it's After three seconds they can't figure Out Um what to do they'll get annoyed Seven seconds are they're gone yeah Maybe seven seconds are gone 100 no it's Got to be browser based and um no Downloads for sure I love it because you Know in high level we can make Um review request templates for email And SMS and we can automate when those Go out right so we know somebody booked A reservation you know today at this Time we could say wait four hours and Then send the review request so we could Just bake in a link to magnify so we're Not just asking for hey could you click Over to Google we're saying hey could You click here and leave us a video

Review which I could see working very Well now if I'm an agency I'm always Thinking Okay how do I monetize this is yeah talk To me about your relationship with Agencies is this something that people Sell as a new Standalone package is this Something that you you bake into what You're already doing to just improve the Results what do you how do you typically Work with agency folk yeah yeah so Magnify is able to be fully white Labeled for a digital marketing agency To have their own in-house scalable Video service offering so you can fully Manage a video testimonial campaign Right with a magnify all custom branded To your agency by the way Um hence the white label right and be Able to create accounts for clients and Send requests to their customers behalf Produce video content on your customer's Behalf in fact we have five tools that Allow an agency to be able to add video Testimonial capture right uh Dove tell You about reputation marketing so Um we call it enhanced reputation Marketing and even another level with That a lot of agencies are are adding Video testimonial capture but they're Also adding in expert tip video creation Because they're saying to that business Hey look you know reputation marketing Isn't just you know hey we're going to

Capture a written review I'm going to Post it on Facebook Google all the same Stuff because guess what what a lot of Agents are discovering it's becoming Commoditized so a business is trying to Figure out which agency to go with for Reputation marketing and they're looking At all of them they all kind of do the Same thing so when you add video to it It just instantly differentiates you so To add video testimonial capture but Then say that your cut your potential Client hey look Um we are going to add video content Creation to help you be positioned as a Local thought leader and expert And we're going to give you ideas of What to make in the magnify platform is Designed specifically to help the agency Capture that video and all they got to Use is this their smartphone they can Record a video or out their smartphone Utilize their video app And they can upload it right from their Phone and it'll go directly to that Agency's uh specific user account to Grab that video and produce it all they Got to do is click accept and produce And magnify will produce it even with an Animated intro if you have an animated Intro so agencies are also creating What's called a video marketing Onboarding package And that has to do everything with

YouTube So easy way to sell video to a business Is ask them this question Hey happy customer are you leveraging The number two search engine in the World And just pause and they're gonna go the Business typically will go Is it you know Bing is it Yahoo and you Go no it's YouTube Google owns YouTube not all businesses Know that And Creating content that's locally video Seo'd out Um which with our white level Partners We actually have a complete program that Shows agencies actually how to optimize Video content for search for local Search based on long tail keywords get Right on the front page of Google kind Of claim that three video Carousel Um is huge and in fact you can actually It's so you could you can always make a Video and post it Um and then have it pop up on that first Page you go depending on how competitive Those keywords are obviously Um within minutes and we have a complete Training uh within our white label Program to show you agencies how to do That but it's a perfect dovetail also Into SEO so if you're selling SEO Services

Most agencies know it's It's A Hard Sell Sometimes because SEO is a long game Depending on how competitive again those Keywords are so if you add video YouTube Optimization to that you can give your Clients much faster results by getting Those videos that create all optimized On the front page of Google and that Three video Carousel because video YouTube Right YouTube is Google is is YouTube's little brother right so YouTube is Google's little brother and If your little brother made you billions Of dollars little brother doesn't have To to wait in line doing that Traditional SEO Google says hey little Bro come on to the front page you make Me billions of dollars every year give You your own little section and if you Can if you create content around uh the The long tail keywords that typically Your customer gets found by and show Them those results as a part of an SEO a Plan one your SEO strategy is going to Move faster two you're gonna either Client it quicker and happier results And the beauty about it is let's say They're on an SEO plan you're creating Video content for that SEO plan let's Say you have a social media marketing Plan if they're not on yet but you want To get them doing social media marketing Content Guess what they just created that video

Is going to work perfectly on social Media So when they get that first video Testimonial and when they create that Expert video of the week based on those Long tail keywords say hey happy Customer we can put this on your social Media and you know boost it in Facebook Yeah whatever you want to you know want To boost it on it's a perfect way to Take video to cross-selling us upsell Your customers in a different service Offerings Giving them more value giving them a Full service digital marketing plan Because there's a digital marketer we Want to do all the things for our Customers because we want them to have Success So when you can prove the value of Adding the taking that video and adding Value to a different service offering it Makes sense in that business owner's Head because they go okay cool I saw Results but this uh I trust Chase and His digital marketing strategy like yeah Let's give it a shot let's do it let's Go for it so videos That is kind of beautiful I think a Couple of great points there that I want To sort of reiterate video sort of it Like YouTube is sort of an SEO hack that That a lot of people forget about right Like I feel like we get really obsessed

With ranking web pages yeah we forget That videos also appear in the search Result if there's a relevant video and Like you said it skips the line it goes Right to the top within minutes it's Crazy and with everything moving so Video Centric now because of Tick Tock Yeah right eating into Google's core Revenue stream which they announced like Hey yeah it's uh eating into our ads and All that kind of good stuff because of The video Centric search it's it's very Video set it's very much more engaging So this is my prediction and what's Gonna happen with the video world is That Google is going to be like That's cute Tick Tock oh look at you You're so cute with your little video Platform they're just gonna turn on the Largest video database YouTube And you're gonna have YouTube video Results on the front page of Google more Video results and the businesses Good sorry I was gonna say you can see It happening right there were some Studies that came out that said like Younger Generations are using Tick Tock As a search engine yeah and if you don't Think YouTube is seeing that going yeah Right this is not happening right so YouTube shorts they're already putting Already there the effort into it so yeah I think that's a pretty safe bet and Then the businesses and this is a great

Way to pitch it to video marketing to a Business is the businesses that have Already have a keyword optimized YouTube Channel which is a part of a video Marketing onboarding package you Optimize their YouTube channel we have Agencies that are charging to a thousand Fifteen hundred bucks just a one-time Pop just to set up an optimize your YouTube channel do video SEO you know Help them obviously get some videos Animate their logo so that's another one And when I was running my video Marketing agency we sold those like hot Cakes so we gave them the option of 10 Different variations of their logo that They could pick to have their logo and Made it because business is allowed to See the logo swishing and swirling you Know kapow and in and we add that onto YouTube and help them make video content Um that gets them going so you're seeing Instant Revenue just from optimizing Their YouTube channel and getting ready To create video content so the Businesses that have already optimized Content when Google does begin to push Videos over those businesses that Already have them optimized they're Going to see a boon in business and it's Going to come from from you from YouTube It's probably an easy sell if you search A relevant query to a potential client And a competitors video pops up it's

Like well where's your video right and So I could see that being a pretty easy Sale and then you made a really good Other good point which is if okay we're Producing video for you because you know You need testimonials you you want to be Shown in searches and stuff Do you guys have a structured plan to Take these videos and distribute them Across social you don't oh well we could Do that for you as well like we have a Package for that and you know it's it's Your social package so yeah I think that Works beautifully Um and the fact that first one you know We would We always knew video was great but the The uh the stress the difficulty of Actually like executing it on it was Kind of what always kept us out of it Yeah so the fact that your platform kind Of facilitates that and eliminates all That traditional nightmare of like Trying to get an I can't email to you The attraction's too big like I don't Understand how I'm gonna get this to you And then you know they give up so it Sounds very interesting How how do you price it talk to me about The price points here so that people can Get an idea of like how they would work This in yeah exactly so we have a lot of Agencies charging around 200 to 250 a Month just by adding in video

Testimonial Capturing so um so that's like a it's Like an unlimited version of it right so Because with magnify it's one flat rate To create unlimited videos where they're Utilizing the video testimonial tool Brand video tool uh our story video tool Let's take three video clips and produce Them into one video or video email or Video messaging which is a whole nother Revenue stream for you Um but on on the flip side of that is They're saying their customers hey Um we're gonna get video testimonials For you Um we've added it on Um and we're going to capture videos for You Um and it's gonna cost you nothing extra Until we get a video in But it's going to be you know 99 per Video that we capture and produce So and they'll say to the business owner You know what's your cap like okay all Right y'all may all do you know uh just Think a couple hundred bucks right so Let's say you get a list of like 10 20 Happy customers which is what you want To start with get a list of these 10 to 20 and you reach out to them Individually ask for a video testimonial Um if the business is allowed you to do A little bit of like thank you Incentivizing go and throw that in there

Right Um but at the end of the month you Should have at least five if you if You're sending out requests at least 10 To 20 you should have five If not more video testimonials at the End of the month So you see their customer hey look we Have five you only give me the budget For two which one do you want to kill Yeah right here they're all I want all Five Well that's great you should sign up for Our our annual uh video testimonial Capture campaign or monthly obviously Break it down cost monthly Um hey you know I just want five yeah I Really appreciate it then great you have Five video testimonials that you could Use to upsell them into a reputation Marketing plan enhanced reputation Marketing level them up right so if they Have regular reputation marketing have Offer enhanced reputation marketing They're not in social media uses videos To push on social media so you're still Gonna get great content even if they Don't want to continue to do a Revenue-wise uh month in month out but I Will tell you Um biz on the back in a magnify when When a business gets their first video Testimonial we see the request from more To shoot through the roof because it's

Somebody talking about how that how they Made their life better that makes the The business feel good they want more of That they don't want less of that they Want to they want more they want to Crush their competition yeah I mean now We're talking about dopamine and how That's addiction you know all that Psychological stuff which is all true I I love I also love this as a way to run A really effective social media program Where it's hey I'm I loved you like tip Of the week and I'm assuming magnify Allows me to kind of program the Parameters to make it really easy on my Client where they just have to kind of Look at it read the question and go oh I Know what I'm talking about today hit Record and now you could run a really Nice program for somebody that's Actually really informative the client's Not a big burden on them it's creating Value valuable content that's going to Go into you know and once you have it it Goes into Tick Tock and now in Facebook And Instagram and YouTube shorts and all These types of things I think that's really that's a really Nice program right because relying on Contents to clients to produce content That you're going to distribute is such A hard game because we know that they Just don't do it right they're too busy They don't have the we don't know how to

Do it whatever and it kind of Falls flat On its face so I love the idea if I hey I work with Med Spas I'm going to write 52 prompts that's 52 weeks of a tip of The week that can work for any Med Spa Right so every week you're gonna have a Prompt hit record answer the question And now we've got a really nice social Program for you and all they got to do Is just they don't have to download any Special apps they just record it right Off their smartphone hit submit and go Back to work there and I will say There's a little bit of I guess you would say training right so Just getting them into the uh what's What I'm looking for here the Rhythm There you go the rhythm of doing that so We have agencies that'll let their Customers say hey the first person a Month just take you know less than 30 Minutes and just record me you know Three videos here's your topics and it's All based on stuff they already know Yeah that they could talk about for 60 Seconds sure so as long as you get them Into that Rhythm and then just like Obviously what to do the spotlight Session I got what I think I got three Or four little email reminders so it Just automating the whole little process For them which you can do in the back End of high level automate that whole Process so you're you're just you're

Pinging them whether it's by email or by Text or by both to hey here's your Expert two videos of the week you know Click uh click here to upload your video Once you're ready we're looking just Bookmark the link on their phone's home Screen because the plot the the platform Works very much like an app Um in regards to uploading a video so That way it's there's no like trying to Drag it and drop it and get it on a Desktop and get it to a Dropbox and send The link over it's this one click select A video that they shot on their camera Roll submit done Nice and so you mentioned that you guys Price like we do it's one flat fee and You can go use it for as many clients as You want yep yep we have a for a white Label program it's it's one it's a flat Monthly fee Um Because I have to ask her The viewers will kill me So yeah so the the fee for a monthly see So the fee for uh a white label Pro uh Partner it's 189 a month okay and then 15 per user Okay so the so think of a business as a Um a 15 user so 15 bucks to create Unlimited video content Very cool awesome I love it so you Mentioned what a three-part thing what Is that oh sure yeah that is our capture

Story video tool so our story video tool Um when we Created that tool Um like three years ago we actually Created that tool and what it does is it Takes three video clips and produces Them into one video Um and it was born out of the desire From our users wanting to be able to Send three questions to their happy Customer and have the platform produce a Video based on those three questions So they'll send a request out the the First question could be you know tell Talk about Um our uh what was life like before Working with us And it'll Fade Out the person records Their 30 second answer oh life was Really great oh life no life sucked Never mind life sucked I hated my life It was no it's not good it was not good Right the cement question part two will Pop up you know how was our Implementation process of our solution Oh it was really great I loved it it was Seamless yada yada then they hit stop Then question three you know how would You refer us so they answer that Question too and they hit submit and They're done so nine if I would take Those three videos and produce them with A logo will fade up of the business fade Out and then video question and text

Form will pop up you know what was life Like before working with us it'll Fade Out and it'll bring that person up on Camera talking about that experience That was actually created originally was Called create a a case capture a case Study video Yeah and originally and then We had a users that were utilizing that Tool for Many other things the little mini Explainer videos uh mythbuster Style Videos because it is prompt video prompt Video prompt video so we thought you Know what let's just change that to you Know capture a story video Yeah kid you Not we changed the verbiage to from Casely to story over a 50 jump in Increase in usage of the tool and all These creative ways uh to utilize it and In fact we're actually building out that Tool as we speak to be even more custom And interactive so um people are Actually mini explainer videos with it Guided video testimonials Um even how to's right step one you know Connect a with a b and then it fades out On camera just utilizing their Smartphone showing A and B being put Together right so I mean sky's the limit With that tool it's really cool yeah and And again going back to the idea of like A social program Um I love that because you could do like Uh questions of the week right every

Week we answer three questions and you Just grab them either from questions That they're actually getting or Questions that you know get asked all The time in that industry and you feed It to your customer again to make the Content Um I love it I love anything that takes The pain out of the process and that's Really what holds people back from video I feel like is that it is kind of a Higher barrier to entry of a service to Be able to run and manage and so um it Sounds like you guys very smartly Focused on that and eliminated a lot of That pain well I'm a I'm a video Producing video marketing video sales Guy so I'm not a techie coder guy right I have a team of people way smarter than Me to write the code so that that we When we developed the white level Program Um I I thought you know what let's Really build this for the digital Marketing agency because when I was Running my video marketing agency that Was our number one client was digital Marketing just reaching out to us Because we thought like digital Marketers so we've built the entire way Level program around found the agency in Mind so they can have their own in-house Scalable video service offering to Create consistent video content they no

Longer have to Outsource and then Obviously there's still a need for those Bigger videos so don't get me wrong Right so but those cost thousands of Dollars versus a one flow flat rate to Create to create consistent content Across the board for all your digital Marketing efforts yeah I mean I think The days of like a business ponying up Six grand to make one one video 60 Second video I mean that's a really hard Sell these days I think we all Understand that we need lots of micro Content on an ongoing basis right yeah Unless certainly like I had when I was Running my video marketing agency we had A client that uh did what's called Membrane capacitive deionization which Is a fancy word for purifying water Right okay so I mean we were able to Charge thousands of dollars to go film a Little mini documentary of how their Application was working and all these Interesting scenarios all over the world That was a blast Um but their base installation if they Sold one was like a quarter of a million Dollars at the base so they could easily You know okay yeah we'll spend you know Fifteen twenty thousand bucks on a video Because we sell one or we are good to go Right so yeah so not not so that's even Two that was even the the one of the Um the desires for magnify was to allow

A regular business to be able to Leverage video without having to invest A ton of money even a mom and pop shop Uh back when I was running uh my my Agency I mean just to film a basic video Testimonial what magnify does like this We had to charge a minimum 550 to send a Human being out record it bring it back Edit it add music to it output it so Just uh just to you know plus the Barrier of Quality has come way down right like we Now know that it doesn't have to be this Highly produced and lit up and Polished Video people want to see raw Real Clips Off of someone's phone and so content Right user generated content so Okay so Doug you mentioned that uh you Are working on something sort of really Locked in with high level specifically Tell me more about that yeah so we have So we have a partner of ours that is uh He is a high level ninja and we've been Talking about video and video marketing And how to really help the high level Users leverage video and see results Quick so we're getting ready to launch a Page it's probably pretend it's Recording it'll be it's ready it'll be Ready right Um and it's going to be Backslash high level so all one word go There and there's gonna be a bunch of Free content videos tips and tricks on

How to leverage Um the the platform within high level Then obviously if you see value and you Desire to White Label it we're going to Connect you up with that person Um within magnify that is specifically Uh that has all the the high level Knowledge so you're talking to somebody Who knows who knows the high level System and knows how to bridge and he Leverages the platforms together so but Go there check it out consume the free Content grab yourself a 14-day free Trial of magnify and then obviously if You want to White Label it you know We'll connect you up so oh that's cool You can actually take your videos out That's interesting Um so Doug the website is Right but it's mag M-a-g-n-f-i you got it yep yep so I Wanted originally when I was trying to Find like the URL name like Um was going to go IFI mag and IFI and It'll be one of like 5500 bucks for like I'm like I'm just gonna have an eye Watch this so m-a-g-n as in Nifty f as In Frank and I as in There you go all right so that's where We can go to grab the trial but talk to Me about the um the community the video Marketing ninjas yeah yeah absolutely so Our community video marketing agent so Let's go to videomarketing

It's our free community because I'm all About giving value I think that's that's First and foremost it's about giving Value and education do you educate Somebody uh on how you could serve them I mean they've easily become a customer So uh video marketing I I Post a ton of video content on there Tips and tricks Um in fact the uh the the video I was Telling you about that I've always Wanted to make and I finally made it I Literally I show the people in there how I optimized a uh a video uh from Beginning to end and got it up on on the First page of YouTube in less than four Minutes nice so check that the video Itself is like 15 minutes long but from The the whole that I share everything And how all the little tips and tricks And how you actually can get that video What you need to do because there There's a few core things you have to do To get that video right on that front Page it's all on and so what was the URL For that video marketing Yeah yep you got it free to join free to Join you got it awesome Doug thank you So much for coming on thank you my Pleasure sharing the community if I were You I I probably am going to go claim That as well because I'm curious about Those tips Um for ranking YouTube videos that's

A card I'd like to have up my sleeve Absolutely absolutely thanks for having Me on Chase it's been a blast thanks for Watching guys we will see you on the Next one Foreign

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