Video thumbnails now being optimized!

Hey happy Friday everybody Sean coming At you from high level I almost missed This and I I'm so happy that I didn't Because somebody said hey I haven't seen A video at all today what the heck's Going on and I was like wait a second Yeah you're right but sure enough guess What we got something for you so anyways This was actually really cool but also Very simple so down here you can see This video thumbnail image optimization In funnels and websites uh so here's What happened um thumbnail images on Video elements are now optimized based On the image optimization toggle in the Funnel setting so quick roll back here In funnels and in websites we have both A global funnel setting as well as a uh Okay so I'm back here in a funnel and It's really simple up here in the Settings you can see uh image Optimization uh enabled now of course This also uh works at the step level so If you go in here and actually hit edit Uh on the step you can actually go in And there's also a setting in there now What this does is it automatically takes The images and uh tries to both resize Them as well as automatically turn them Into a webp format so they're faster so That's covered in other videos there's Help articles on it yada yada yada so go Check that out if you want to but real Quick what we've added today is when you

Add a video into the video element There's a thumbnail that gets created And before it wasn't being optimized now It's automatically optimized so Um per per that setting obviously so Anyways Um very simple very easy um by the way In general Fridays are not big update Days because updates can cause uh Unforeseen consequences bugs Etc so we Try to hold off um there's actually a Bunch of stuff ready to rack for Monday Morning so don't you worry we're coming Hard first thing on Monday but on that Note I hope all of you had an amazing Friday I hope you have an awesome Weekend and we will talk soon thanks

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