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Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so this is kind Of a different video because I'm used to Saying hey check out this new feature or Whatever but you know what we are having An awesome time um building this company And serving so many customers but we we Also are in need of great amazing team Members and so right now we are uh I Wanted to reach out to the community Because I you know we would not be here Without you but also we get some of our Most amazing team members from the Community and just say hey guess what we Are hiring that's right so when you get A chance go to go High level.com careers And we have a ton of positions open now Specifically maybe you don't want to Apply which is great Um uh because it was our customers Algorithm or something but maybe you Know somebody right like those somebody Who is either has experience with high Level has been in the industry before All of those things so a couple of Things here so one is um we generally Are hiring I think within a couple of Key areas uh just because there's uh Crazy tax uh implications so you can Sort of see here our main locations Um so I you got to be I think in one of Those locations you can click here look At the open positions a big uh part of What we're hiring for right now are

People that are in in some form of Support either Um you know even entry level all the way Up to Advanced so you know if you are if You know somebody who has a lot of Experience with high level might be Interested pass this on to them so Anyways when you get a chance do me a Favor like I said go to go High Level.com careers super appreciated I Hope you're having an awesome Tuesday And we'll talk soon thanks

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