Webinar Booking Specific Date and Time for Calendars Live!

Hey happy Wednesday everybody Sean Coming at you from high level so I am Super excited about this a brand new Calendar feature out today Um now it this description here be able To set non-recurring dates and times for Appointment booking is sort of like ah Wait what does that mean exactly so this Is really awesome actually so think About this like webinar booking so this Is the ability to come in and create a Calendar that allows you to create Specific dates and times for Appointments so that could be one day Like hey I want a calendar that Represents March 15th at 9 00 a.m to you Know 11 A.M or whatever it is right or I Only want this calendar to be able to Have booking times for March 15th on March 16th and April 23rd and April 27th In at these times so it really allows You to create these super customizable Calendar booking situations but a Webinar is like a really good example um Or it could be like a seminar series or That kind of thing all around this idea Of you know sort of Uh custom dates and Time ranges so anyways take a look at This it's it's actually built into the Same calendar UI that we already have But when you go in there now you can Take a look at it to look down below There so this this uh this one is called Office hours as this example and notice

Instead of standard it's custom right so You can see right there you're able to Add dates you're able to add times so You can customize the heck out of this Thing let's just look at the change log Notes real quick uh so it says you know Obviously you'll now see standard and Custom options which you just went over Select custom works for both events and Round Robin so this is kind of cool Right so not only can you do this in a Sense of like okay I want to have this Webinar but you could also have a Situation where it couldn't just it Could be like instead of just like a Webinar I want to have a one-time Booking that round Robins between my Sales team for those of you who don't Know we've had round robin in the Calendar now forever um look it up the Help docs but the cool thing is this Calendar modification now works for both Of those scenarios so I think that's Huge um please note this functionality Doesn't work with recurring appointments And the scheduling notice would need to Use a specific date and time uh that's Added to the officer so any anyways we Also have FAQs here because I think in General the questions here can go really Really deep so definitely check check This out and so the way you get uh to And I'm not going to go through all of These but all the FAQ is very cool

Um but when you want to look at this It's in go look at the change log in the Top right hand corner or you can go to Ideas.gohoundlevel.com and click this Changelog link Um but this is this is a feature we've Been asked for for a really long time The next feature up on the calendar is Going to be Collective booking so this Is the idea that let's say I want to Send out a calendar but then when Somebody looks at the availability it's The combined availability of multiple People and when you select an Appointment and book that person you're Actually not booking one person you're Booking the collective unit of people Um so that's very cool that's coming up Now but this covers a lot of really Awesome use cases that we've been asked About so I'm super happy to finally Bring it to you so on that note I hope You are having an awesome Wednesday and We will talk soon thanks

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