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Hey happy Monday everybody coming at you From high levels so I am particularly Excited about what I'm about to share With you so okay uh okay short-ish Backstory anyways so I used to have a Company called invoice Sherpa which you Can go look up if it's a SAS company That sent Um oh sorry they set reminders for People to pay invoices anyways I had Like a thousand small businesses that Helped a lot of agencies actually um but Um what was really cool was I would Literally have someone walk into the app With like a million dollars in past due Receivables and I would and they would Turn on the automations and like a Hundred thousand dollars would flow in In real money in like the first week and These are like receivables that are like 180 days past due 365 days past due Whatever and and then invariably that Same person would call me like at the End of that month and they would cancel The 19 or whatever that I was charging Them and of course I would flip out on Them I would call them on the phone and Be like hey what's your problem dude I Can't believe you just canceled my Software and you know what I I would say Like I just made you 100 Grand it's been A week or whatever and the person would Be like whoa really I had no idea and I Learned something amazing in that in

That moment which is they actually had No idea which is weird right so what it Told me is I just wasn't doing anything To tell them about all the amazing stuff I was doing so what I did was um I Actually wrote this thing called the Weekly success report that would email Them and say Hey listen look how much Money I made you so okay cool that's a Great story Sean oh sorry I forgot to Tell you that the punchline is the churn For that business fell like through the Floor went to like almost zero it was Amazing okay now why is that story Important here well guess what that is Exactly what we're gonna do for all of You we are going to be launching what we Are calling essentially a weekly success Report for high level that you could Send to your clients now this actually Starts development tomorrow and should Go live uh in early March right so That's like early next month so check This out let me walk through it real Quick um and then obviously as always Let's get some feedback so you saw this Killer uh uh sort of uh uh what you Would call it oh stats that we put out Here for some accounts and all the Reporting and stuff that's available now That's really amazing but a lot of you Said well wait how do I like show my Clients right instead of screenshots and All this well what you can do now I'm

Sorry look up here it says schedule Report Um you come down here and check this out So imagine for that sub account you Could come in and you can choose like What stats right and then what uh like Graphs right that you want to like send In the email okay cool this looks good Looks good looks good okay now then You're going to choose a schedule right Let's say like and you can call it Whatever you want you can set the Subject frequency all this you could put The email addresses because you know we Obviously know that some clients you Know you want to choose which uh you Know people that go to whatever and then Like the ends and all this boom boom and You schedule it up you finalize it Select your location email ID you can Preview it and send a test email all That stuff and boom Look what comes out The other side right so you get this Really cool looking uh weekly success Update where now we're showing all the Stats that you chose and then we're also Showing uh the graphs that you chose Um and so now you're literally automated Meeting all of this great information at Your client and the good news here right Is that the whole point is all of you Are doing an amazing job for your Clients and quite frankly we know you're Not getting the credit that you deserve

For the work that you're doing and so Now we're going to be able to automate This show it to them and I think you're Going to see the same magic happen for You that I just told you about for Invoice service so anyways this is uh Actually not that hard to show off Because it's pretty simple as a concept But you can see how super amazing this Is going to be and how helpful it's Going to be to all of you Um and so anyways just want to get this Out this is a figma I will drop it in The post but I'm super excited about This feature I can't wait to hear your Feedback on it I'm sure people are going To be like can I customize this and Customize that and sure eventually will But this is a great start I think um Sort of for version one on that note I Hope all of you having an awesome Monday And we will talk soon thanks

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